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1. English Language Learners Definition of Immediacy : the quality that makes something seem important or interesting because it is or seems to be happening now See the full definition for Immediacy in the …

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2. The quality or feeling of being directly involved: Recording before a live audience captures the Immediacy of the performance

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3. (Definition of Immediacy from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © …


4. 7 synonyms of Immediacy from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 2 related words, definitions, and antonyms


5. Find another word for Immediacy


6. Immediacy: the state or condition of being near.


7. Immediacy is a philosophical concept related to time and temporal perspectives, both visual, and cognitive

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8. Considerations of Immediacy reflect on how we experience the world and what reality is

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9. Find 31 ways to say Immediacy, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


10. What is Immediacy? Feltham and Dryden (1993: 88) describe Immediacy as ‘the key skill of focusing attention on the here and now relationship of counsellor and client with helpful timing, in order to challenge defensiveness and/or heighten awareness’.

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11. What Is Immediacy in Communication? Immediacy in communication is the way we signal closeness, willingness to communicate, and positive feelings to another person.

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12. Patients are seen based on Immediacy of medical need or in the order of arrival

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13. Immediacy consults closely with you then cleverly combines know how with can do


14. The Immediacy of live television coverage.


15. Immediacy (philosophy), a philosophical concept Immediacy, one of the 10 principles of the Burning Man festival Imperial Immediacy, in the Holy Roman Empire, the status of persons not subject to local lords but only to the emperor Immediacy index, a measure of the importance of published scientific articles

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16. ‘email works because it has the Immediacy of a scribbled memo’

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17. The concept of Immediacy in counselling may be defined as ‘the key skill of focusing attention on the here/now relationship of the counsellor and client with helpful timing, in order to challenge defensiveness and/or heighten awareness’

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18. The skill of Immediacy in counselling can be very beneficial to both the client and the counsellor.

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19. Immediacy is the ability to deal with the here-and-now factors that operate within the helping relationship

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20. The Immediacy of an event or situation is the quality that it has which makes it seem important or exciting because it is happening at the present time

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21. Do they understand the Immediacy of the crisis? [ + of] The orchestra played with fierce Immediacy


22. Immediacy can be used to measure the liquidity of a market


23. Where have you heard about Immediacy? The term may crop up during discussions about how well a particular market is functioning

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24. Low levels of Immediacy suggest a market has weak liquidity and is unable to deal with large transactions quickly.

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25. Immediacy is defined as: "those communication behaviors, some visual others vocal that enhance closeness to and non-verbal interaction with another" (Mebrabrian, 1969, p

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26. Determine the nature and Immediacy of the problem


27. It offers the intimacy and Immediacy of an in-office consultation, including the important visual cues which we are able " Sex Therapy (403) 606-3183

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28. Both art and religion, we have seen, possess an Immediacy and concreteness which philosophy lacks


29. There is no distinct political dimension in the syncretic pragmatics of Immediacy

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30. Such a play has an Immediacy and liveness that strongly appeals to those who delight to image forth the past.

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31. Teacher Immediacy is a concept taken from implicit communication theory as expounded by Mehrabian (1981), they say

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32. Immediacy is a useful tool as it helps in monitoring and managing the therapeutic relationship

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33. There may be two types of Immediacy, one is relationship focused Immediacy that emphasises on how the client and counsellor are doing in a working alliance

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34. The second one is event focused Immediacy, which emphasises on the specific issues in the

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35. Mark: The Gospel of Immediacy? A.W


36. To understand Immediacy and how it is operationalized in the classroom, we need to understand the term Immediacy relates to teacher behaviors, not student behaviors

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37. Immediacy itself is defined as the psychological closeness a communicator (sender) conveys between him- or herself and the recipient of the message (Mehrabian, 1971; 2007).

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38. Definition of Immediacy noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

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39. Their encyclopedic knowledge of the issues, Immediacy of conveying a solution in plain language, and the speed of executing that solution makes them a First Choice provider

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40. Use the noun Immediacy to talk about the lighting-fast speed with which something happens


41. If you order pizza and see the delivery driver pull up in front of your house two minutes later, you'll be amazed at the Immediacy of your pizza's arrival.

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42. Immediacy refers to communicative behaviors that reduce the physical or psychological distance between individuals and foster affiliation

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43. Immediacy behaviors may be verbal or non-verbal


44. (ɪmidiəsi) uncountable noun [oft N of n] The Immediacy of an event or situation is the quality that makes it seem important or exciting because it is happening at the present time

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45. However, Immediacy behaviors associated with personal video and audio, and discussion forums—specifically, posting often and responding quickly—were least likely to be consistently used


46. Researchers also found that student engagement was significantly higher in courses with more nonverbal Immediacy behaviors, especially when educators set a

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47. Teacher Immediacy increases both intrinsic and extrinsic student motivation

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48.Immediacy is the act of discussing in the here-and-now how the therapist is feeling about the patient, about himself/herself in relation to the patient, or about the patient-therapist

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49. Synonyms for Immediacy in Free Thesaurus

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50. 5 synonyms for Immediacy: immediateness, immediate apprehension, immediateness, instancy, instantaneousness

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51. What are synonyms for Immediacy?


52. Introduction “Immediacy is defined as the degree of perceived physical or psychological closeness between two people.” 1 Social psychologist, Albert Mehrabian, is recognized for defining the concept of Immediacy which states “people are drawn toward persons and things they like, evaluate highly, and prefer; and they avoid or move away from things they dislike, evaluate negatively, or do

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53. Immediacy by Bernhard Wöstheinrich & Michael Peters, released 05 February 2021 1


54. Disintegrating Immediacy "These four sessions were recorded on a cold February weekend in 2013 that I spent in Bernhard's place in the flat countryside in Northern Germany where he lived at the time.

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55. Examples from the Corpus Immediacy • Seldom before had music possessed such hyper-sensitivity, such visceral intensity, such manic-depressive Immediacy

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56. • I could smell the fierce Immediacy of cinnamon, anise, and fish sauce on the tips of her nails


57. • She said she had never so much felt its presence, its Immediacy, as lately.

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58. Immediacy involves revealing a counselor’s feelings and thoughts, Find a Counsellor expounds

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59. Examples of Immediacy in a sentence

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60. The manic man talks with Immediacy as if his words are being driven by a motor

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61. 🔊 Because the woman could die from her illness, there should be a sense of Immediacy to her treatment

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62. 🔊 Due to the Immediacy of the assignment, the scholar should finish


63. Therefore, ‘Immediacy’, so rarely used in its absolute form, becomes a relational tool: often, the usage is such that one thing is more or less immediate than another, yet neither can ever exist in a state of Immediacy

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64. The idea of ‘Immediacy’–the condition of being immediate or unmediated–comes up not only as an influential term in

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65. Immediacy (countable and uncountable, plural immediacies) The quality of being immediate, of happening right away

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66. Immediacy - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums


67. The Immediacy is far scarier than simply telling someone about being held captive

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68. Writer Unboxed » Blog Archive » AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Allison Brennan It occurred to me then that an RSS-only publishing tool, though it may seem daft to some now, could become an ideal publishing platform for many purposes where Immediacy is all that matters.

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69. Synonyms for Immediacy include closeness, nearness, proximity, propinquity, adjacency, contiguity, vicinity, juxtaposition, imminence and vicinage

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70. Imperial Immediacy (German: Reichsfreiheit or Reichsunmittelbarkeit) was a privileged constitutional and political status rooted in German feudal law under which the Imperial estates of the Holy Roman Empire such as Imperial cities, prince-bishoprics and secular principalities, and individuals such as the Imperial knights, were declared free from the authority of any local lord and placed

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IMMEDIACY [iˈmēdēəsē]

immediacy (noun) · immediacies (plural noun)

Frequently Asked Questions

What does immediacy mean?

immediacy - the quickness of action or occurrence; "the immediacy of their response"; "the instancy of modern communication". immediateness, instancy, instantaneousness. celerity, rapidity, rapidness, speediness, quickness - a rate that is rapid.

What is another word for immediacy?

Synonyms: immediacy, immediateness, instancy, instantaneousness. Definition: the quickness of action or occurrence. Usage: the immediacy of their response; the instancy of modern communication. Similar words: quickness, rapidity, rapidness, speediness, celerity.

What is the literary definition of immediacy?

1 : the quality or state of being immediate. 2 : something that is immediate -usually used in plural. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More about immediacy. Keep scrolling for more.

What does immediacy mean in theater?

Theatre's Immediacy. The theatre’s immediacy makes it different from other arts. Theatre engages us in an active construction of meaning in regard to human experiences. It is there before our eyes in real time. The theatre is ephemeral. Once the theatrical performance concludes, it is gone forever.

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