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1. Impact definition is - an impinging or striking especially of one body against another

Impact, Is, Impinging

2. How to use Impact in a sentence

Impact, In

3. Is Impact a verb? Synonym Discussion of Impact.

Is, Impact

4. The verb Impact has developed the transitive sense “to have an Impact or effect on” (The structured reading program has done more to Impact the elementary schools than any other single factor) and the intransitive sense “to have an Impact or effect” (The work done at the computer center will Impact on the economy of Illinois and the nation).

Impact, Intransitive, Illinois

5. Synonyms & Antonyms of Impact (Entry 2 of 2) 1 to act upon (a person or a person's feelings) so as to cause a response the tragic loss of his father Impacted the boy for the rest of his life

Impact, Impacted

6. Meet Impact’s Partnership Cloud Automate every type of partnership and scale to all new levels Partnership automation lets you expand your program and scale every type of partnership, including affiliates, influencers, strategic business partners, mobile apps, publishers, and more

Impact, Including, Influencers

7. Impact is a multi-agency effort to implement a web-based system to give providers a more convenient and consistent user experience and to ensure beneficiaries receive timely and high-quality Medicaid services

Impact, Is, Implement

8. Find 77 ways to say Impact, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


9. Impact Community Action has processed more than 5 years’ worth of rental payments in less than 5 months

Impact, In

10. The Impact Hope Fund and Home Relief Fund has saved thousands of Franklin County residents, keeping them safe at home during these challenging times


11. Impact Applications, Inc., a Riverside Insights® solution, is the maker of Impact, Impact Pediatric, and Impact Quick Test, all FDA cleared medical devices that assist in the assessment and management of concussion

Impact, Inc, Insights, Is, In

12. Impact Products 9Y/2626-3Y Sidepress Wringer and 26 Qt Bucket Combo Mopping is a breeze with our new sidepress wringer and bucket combo

Impact, Is

13. The impression made by an idea, cultural movement, social group, etc: the Impact of the Renaissance on Medieval Europe.

Impression, Idea, Impact

14. Impact Retreat is a 4-day retreat designed to connect you to churches and ministries that will provide lasting community on the foundation of Jesus Christ and the Gospel

Impact, Is

15. Annually at graduation, Impact Credit Union awards $1,000 scholarships to 4 deserving high school graduates who are members or whose parents are members of Impact CU


16. Impact Wrestling is one of the world’s most significant wrestling entertainment properties with captivating characters and adrenaline-pumping action.

Impact, Is

17. provides appraisal forms data entry service to real estate appraisers in the United States since 2010

Ieimpact, In

18. is enhancing appraisers' productivity by Appraisal Forms Data Entry Service Outsourcing for Real Estate Appraisers in the United States.

Ieimpact, Is, In

19. The noun Impact can refer to a physical force (like a collision), an influence (a bad role model or a hero), or a strong effect (a foot of snow will have an Impact on driving conditions). Impact is used most often as a noun

Impact, Influence, Is

20. A good teacher might have an Impact (influence) on a struggling student.

Impact, Influence

21. Because living below the poverty line Impacts every aspect of a person’s life, IMPACCT Brooklyn provides social services along with housing for formerly homeless people, giving them the break they need to regroup and get back on track with their lives.

Impacts, Impacct

22. Impact has developed one of the most precise and comprehensive tracking technologies in the industry

Impact, In, Industry

23. A powerful effect that something, especially something new, has on someone or something: a big/huge Impact Social networks are making a huge Impact on sales, with fans recommending brands to hundreds of their friends


24. We judge that these developments will have little Impact


25. Impact connects nearly 300,000 people each year with services that help maintain stability, restore health, enhance productivity and foster system improvement

Impact, Improvement

26. Every person who comes into contact with Impact is treated with respect, and receives the motivation and means to …

Into, Impact, Is

27. The Impact client is an advanced utility mod for Minecraft, it is packaged with Baritone and includes a large number of useful mods You can view a list of past and upcoming changes here

Impact, Is, It, Includes

28. Welcome to the Ohio Impact Statewide Immunization Information System (ImpactSIIS) Web application

Impact, Immunization, Information, Impactsiis

29. This web application allows enrolled users to conveniently search for patients in the ImpactSIIS Central Registry and to view the patients' vaccination record

In, Impactsiis

30. Impact is committed to changing lives, for good

Impact, Is

31. Impact Products is the dominant manufacturer of supplies and accessories to the cleaning industry

Impact, Is, Industry

32. Impact is a village in Taylor County, Texas, United States

Impact, Is, In

33. Impact is located at (32.500573, -99.744790)

Impact, Is

34. Impact has a few ways to connect you to employment opportunities: Our Workforce Development Program helps develop the skills, mindset and strategies needed to get and maintain successful employment


35. For more information about the program, contact [email protected]

Information, Impactca

36. Impact Guns is the gun shop for all your shooting needs

Impact, Is

37. Impact also services the needs of law enforcement and military with our wide variety of tactical weapons and


38. 5 Greatest Tag Team Championship Matches in Impact History

In, Impact

39. With the massive announcement that FinJuice will defend their titles against The Good Brothers at Rebellion, we look back at the Top 5 Greatest Tag Team Championship matches in Impact history!

In, Impact



41. Impact Advisors is an integrated and experienced team of professionals dedicated to improving healthcare

Impact, Is, Integrated, Improving

42. Fragments from the asteroid, and even from the moon itself, penetrate Earth's atmosphere and make Impact.

Itself, Impact

43. Impact is an interdisciplinary team working to further NASA’s Earth Science Data System (ESDS) Program goals

Impact, Is, Interdisciplinary

44. More about Impact’s programmatic focus is available on the Earth Science Data Systems web page

Impact, Is

45. Net Impact's 2020 Impact Report Learn more about Net Impact and the Impact our organization and global community made in 2020

Impact, In

46. Whether you need help in the house, in the garage, or on the job, high-torque Impact wrenches transform hard jobs into simple tasks

In, Impact, Into

47. There are three basic ways to drive Impact wrenches: cordless, corded, and air-powered (also known …


48. The first Economic Impact Payments were offset only when the individual owed past due child support

Impact, Individual

49. The second Economic Impact Payments were not offset for any federal or state tax debts


50. Impact Applications, Inc., a Riverside Insights® solution, is the maker of Impact, Impact Pediatric, and Impact Quick Test, all FDA cleared medical devices that assist in the assessment and management of concussion

Impact, Inc, Insights, Is, In

51. We are thrilled to announce that Impact Engine has been selected to the ImpactAssets 50 for the third year in a row

Impact, Impactassets, In

52. The IA 50 is the first publicly available database that provides a gateway into the world of Impact investing for investors and their financial advisors, offering an easy way to identify experienced Impact investment firms and explore the landscape of potential investment options.

Ia, Is, Into, Impact, Investing, Investors, Identify, Investment

53. SUMMARY The Director of Social Impact & Sustainability will be a key member of the management team and will partner with the executive team to develop and execute the company’s social Impact & sustainability initiatives, leading the

Impact, Initiatives

54. Impact-AD was founded to train the next generation of ADRD clinical trialists, to ensure that investments in discovery yield outcomes for patients and families

Impact, Investments, In

55. This cordless Impact wrench is designed for hard to reach applications requiring tightening or loosening of nuts and bolts

Impact, Is

56. Impact Fee: A fee imposed on property developers by municipalities for the new infrastructure that must be built or increased due to new property …

Impact, Imposed, Infrastructure, Increased

57. Impact drivers are designed with hex collets, which allow you to get into tighter spaces and quickly swap out drill and driver bits with ¼ inch hexagonal shanks

Impact, Into, Inch

58. Impact drivers come in a variety of voltage ratings, ranging from 12 volts to 22 volts

Impact, In

59. An 18v Impact driver is the most popular because it can handle most jobs

Impact, Is, It

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