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1. Examples of Impactful in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web LaFond underlines that depending on your hair's thickness and texture, changing up your part can be as Impactful as a new haircut

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2. 7 synonyms of Impactful from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 20 related words, definitions, and antonyms


3. Find another word for Impactful


4. Impactful: having the power to affect the feelings or sympathies


5. Having or manifesting a great impact or effect: After the senator's Impactful speech, her bill passed.

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6. That’s why it was as Impactful as it was, but it was really overwhelming to have that kind of responsibility

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7. ACTRESS, MOTHER, ACTIVIST ALYSSA MILANO ON LIFE AS A TRIPLE THREAT ESABELLE LEE FEBRUARY 11, 2021 OZY Create Impactful content around local events, trends, movements, and news.


8. Usage Note: The word Impactful rankles many people.


9. Synonyms for Impactful include effectual, affecting, effective, impactive, productive, consequential, dynamic, eventful, significant and efficacious

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10. According to Oxford Dictionaries, Impactful is an adjective that means “having a major impact or effect.” Notice its use in these quotes from the media: But since it’s the summer, and since we can, here’s a look at arguments for the most Impactful player and coach …

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11. The Impactful Business Playbook “So much content about business impact strategy lacks depth and analysis

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12. Impactful's carefully curated report cuts through the noise and presents a nuanced and practical guide for any leader committed to building an equitable, regenerative and sustainable business.”


13. Impactful Work partners with individuals, teams and organisations to maximise their effectiveness and impact through coaching, development programs and tailored solutions

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14. SImpactful provides balanced “both sides of the desk” expertise with current connections across many major CPG companies and retailers.

15. / ɪmˈpækt.f ə l / having a powerful effect on a situation or person: I'm trying to use my time in a more Impactful way

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16. Impactful The adjective Impactful, a late-20th-century coinage, is frequently derided as a meaningless buzzword, but the word is here to stay whether we like it or not, and many people find it useful.

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17. Impactful is a relatively new word that means “having a forceful impact” or “producing a marked impression.” Since appearing in the 1960s, it’s become somewhat controversial

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18. Synonyms for 'Impactful': useful, efficient, effective, valuable, helpful, operative, worthwhile, high-powered, devastating, functional


19. ‘The most Impactful experiences involved standing beneath your skylight which we all know by now is a vortex.’ ‘Of all these roles, the most Impactful is the Anthropologist.’ ‘People have realized that the visuals are usually the most Impactful of all the five sensory organs.’

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20. A more Impactful approach is automated and policy-based, so that manual steps are removed

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21. That is because they are cultural and entertainment reporters and they are less Impactful. There are many ways to speak to someone, shouting and whispering can be very Impactful in the right context.

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22. What does Impactful mean? Having a significant or powerful effect


23. Browse 131 Impactful stock photos and images available, or search for Impactful icon or Impactful portrait to find more great stock photos and pictures

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24. Impactful definition: having a powerful effect or making a strong impression Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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25. ‘The most Impactful experiences involved standing beneath your skylight which we all know by now is a vortex.’ ‘Of all these roles, the most Impactful is the Anthropologist.’ ‘People have realized that the visuals are usually the most Impactful of all the five sensory organs.’

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26. The central question directly asks, "is Impactful a word?" is one that has elicited some very direct, accurate, and thoughtful responses

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27. The Impactful Parent provides resources, advice, community and a safe space to ask questions


28. Impactante The President's speech was very Impactful

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29. We found 5 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word Impactful: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "Impactful" is defined

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30. General (5 matching dictionaries) Impactful: [home, info] Impactful: Oxford Dictionaries [home, info] Impactful, Impactful: Wordnik [home, info]

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31. "Progress Report: The Negro in New York", New York Amsterdam News 3/5/1966: This will also be the largest, most Impactful, edition published during the 130-year history of the American Negro Press (which was founded here in New York).

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32. Impactful is a perfectly possible word but not a necessary addition to the English word-store

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33. Now is the moment when the global community needs to invest in CEPF, the most Impactful global partnership for building civil society's capacity and commitment to protect the underpinnings of human well-being, our global biodiversity.

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34. Impactful is a useful addition I think, as ‘striking’ is often used for people as a near-synonym of ‘stunning’, ‘outstanding’ whereas ‘Impactful’ is more impersonal – one would

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35. Small Business Owners: Eight Impactful Reasons To Leverage Cloud Technology


36. We create Impactful communication strategies to achieve business goals


37. Impactful gear is a brand established by kids and our parents

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38. We are 4 brothers, ages 15, 12, 10, and 6! We wanted to create clothes with positive messages! We want kids all over the world to know that they can make an IMPACT! Let the world know through wearing our Impactful Gear

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39. Impactful Tennis enables high school varsity tennis players to make a positive impact in the community by offering tennis lessons to 7-13 year olds in exchange for a charitable donation

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40. The Impactful Tennis team has given 342 lessons and raised over $14,000 for Meals on Wheels Diablo Region to aid homebound and vulnerable seniors in Contra

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41. 35 Impactful Movies That Changed Lives For The Better "The raw power I felt watching Wonder Woman was indescribable, and I was so proud to …

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42. The exhibitors will provide the attendees with a great opportunity and an Impactful impression by displaying the hottest projects in the GCC

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43. Impactful Fitness, Indianapolis, Indiana

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44. Impactful Fitness is here to motivate, push, encourage, keeping the temple God has giving each and everyone on us healthy.

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45. What does a business need in order to produce Impactful creative? Does it require serious production and a lot of money? Testing different combinations is an important factor in making your creatives work

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IMPACTFUL [imˈpaktfəl]

impactful (adjective)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for impactful?

other words for impactful. impressive. poignant. stunning. effective. moving. rousing. sympathetic. affecting.

What is the opposite of impactful?

Impactful: having the power to affect the feelings or sympathies. Synonyms: affecting, emotional, impressive... Antonyms: unaffecting, unemotional, unimpressive...

What is the definition of impacted?

Definition of impacted. 1a : packed or wedged in. b : deeply entrenched : not easily changed or removed. 2 of a tooth : wedged between the jawbone and another tooth. 3 : strongly or directly affected by something especially in a negative way Disasters relief teams surveyed the impacted neighborhoods.

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