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1. The IBMer At IBM, we recognize the significant role Ibmers play in helping to transform the company

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2. IBM is reinventing itself by working in new ways, with Ibmers acquiring new skills, adopting new habits and applying new practices.

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3. Ibmers have a rich history of volunteering


4. Featured Ibmers; Former CEOs - selected tab, Previous


5. The dislocation caused by IBM’s cuts has been especially great because until recently the company encouraged its employees to think of themselves as “Ibmers and …

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6. As thousands of Ibmers transitioned to working from home, Paul Papas and his team began having open discussions about the challenge of taking care of family members and themselves …


7. "If Ibmers have personal travel to restricted locations, they must inform their manager and must self-quarantine for 14 days after their trip is completed, per recommendations by health

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8. IBM Press Room - IBM Press room - Biographies - Featured Ibmers

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9. Ibmers monitor Apollo 8 launch at Cape Kennedy IBM + Apollo Video This media asset is free for editorial broadcast, print, and online use

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10. What does Ibmers mean? Plural form of IBMer

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11. Hundreds of thousands of Ibmers brought us into the modern computer age, leasing and servicing those room-sized mainframes to companies around the world

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12. Started by Black Ibmers, the Call for Code Emb (race) Challenge tackles technology solutions to systemic racism, and their efforts have now been open sourced.


13. As of 2020, only 317 Ibmers have earned the IBM Fellow distinction, and 102 of them remain active IBM employees

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14. It had only been taught in person at Yorktown Heights, we are now making it available to all Ibmers

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15. The benefits of this program are assumed to be that "Ibmers [are provided] with an exemplary form of leadership training and development


16. Three Ibmers Named to MIT Technology Review's 35 Innovators Under 35 They are inquisitive and persistent

Ibmers, Innovators, Inquisitive

17. IBM and Ibmers stand with the Black community and call for change to ensure racial equality.

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18. "Discounts for Ibmers" is an independent gateway for IBM employees and retirees to voluntary benefits, discounts and special services offered by IBM's clients, vendors and other companies

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19. In the IBM Recognition Center, you can recognize Ibmers for their contributions and view your own recognition activity

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20. Ibmers found us … This project started as a conversation between the two of us, both reporters at ProPublica


21. If COVID-19 wasn’t bad enough, a lot of Ibmers are going to be dealing with job loss – or worries that a separation note or a “redundancy” (i.e

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22. Discounts For Ibmers Beneplace Sites, Food Coupon Sites


23. "The health of Ibmers continues to be our primary concern as we monitor upcoming events and travel relative to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19),” Big Blue told The Register in a statement in

Ibmers, In

24. In response to the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and too many others, Black Ibmers, in their pain, frustration, and exhaustion, had a moment of clarity

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25. For Ibmers who got payments in 1990 and did not take any action, the time expired last April 15

Ibmers, In

26. Actively build relationships with all the constituencies of our business — including clients, partners, communities, investors and fellow Ibmers

Including, Investors, Ibmers

27. Ibmers who participated in the meme reported that it helped them feel a sense of belonging – even though participants came from a variety of job roles and lived across India, the United States, the UK, Australia and other countries

Ibmers, In, It, India

28. Again, Ibmers were asked to appoint ECC reps


29. Eventually, the pledge made it to the company's CEO, Arvind Krishna, who published a blog post calling it an example of "Ibmers at their best." He also praised it in an interview on CNN

It, Ibmers, In, Interview

30. We are a proud group of Ibmers who achieved the distinction of 25 years or more of service to IBM

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31. Below is the letter I shared with Ibmers today about the public health crisis, IBM’s essential role in the world, and my commitments as the new CEO of IBM.

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32. The Corporate Service Corps (CSC) was created as a tool to open Ibmers' minds to the demands and constraints of working in a globalized world through direct interaction with geographically and functionally diverse teams, working in resource-constrained environments

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33. Ibmers are members of a global family without borders


34. Ibmers are prolific contributors of real code to open source projects


35. At any given time there are more than 1,000 Ibmers active in open source with 68,000 Ibmers trained to participate in open source

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36. Ibmers contribute more the 15,000 commits/month to open source projects (Top 3 in the world along with Google and Red Hat).

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37. What Ibmers do? At IBM, work is more than a job—it's a calling

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38. Welcome SPSS Statistics users to the IBM Community! The IBM Community serves as a place to nurture product users (on the order of 150,000+ current members) past the point-of-sale to enhance skills, share best practices, and create a peer-to-peer collaborative environment with access to experts from various networks - business partners, Ibmers, offering management, client success …

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39. Ibmers believe that the application of intelligence, reason and science can improve business, society and the human condition

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40. Restlessly reinventing since 1911, we are the largest technology and consulting employer in the world, with more than 380,000 Ibmers serving …

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