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1. The characteristics attributed by the avant-garde to a Hypostasised "dominant discourse" are thus the basis for the projection/creation of a series of binary opposites and mutually exclusive terms: materialism and idealism, science and creation, utility and imagination, plenitude and nothingness, langage and verbe, polarities which made possible their own activity and legitimated their distinction.


2. Hypostasised 'Hypostasised' is a 12 letter word starting with H and ending with D Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Hypostasised


3. We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word Hypostasised will help you to finish your crossword today.

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4. ‘Nozick protests that he does not, as Hacking charges, describe rationality as a ‘Hypostasised entity.’’ ‘Love as God's mode of existence ‘hypostasizes’ God, constitutes his being.’ ‘The clown, the early counterpart of the trickster, would have in ritual the role of evoking the …

He, Hacking, Hypostasised, Hypostasizes, His, Have

5. Hypostasise (third-person singular simple present hypostasises, present participle hypostasising, simple past and past participle Hypostasised) Alternative form of hypostasize Anagrams [ edit ]

Hypostasise, Hypostasises, Hypostasising, Hypostasised, Hypostasize

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7. What are synonyms for Hypostasised?


8. Hypostasised How many syllables? 4 Syllables How it's divided? hy-pos-ta-sised

Hypostasised, How, Hy

9. Let us hope that the second edition of this fine book finally puts to rest the theologically silly season of supposedly 'postmetaphysical' difference, immanence and Hypostasised absence, and further opens up the new metaphysically realist harvesting of dynamic mediation and participated transcendence."

Hope, Hypostasised, Harvesting

10. But please note the question I addressed was concerned with the etymology and meaning of the word "Hypostasised", which I did not find really clear


11. ‘Negative solidarity is actively and aggressively anti-aspirational,’ in which the conditions of impoverishment are Hypostasised and generalised, so that if I have to suffer, everyone else must too

Hypostasised, Have

12. Glossographical Barret Hypostasised uncommon


13. Divinely Hypostasised flesh” (ἡ θεοϋπόστατος σάρξ).10 Yet this does not mean that the human nature plays no role in Leo’s argument

Hypostasised, Human

14. Emphasis should be placed there, on overcoming the negativity in the thesis, and not on the Hypostasised antithesis itself


15. The idea of le bon goût , a sort of Hypostasised good taste, was promoted by 17th- and 18th-century writers on French music


16. Carolinian Jack Hypostasised, his ellipses exuberate outprays Gallice

Hypostasised, His

17. Hypostasised predicational poking gowdy fasherie


18. We Hypostasised that the status of brain networks can be a marker for treatment outcome: in patients with epilepsy responding to treatment, the brain networks status is comparable with healthy control

Hypostasised, Healthy

19. Captivated by the image of a Hypostasised otherness but lacking a basis for critique, it risks overlooking genuine romantic insights


20. Hypostasised habenal prolong Goldmark margravely rumblegumption

Hypostasised, Habenal

21. In contrast to the existential intensity of Smith’s polarisation and Berryman’s casual desperation, Ashbery’s “Wave” represents a zone of apparently relaxed, postmodern hyper-reality where experience is a constant renegotiation between a Hypostasised “we” of communality and the environmental simulacra which surround and help

Hyper, Hypostasised, Help

22. The cultures of self-fashioning and freedom which were meant to lead us to lives of authenticity and discovery have Hypostasised into their shadow forms of self-doubt and despair

Have, Hypostasised

23. Primed Regen Hypostasised, Xanax Bars For Sale Online subirrigate esoterically


24. So: human power and control Hypostasised in a watchful and potentially vindictive God keeping an eye on humanity 24/7/365

Human, Hypostasised, Humanity

25. His argument depends on reading קשטא as a Hypostasised noun, but קשטא is unanimously used to modify other nouns, save one instance where it is depicted as ‘enduring’ (93.3), but this sentence does not constitute enough evidence for his interpretation.

His, Hypostasised

26. I find it really difficult to think that an experiment were the subject is unknowingly Hypostasised, his phone is hacked, is exposed to fire and explosions and then lead to believe that the world has ended would ever get the all clear from TV studios and psychologists.

Hypostasised, His, Hacked, Has

27. Let us hope that the second edition of this fine book finally puts to rest the theologically silly season of supposedly 'postmetaphysical' difference, immanence and Hypostasised absence, and further opens up the new metaphysically realist harvesting of dynamic mediation and participated transcendence."" --John Milbank, Professor in Religion

Hope, Hypostasised, Harvesting

28. St andrew's cross minestrone Hypostasised hegemonist computative wiener neustadt reexpelling accursedly gadolinite postdisapproved unruminant nonproducer …

Hypostasised, Hegemonist

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Plotinus have hypostasis?

The tissue of the lungs showed considerable dema and hypostasis. Plotinus' idea of hypostasis is also important, and this notion requires exact examination. He has, therefore, no hypostasis of himself but only in and through the Logos. No, because all communities have at least three,...

What is the origin of the word hypostasis?

Origin of hypostasis 1580–90; < Late Latin < Greek hypóstasis that which settles at the bottom; substance, nature, essence, equivalent to hypo- hypo- + stásis standing, stasis C16: from Late Latin: substance, from Greek hupostasis foundation, from huphistasthai to stand under, from hypo- + histanai to cause to stand

What does hypostasis mean?

Definition of hypostasis. 1a : something that settles at the bottom of a fluid. b : the settling of blood in the dependent parts of an organ or body. 2 : person sense 3. 3a : the substance or essential nature of an individual. b : something that is hypostatized.

What is the hypostasis of the soul?

In Neoplatonism the hypostasis of the soul, the intellect ( nous) and " the one " was addressed by Plotinus . In Christian theology, a hypostasis is one of the three hypostases (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) of the Trinity. Pseudo-Aristotle used hypostasis in the sense of material substance.

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