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1. Immolate definition is - to kill or destroy especially by fire

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2. How to use Immolate in a sentence.

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3. Immolate definition, to sacrifice


4. Immolate synonyms, Immolate pronunciation, Immolate translation, English dictionary definition of Immolate


5. To kill, especially by fire: "[The soldiers] are crushed under rocks, pierced by bullets, Immolated by flamethrowers" (A.O


6. 2 synonyms of Immolate from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 7 related words, definitions, and antonyms


7. Immolate: to give up as an offering to a god.


8. Immolate is a high DPET, mana neutral DOT

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9. Immolate benefits from the Destruction mastery Emberstorm


10. At level 90, approximately 600 mastery is required to increase Emberstorm's bonus to Immolate by 1%.

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11. Immolate is a great Damage over time spell and if you are destruction spec than you get a spell called conflagerate which is an instant cast but can only be casted if Immolate is on a target

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12. Conflagerate consumes the Immolate and does a set ammount of dmg


13. So you can cast Immolate on your target which does a hit dmg then dmg over time and


14. Immolate is a mage ability from the Inferno tree in Dragon Age: Inquisition

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15. Sacrifice yourself to the fitness gods, do it in style with Immolate.

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16. Immolate is a tier 2 skill in Maya's Cataclysm skill tree

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17. Using a Moxxi weapon during Fight For Your Life will prevent Immolate from activating as Moxxi weapons will still heal a downed character's health


18. Find 12 ways to say Immolate, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


19. Immolate (third-person singular simple present Immolates, present participle immolating, simple past and past participle Immolated)

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20. Byatt, The Virgin in the Garden A secular style, a new beginning after the iconoclastic excesses under young Edward VI, when angels, Mothers and Children had flared and crackled in the streets, Immolated to a …

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21. Immolate Support Fire, Support Icon: m Mana Multiplier: 120% Requires Level 38 Supports any skill that hits enemies

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22. To get you initial Immolate crit damage over 2K

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23. Definition of Immolate in the dictionary

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24. What does Immolate mean? Information and translations of Immolate in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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25. Immolate is an Attack card for the Ironclad

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26. In Patch 20, Immolate was changed from: 2 Energy: Exhaust 1 Card

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27. Weekly Patch 21: Channel Lightning Immolate card buff: Adds a Burn to discard pile instead of draw pile

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28. Immolate Meaning: "to sacrifice, kill as a victim," from Latin immolatus, past participle of immolare "to sacrifice,"… See definitions of Immolate.

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29. Immolate is a level 10 Destruction warlock hybrid spell spell that deals both direct damage and damage over time, with an emphasis on the latter.

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30. What does Immolate mean? To kill (an animal, for instance) as a religious sacrifice

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31. ‘Chinese kings would Immolate vast numbers of animals’ More example sentences ‘When her father - who did not accept Shiva, ever - publicly humiliated her beloved at the ritual, Sati Immolated herself in the sacrificial fire, desecrating it.’

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32. Immolate 40 ydrange3.0% of base mana1.5 sec castBurns the enemy for x Fire damage and an additional x Fire damage over 15 sec


33. DestructionImmolate critical strikes generate Burning EmbersEmpowered Immolate (Level 92+)Your Immolate deals 100% additional damage when it initially strikes the target

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34. Immolate is a warlock ability learned at level 12 for those with the Destruction …

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35. RAWR is all i have to say since loy came out and new ranger DoT spell was born swarm of pain 30 hp per tick and stacks with Immolate 24 hp per tick then this is great thats 54 per tick added with ensaring roots and a few arrows and you have a fairly qwik kill so there it isnt bad after all 8)

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36. Immolate definition: to kill or offer as a sacrifice , esp by fire Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


37. Examples of Immolate in a sentence

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38. Ancient tribes used to Immolate widows, sacrificing and burning their bodies to make sure they enter paradise with their dead husbands.


39. Immolate is a verb that means to destroy something or someone, usually using fire, as a sacrifice to a higher cause

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40. Immolate somebody/yourself to kill somebody/yourself by burning them/yourself


41. Immolate are Melee Weapons added in the v0.9.5c "Season 3 is Here!" update on June 22, 2020

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42. Immolate - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums


43. Immolate is a status effect and skill combination in Outward

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44. Immolate is a warlock hybrid spell spell that deals both direct damage and damage over time, with an emphasis on the latter.It is one of the common DoTs warlocks often place of their targets

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45. See authoritative translations of Immolate in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations.

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46. Immolate in a sentence Immolate example sentences If need be a thousand shall sternly Immolate themselves for one

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47. To dream that you Immolate yourself suggests that you are being consumed by your drive, your passion and/or your goals to the point where some aspects of your life are being neglected.


48. What is the definition of Immolate? What is the meaning of Immolate? How do you use Immolate in a sentence? What are synonyms for Immolate?

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49. Immolate is a spell card from The Nameless expansion

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50. Immolate is a starter card for Malastar, and so cannot be gained from the supply

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51. Immolate was a Dark Gift used by Kain in Blood Omen 2

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52. 1 Profile 2 Notes 3 See also 4 References 5 Browse Immolate is a technique of Pyrokinesis, it allowed its user to trap enemies in a ring of red energy spikes, lifting the target and setting them aflame, generally

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53. The markets don't believe it is credible for countries to Immolate their economies simply to meet the pact's doctrinaire terms.: He was threatening to Immolate both of them when police ended a standoff by grabbing him.: In the old days, the priests used to Immolate their sacrifices at the shrine of Huitzilopochti on top of the temple mayor of Tenochtitlan, but we're more civilised than that.

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54. Immolate is a World of Warcraft battle pet ability

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55. View all pets with Immolate and learn more about its strategic uses here.

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56. Historically, the word Immolate had been used by Fathers and theologians of the Church to refer to the eucharist as a commemoration of the once-for-all sacrifice of Christ.


57. The same day the commune applauds the deputies of a section, which "in warm terms" denounce before it the tardiness of justice and declare to it that the people will "Immolate" the …

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58. Synonyms for Immolate in Free Thesaurus

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59. 2 synonyms for Immolate: sacrifice, victimize


60. What are synonyms for Immolate?


61. Fade-Touched Varghest Scales (Immolate) is a crafting material in Dragon Age: Inquisition

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62. Immolate definition: to kill or offer as a sacrifice , esp by fire Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


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IMMOLATE [ˈiməˌlāt]

immolate (verb) · immolates (third person present) · immolated (past tense) · immolated (past participle) · immolating (present participle)

  • kill or offer as a sacrifice, especially by burning.
Synonyms: sacrifice . kill . slaughter . burn .

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