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4. What does Illiterates mean? Information and translations of Illiterates in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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5. "The New Illiterates" is now a history book, a time capsule, showing that everyone knew early on that the country was a mess

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6. In a world full of Illiterates and dyslexics, the biggest challenge for cognitive psychology surely remains to provide the applied disciplines with the necessary and sufficient fundamental knowledge allowing to design efficient and reliable methods for diagnosis, teaching, training, and

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7. Illiterate (plural Illiterates) An illiterate person, one not able to read and write

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8. The government is run by business Illiterates

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9. EXCLUSIVE ALBUM STREAM: Illiterates – “Goddamn Gun-Toting Junkie Camaro Enthusiasts” Posted on June 13, 2019 by News Team Throwback Punk band Illiterates are releasing their awesome new album this week, via Baby Robot Records! Goddamn Gun-Toting Junkie Camaro Enthusiasts is …

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10. ‘Automatons, Illiterates and indigents of every shape and size, don't stop but aid this cruel crusade participate in their own demise.’ ‘He funded books in a nation of Illiterates and non-readers.’ ‘The popularity of using such entertaining media to teach begs the question ‘are we nurturing a new breed of Illiterates?’’

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11. Patriotic, conservative Americans must organize a movement to teach the Illiterates to read, and prevent the schools from creating more Illiterates


12. Illiterates PROTECTION ACT, 1912


13. A licence is hereby granted to [insert name and address of licensee] to write letters or other documents for illiterate persons for a reward until the 31st day of December, 20 .., subject to the Illiterates’ Protection Act.

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14. For its money, Microsoft has succeeded in generating a buzz that has landed the new product on the cover of national news magazines and made it a topic of conversation even among computer Illiterates.

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15. What does Illiterates mean? Plural form of illiterate

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16. We’ve heard the terms Illiterates, semi-Illiterates and functional Illiterates, and we have a good understanding and awareness of the problems associated with these types of illiteracy

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17. In my point of view Illiterates must not be given driving license in india and ofcourse the reason is the road accident because mostly road accident happens due to over drunken or over speed or breaking traffic rules and these major stupidity are mostly done by illiterate only beacause they don’t know the disadvantages of it they don’t know about rules they don’t know the adverse effect

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18. Illiterates PROTECTION ACT: The Illiterates’ PROTECTION ACT is a law set to protect Illiterates from fraud

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19. Presently in Nigeria there are Illiterates Protection Laws for the different thirty-six (36) States of the federation and an Illiterates Protection Act for the Federal Capital Territory(The Federal Capital Territory does not have a

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20. The Illiterates were interviewed about their experiences with writing and all participants completed six assessments of print awareness in the language they preferred (first or second language)

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21. Better to know that than to continue churning out math Illiterates


22. So, Voting Right should be there for Illiterates too


23. Even though they are Illiterates, they can distinguish the genuine promises and false ones


24. Calling the Tucks "Illiterates" suggests that he doesn't think poor and uneducated people are actually people worth thinking much about, and that they're fundamentally untrustworthy and bad.


25. And because they don't read it, they have become a nation of biblical Illiterates." - George Gallup and Jim Castelli 2

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26. Functional Illiterates can read words but they cannot comprehend their meanings, synthesize information or make decision based on what they read

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27. 50+ videos Play all Mix - Ill State - Illiterates Ft. Nightwalker & Scatty Stormborn (Official Music Video) YouTube ILL STATE - "BIG BRIGHT YELLOW SUN" - …

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28. Illiterates are also more likely to be persuaded to sell their votes, or tricked or intimidated into voting for crooks and thugs

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ILLITERATES [i(l)ˈlidərət]


  • a person who is unable to read or write.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does literally illiterate mean?

illiterate (Adjective) Having less than an expected standard of familiarity with language and literature, or having little formal education. Etymology: Recorded in English since 1556, from illitteratus 'unlearned, ignorant', itself from in- 'un-' + litteratus, literally "furnished with letters" (from littera 'letter, character') illiterate (Adjective)

What is the difference between uneducated and an illiterate?

As adjectives the difference between illiterate and uneducated is that illiterate is unable to read and write while uneducated is not educated. As a noun illiterate is an illiterate person, one not able to read.

What does functionally illiterate mean?

functional illiterate. noun. a person with some basic education who still falls short of a minimum standard of literacy or whose reading and writing skills are inadequate to everyday needs.

What is the noun for illiterate?

  • an illiterate person, one not able to read and write.
  • Synonyms:
  • fool, simpleton, idiot, dope, dunce, moron, berk, chump, dummy, bonehead, charlie, clod, cretin, ignoramus, imbecile, jerk, nincompoop, ninny, blockhead, dimwit, dolt, jackass, loon, mug, nit, nitwit, clot, dullard, git, halfwit, ...
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