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1. In order to understand Iambs in more depth, it’s helpful to have a strong grasp of a few other literary terms related to poetry

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2. We cover each of these in depth on their own respective pages, but below is a quick overview to help make understanding Iambs easier.

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3. N, pl Iambs, iambi (aɪˈæmbaɪ) or iambuses 1

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4. Noun plural Iambs, iambi (aɪˈæmbaɪ) or iambuses prosody a metrical foot consisting of two syllables, a short one followed by a long one (◡ –) a line of verse of such feet Word Origin for iamb

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5. Iambic meter is the pattern of a poetic line made up of Iambs

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6. Iambic meter is defined as poetic verse that is made up of Iambs, which are metrical "feet" with two syllables

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7. In iambic verse, each line consists of one or more Iambs. Iambic pentameter is the most common type of iambic meter but there are several others, as you'll see in the examples below.

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8. N, pl Iambs, iambi (aɪˈæmbaɪ) or iambuses 1

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9. Penta means five, so a line of iambic pentameter consists of five Iambs – five sets of unstressed and stressed syllables

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10. Consisting of or employing an iamb or Iambs

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11. Noting or pertaining to satirical poetry written in Iambs.

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12. ‘Looking first for Iambs seemed an excellent centring and calming technique.’ ‘Jim found that he had a talent for thinking in Iambs, for coming up with rhymes.’ ‘What good do you do anyone by writing verses, getting cash for silly slanders, peddling Iambs as a huckster peddles trash?’

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13. Iambs and trochees are both meters that are measured in FEET

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14. Definition of Iambs in the dictionary

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15. What does Iambs mean? Information and translations of Iambs in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

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16. Synonyms for Iambs include iambuses, blank verse, dactylic hexameters and iambic pentameter

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17. Natural Iambs [edit edit source] A natural iamb is a two-syllable word with the second syllable stressed: a word that fits `naturally`into just one iambic foot

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18. Because in English-language polysyllabic words, roots are normally stressed, while prefixes and suffixes are unstressed, most two-syllable words containing prefixes are natural Iambs.

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19. There are different types of iambic poetry-depending on how many sets of Iambs are in the line

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20. For example, Shakespeare's sonnets are written in iambic pentameter-meaning there are five Iambs in each line (or 10 syllables that alternate unstressed and then stressed).

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21. Iambic: 1 adj of or consisting of Iambs “ iambic pentameter” n a verse line consisting of Iambs Type of: verse , verse line a line of metrical text

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22. In prosody, 1570s (n.) "a foot of two syllables, the first short or unaccented, the second long or accented;" 1580s (adj.), "pertaining to or employing Iambs," from Late Latin iambicus, from Greek iambikos, from iambos "metrical foot of one unaccented followed by one accented syllable; an iambic verse or poem," traditionally said to be from iaptein "to assail, attack" (in words

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23. Words created with Iambs, words starting with Iambs, words start Iambs


24. Iambs - find the meaning, anagrams and hook words with Iambs and much more


25. The word Iambs uses 5 letters: a, b, i, m, s


26. Iambs is playable in: Words With Friends 11

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27. The first two Iambs are followed by something almost like a qualitative anapest (in English we do meter based on stress, and here the stress falls on the first syllable of grandeur; in Greek and Latin the stress is based on quality = the length of the syllable, and you can …

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28. This video's focus is Iambs, the basic building block of iambic pentameter! Social Media: https

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29. What does Iambs mean? Plural form of iamb

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30. Synonyms for Iambs in Free Thesaurus

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31. A list of words that start with Iambs (words with the prefix Iambs)


32. We search a large scrabble dictionary for scrabble words starting with Iambs - we take the letter or word you enter, and generate all words starting with Iambs.In addition there is a list of Words that end with Iambs, words that contain Iambs, and Synonyms of Iambs.

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33. Iambs 9 is a valid Scrabble Word in NWL, formerly TWL (USA, Thailand, Canada) Iambs 9 is a valid Scrabble Word in CSW, formerly SOWPODS (Other Countries) Iambs 11 is a valid word in WWF

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34. Definitions for the word, Iambs


35. Unscrambled Words in the letters, Iambs.

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36. The root of the word, “penta” means “five.” This is a hint that these lines have five Iambs

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37. Iambic definition: of, relating to, consisting of, or using an iamb or Iambs Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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38. Denoting a type of satirical verse written in Iambs 2

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39. A metrical foot, line, or stanza of verse consisting of Iambs 3


40. Iambs: An iamb is a type of metrical foot in a line of poetry chosen for use by the author in order to create a certain rhythm or flow

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IAMBS [ˈīˌam(b)]


  • a metrical foot consisting of one short (or unstressed) syllable followed by one long (or stressed) syllable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What word describes an iamb?

An iamb (/ ˈaɪæm /) or iambus is a metrical foot used in various types of poetry. Originally the term referred to one of the feet of the quantitative meter of classical Greek prosody: a short syllable followed by a long syllable (as in "above").

What is an example of an iamb?

Definition of Iamb. An iamb is a literary device that can be defined as a foot containing unaccented and short syllables, followed by a long and accented syllable in a single line of a poem (unstressed/stressed syllables). Two of Robert Frost’s poems, Dust of Snow, and The Road not Taken are considered two of the most popular examples of iamb.

What is another word for iamb?

Synonyms for iamb. blank verse. dactylic hexameter. iambus. MOST RELEVANT. Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.

What is a good example of iamb in poetry?

One iambic foot can be a single word or a combination of two words: "away" is one foot: "a" is unstressed, and "way" is stressed. "the crow" is one foot: "the" is unstressed, and "crow" is stressed. A perfect example of iambs is found in the last two lines from Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 :

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