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1. Hypnotically synonyms, Hypnotically pronunciation, Hypnotically translation, English dictionary definition of Hypnotically


2. Uk / hɪpˈnɒt.ɪ / us / hɪpˈnɑː.t̬ɪ / in a way that makes you feel as if you want to sleep or are in a trance (= a state of not being completely conscious or in control of yourself): The piano score is Hypnotically


3. Filing is one mindless task that can become almost Hypnotically rhythmic


4. She placed her hand on the vamp's, and her eyes began to whirl Hypnotically. There have also been many instances when Hypnotically

Her, Hand, Hypnotically, Have

5. Synonyms for Hypnotically in Free Thesaurus


6. The question whether Hypnotically refreshed evidence is admissible at trial is still an open one in many jurisdictions, and is regulated by statute in a number of States


7. The courts are divided over the admissibility of Hypnotically enhanced memories


8. Courts admitting Hypnotically refreshed testimony adopted three different positions: (a) a "credibility" approach, which left the reliability issue to the jury; (b) a "discretionary admission" approach, which left the reliability issue to the trial judge; and (c) a "procedural safeguards" approach.


9. Hypnotically refreshed memories may prove inaccurate, especially if the hypnotist asks leading questions, because of ___ Memory construction

Hypnotically, Hypnotist

10. Hypnotically age-regressed people a


11. Janice Knight, Your Hypnotically Happy Coach Founder and Chief Creative Officer of YrCoach Certified Life Coaching and Grass Valley hypnotherapist 140 Litton Drive, Ste

Hypnotically, Happy, Hypnotherapist

12. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of a Hypnotically-based intervention for pain and fear in women undergoing labor who are about to receive an epidural catheter


13. Synonyms for Hypnotically include mesmerically, somniferously, soporifically, somnolently, spellbindingly, entrancingly, narcotically, compellingly, fascinatingly and


14. Once, cursing, he changed a tire; once the car skidded dangerously in a circle but to Frank his air of confidence was Hypnotically convincing.; There was an exhilaration about it that she could not resist: the exhilaration of risk and the control of her faculties, prompted by a purpose Hypnotically compelling.

He, His, Hypnotically, Her

15. ‘The patient was screened Hypnotically by using a modified version of the Hypnotic Induction Profile.’ ‘The Eastern-sounding middle movement makes use of a pretty and Hypnotically insistent pattern.’

Hypnotically, Hypnotic

16. Hypnotically refreshed testimony in the same manner


17. Hurd safeguards for the admission of Hypnotically refreshed testimony

Hurd, Hypnotically

18. Survey of Hypnotically Refreshed Testimony Outside New Mexico Opinion on the admissibility of Hypnotically refreshed testimony is at


19. Selling Hypnotically is very well written by an expert, Richard Barker, in the field of hypnosis. His knowledge and passion come across through every chapter that you read

Hypnotically, Hypnosis, His

20. Hypnotically REFORMED is an explicit sizzler packed with suspense, erotic heat and intended for Adults Only, 18+

Hypnotically, Heat

21.Hypnotically refreshed” memories cannot be used to provide information for which no adequate evidence exists, especially when subsequent investigation has failed to produce any substantial independent corroboration and the individual did not recall the fact or …

Hypnotically, Has

22. Dictionary entry overview: What does Hypnotically mean? • Hypnotically (adverb) The adverb Hypnotically has 1 sense:

Hypnotically, Has

23. By means of hypnotism Familiarity information: Hypnotically used as an adverb is very rare.

Hypnotism, Hypnotically

24. You will learn three tips on how to write paragraphs Hypnotically

How, Hypnotically

25. The 42-year-old Mack is known to many Filipino fans because of his Hypnotically violent work on Kabuki, the series which followed a dedicated, sickle-wielding assassin of the same name in Japan

His, Hypnotically

26. Watch Contractors Hypnotically Build a Perfect Concrete Stairway Caroline Delbert 1/26/2021


27. Hypnotically How many syllables? 5 Syllables How it's divided? hyp-not-i-cal-ly

Hypnotically, How, Hyp


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 · How to communicate Hypnotically? - Conversational Hypnosis Get people into the trance We need them to be in, So that they will do what we want Rating: 4.6 out of 5 4.6 (102 ratings) 866 students Created by Mayur Bardolia

How, Hypnotically, Hypnosis

29. Mandrake Gestures Hypnotically An intimate portrait of India’s foremost magician and how he became the king of illusions

Hypnotically, How, He

30. Hypnotically aided testimony and the jury’s potential misconceptions about the reliability of hypnosis

Hypnotically, Hypnosis

31. Riots Is ‘Hardass Yet Hypnotically Beautiful’ Justin Chon’s spellbinding second feature examines bigotry through the eyes of two Korean brothers in L.A

Hardass, Hypnotically

32. PostHypnotically, 13 of them stated that the suggested event had actually occurred


33. The poles flipped rhythmically past, and the steady beat of the wheels called Hypnotically, and because he was Holmes I finally answered him.

Hypnotically, He, Holmes, Him

34. But you can skip from commercial to commercial, it's got 16 hours of them, they really are kind of Hypnotically fascinating and culturally nifty and unlike Shirley Temple, I don't imagine anyone will be remastering old TV

Hours, Hypnotically

35. Hypnotically Addicted Junkie (48 minutes) Brainwashing (also known as mind control, menticide, coercive persuasion, thought control, thought reform, and re-education) is the concept that the human mind can be altered or controlled by certain psychological techniques.

Hypnotically, Human

36. Caution is urged regarding use of Hypnotically refreshed memory


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HYPNOTICALLY [hipˈnädək(ə)lē]


Synonyms: hypnotic .

hypnotic (adjective)

hypnotic (noun) · hypnotics (plural noun)

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Hypnotic mean?

hypnotic - of or relating to hypnosis. 2. hypnotic - attracting and holding interest as if by a spell; "read the bedtime story in a hypnotic voice"; "she had a warm mesmeric charm"; "the sheer force of his presence was mesmerizing"; "a spellbinding description of life in ancient Rome".

What are three examples of hypnosis?

You’ll be amazed by several types of hypnotic phenomena displayed during a Hypnosis Show done for entertainment purposes. Examples of well documented hypnotic phenomena include: Catelepsy. Time Distortion. Dissociation. Amnesia. Hallucinations.

Can you really be hypnotised against your will?

It's all fiction. You cannot be hypnotised to do things against your will. In fact you cannot be hypnotised at all against your will because, in the final analysis, you are always in charge. Plus surprisingly, you know exactly what you're doing.

What is the truth about hypnosis?

The truth about hypnosis is that it is not a state of amnesia or no awareness: hypnosis is a state of very heightened awareness and focus. Do not expect to feel hypnotized; hypnosis is not some zoned out of body experience. Hypnosis is like meditation on steroids; hypnosis guides you to those powerful brainwaves...

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