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1. In some sans serIf typefaces, the uppercase letter I, 'I' may be dIffIcult to dIstInguIsh from the lowercase letter L, 'l', the vertIcal bar character '', or the dIgIt one '1'


2. In serIfed typefaces, the capItal form of the letter has both a baselIne and a cap-heIght serIf, whIle the lowercase L generally has a hooked ascender and a baselIne serIf.


3. Create an account or log In to Instagram - A sImple, fun & creatIve way to capture, edIt & share photos, vIdeos & messages wIth frIends & famIly.

In, Instagram

4. I defInItIon Is - the 9th letter of the EnglIsh alphabet


5. Í, í (I-acute) Is a letter In the Faroese, HungarIan, IcelandIc, Czech, Slovak, and Tatar languages, where It often IndIcates a long /I/ vowel (ee In EnglIsh word feel).ThIs form also appears In Catalan, IrIsh, ItalIan, OccItan, Portuguese, SpanIsh, Aragonese, GalIcIan, Leonese, Navajo, and VIetnamese language as a varIant of the letter “I

Is, In, Icelandic, It, Indicates, Irish, Italian

6. In LatIn, the long IIs used Instead of í

In, Is, Instead

7. Î, î (I-cIrcumflex) Is a letter In the FrIulIan, KurdIsh, Old Malay and RomanIan alphabets.ThIs letter also appears In French, TurkIsh, ItalIan, Welsh and Walloon languages as a varIant of letter “I”.

Is, In, Italian

8. In AfrIkaans, î Is a punctuated form of I: wîe, the plural of wIg ('wedge').

In, Is

9. Ï, lowercase ï, Is a symbol used In varIous languages wrItten wIth the LatIn alphabet; It can be read as the letter I wIth dIaeresIs or I-umlaut.

Is, In, It

10. InItIally In French and also In AfrIkaans, Catalan, Dutch, GalIcIan, Southern SamI, Welsh, and occasIonally EnglIsh, ï Is used when I follows another vowel and IndIcates hIatus In the pronuncIatIon of such a word.

Initially, In, Is, Indicates

11. Log In to I-Ready®, onlIne assessment and InstructIon that helps teachers provIde all students a path to profIcIency and growth In readIng and mathematIcs.

In, Instruction

12. Google allows users to search the Web for Images, news, products, vIdeo, and other content.


13. Enjoy the vIdeos and musIc you love, upload orIgInal content, and share It all wIth frIends, famIly, and the world on YouTube.


14. I have a PHP source fIle where  characters automatIcally got added In! I don't know from where they have come


15. I'm not gettIng any parse errors but It results In weIrd behavIor In the executIon of the fIle

It, In

16. Header locatIon functIonalIty Is not workIng sometImes!


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I [ī]

  1. the imaginary quantity equal to the square root of minus one.Compare with j.
  1. a connecting vowel chiefly forming words ending in -ana, -ferous, -fic, -form, -fy, -gerous, -vorous.Compare with -o-.
  1. forming the plural of nouns adopted from Latin ending in -us.
  2. forming the plural of nouns adopted from Italian ending in -e or -o.
  1. forming adjectives from names of countries or regions in the Near or Middle East.
from Semitic and Indo-Iranian adjectival endings.