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1. Synonyms of Ideating. to form a mental picture of. the psychotic would repeatedly ideate the act of committing murder, and eventually he came to believe his own delusions.

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2. Ideating. The process of meditating and thinking of new ideas. Leave me alone, I'm Ideating

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3. Get a Ideating mug for your fish Abdul.


4. How to say Ideating in English? Pronunciation of Ideating with 1 audio pronunciation, 6 translations and more for Ideating.

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5. Ideating in a sentence - Use "Ideating" in a : 2

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6. Ideating meaning Present participle of ideate

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7. Ideating in a sentence - Use "Ideating" in a sentence 1

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8. Learn how to say Ideating with EmmaSaying free pronunciation tutorials.


9. Synonyms for Ideating in Free Thesaurus

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10. What are synonyms for Ideating?


11. ‘Good for him, if it means the Babu can stop ‘Ideating’ now.’ ‘When others weep over Bangalore's infrastructure woes, Infosys chairman and chief mentor Narayana Murthy ideates.’ ‘Behind the one-way glass, executives of a transportation company would listen and watch in …

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12. While Ideating, we considered not only how best to present the information, but also how to make it interactive for all ages

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13. Adapt the instructions to suit your business goals, whether you’re Ideating for new product development or to optimize internal systems.

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14. Ideating: Coming up with a great zine idea

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15. I was ‘Ideating’ the other day: just thinking about all the memes we’re seeing on social media about the world today


16. Ideating, Concepting, and Committing • Academic Entrepreneurial Programs • Small Business Development Centers • Chambers of Commerce • Student Ventures


17. Time spent Ideating is time well spent

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18. Ideating Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, and Special Reports from The Economic Times


19. Ideating Blogs, Comments and Archive News on


20. All business begin with an idea,here at eIdeating we sell ideas, create an environment of collaboration, promote blue-sky thinking.

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21. Our Ideating poster is shown below

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22. Ideating is best defined as ‘forming an idea’, the Ideating stage can be the most crucial as it sets out the overall goal and direction for your project.Now that I’ve completed the first stage of my digital artefact project the ‘Ideating’ phase, it’s been noted that my skills …

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23. By Ideating with users, designers can create new technologies that embody the needs and values of their users


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IDEATING [ˈīdēˌāt]


  • form an idea of; imagine or conceive.
  • form ideas; think.
Synonyms: imagine . envisage . visualize . picture . think . see . perceive . grasp . appreciate . apprehend . envision .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ideating mean?

verb (used with object), i·de·at·ed, i·de·at·ing. to form an idea, thought, or image of. verb (used without object), i·de·at·ed, i·de·at·ing. to form ideas; think. ideatum. Think you remember last week’s words? Take this quiz on the Words of the Day from April 6–12 to find out! a person who dances professionally, as on the stage.

What does ideate mean in Greek?

Like idea and ideal, ideate comes from the Greek verb idein, which means "to see." The sight-thought connection came courtesy of Plato, the Greek philosopher who based his theory of the ideal on the concept of seeing, claiming that a true philosopher can see the essential nature of things and can recognize their ideal form or state.

What does ideated mean?

Also found in: Thesaurus . To form an idea of; imagine or conceive: "Such characters represent a grotesquely blown-up aspect of an ideal man ... if not realizable, capable of being ideated" (Anthony Burgess). To conceive mental images; think. i′de·a′tion n. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition.

What does ideation mean?

Ideation definition is - the capacity for or the act of forming or entertaining ideas. How to use ideation in a sentence.

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