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IDEMIS [dəˈmīz]

demise (noun)

  • a person's death.
  • the end or failure of an enterprise or institution.
Synonyms: death . dying . passing . expiry . expiration . end . decease . quietus . birth . end . breakup . disintegration . fall . downfall . ruin . failure . collapse . foundering . start .
  • conveyance or transfer of property or a title by demising.
Synonyms: transfer . transference . transferral . granting . ceding . devolution . bequest . cession .


Frequently Asked Questions

What does demise mean in relation to premises?

In property law, 'demise' means to transfer by lease . The phrase ' demised premises ' generally refers to premises that have been transferred by lease, as opposed to the 'retained parts' which are not transferred but are retained by the landlord.

What is demise and redemise?

Demise and redemise a conveyance where there are mutual leases made from one to another of the same land, or something out of it.

What does demised property mean?

The "Demised Property" means that certain tract or parcel of real property consisting of 1.1 acres located in Easley, Pickens County, South Carolina and more specifically described in the survey attached hereto and incorporated herein as Exhibit A.

What is the noun for demise?

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, "demise" as a noun can have the following definitions: The time when something ends. The end or failure of an enterprise or institution. Conveyance or transfer of property or a title by will or lease. A person's death. The act of ceding.

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