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HYPOCOTYLIS [ˈhīpəkädl, ˌhīpəˈkädl]


  • the part of the stem of an embryo plant beneath the stalks of the seed leaves or cotyledons and directly above the root.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best definition of hypocotyls?

hypocotyls synonyms, hypocotyls pronunciation, hypocotyls translation, English dictionary definition of hypocotyls. hypocotyl bean seed germinating n. The part of a plant embryo or seedling plant that is between the cotyledons and the radicle or root.

Where is the hypocotyl located in a seedling?

hypocotyl [ hī ′pə-kŏt′l ] The part of a plant embryo or seedling that lies between the radicle and the cotyledons. Upon germination, the hypocotyl pushes the cotyledons above the ground to develop.

What does the hypocotyl do in a radicle?

Eudicots. After emergence of the radicle, the hypocotyl emerges and lifts the growing tip (usually including the seed coat) above the ground, bearing the embryonic leaves (called cotyledons ), and the plumule that gives rise to the first true leaves. The hypocotyl is the primary organ of extension of the young plant and develops into the stem .

How does a lens focus on the hypocotyl?

A lens focusses the light from O, on the hypocotyl, and that from O', on the tip of the cotyledon. Contrary to generally accepted view the hypocotyl not only perceives but responds to light. If the cotyledon be shaded and the light be permitted to fall on one side of the hypocotyl, no heliotropic curving takes place.

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