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1. Hypey (comparative hypier, superlative hypiest) Having significant hype; heavily promoted or highly anticipated

Hypey, Hypier, Hypiest, Having, Hype, Heavily, Highly

2. 60.7k Followers, 194 Following, 447 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Hypey™️ (@Hypey_art)


3. 1 day ago · Time made a Hypey crypto cover and is selling it as an NFT


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5. Hypey (@Hypeysc) on TikTok 1.2K Likes

Hypey, Hypeysc

6. Football ⚽️ I follow back😊 Watch the latest video from Hypey (@Hypeysc).

Hypey, Hypeysc

7. Hei Leute, Hypey Back Am Start, Dies ist MEin Erster Youtube Channel, Und Haue Mahl so Nach lust, 1-2 Videos iner Woche Raus! Mein Ingame Name Ist HypeyHD un

Hei, Hypey, Haue, Hypeyhd

8. Hypey- and the Minnesota Wild have agreed to a 1 season deal at $1,250,000 per season 20 days ago Minnesota Wild have earned the player rights for Hypey- with a bid amount of $1,250,000 in Season 16 of the LGHL PSN 20 days ago Hypey- has signed up for season 16 of the LGHL PSN as Position: Center 1 month ago

Hypey, Have, Has

9. Hypey was actually a platform in which people could really live and interact all through online


10. 1 day ago · Time made a Hypey crypto cover and is selling it as an NFT


11. High quality Hypey gifts and merchandise

High, Hypey

12. None All-Go-Doom From taste to waste From taste to waste:melted by acid All-Go-Doom:exploded She look nearly exactly like Genny,but the only difference is Genny doesn't have a body mark,but Hypey does

Have, Hypey

13. Dog people out there, this is for you… / My instagram @Hypey_art • Millions of unique designs by independent artists


14. Meanwhile, Hypey gourmet burger chain Patty and Bun is opening a permanent version of its lockdown Nando’s rip-off right next to Patty and Bun , on James Street, also in central London.


15. Time made a Hypey crypto cover and is selling it as an NFT


16. What does ‘too Hypey’ even mean? According to one of the definitions listed in the Oxford English Dictionary, ‘hype’ is a deception carried out for the sake of publicity

Hypey, Hype

17. Hypey - Jungkook & Reader Chapter 5


18. Hypey Hypey max out pass The limit 100 mind Fire alarm on the other side Team wang cookin in the room Next to exit sign Flame suffocating on the side


19. Time made a Hypey crypto cover and is selling it as an NFT


20. Time made a Hypey crypto cover and is selling it as an NFT; Binance-backed Xend Finance launches DeFi platform for credit unions in Africa; Beeple Has Won

Hypey, Has

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HYPEY [ˈhīpər]



Frequently Asked Questions

What does "hyper" really mean?

Medical Definition of Hyper-. Hyper-: Prefix meaning high, beyond, excessive, or above normal, as in hyperglycemia (high sugar in the blood) and hypercalcemia (high calcium in the blood). The opposite of hyper- is hypo-. Click to see full answer.

What does the name Hyper mean?

Definition of hyper (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : high-strung, excitable also : highly excited was a little hyper after drinking too much coffee 2 : extremely active hyper children

What does the root word hyper mean?

Definition & Meaning: Word Root Hyper. Hyper- means ‘too, over, excessive, beyond’. ‘Hyperactive’ is a word that start with the prefix hyper.

What does the prefix hyper mean?

hyper-. a prefix appearing in loanwords from Greek, where it meant “over,” usually implying excess or exaggeration (hyperbole); on this model used, especially as opposed to hypo-, in the formation of compound words (hyperthyroid).

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