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1. "Hyperspaced succeded to create a festival experience


2. hyperspace (third-person singular simple present hyperspaces, present participle hyperspacing, simple past and past participle Hyperspaced) (science fiction, transitive, intransitive) To travel or transport into hyperspace.

Hyperspace, Hyperspaces, Hyperspacing, Hyperspaced

3. In Hyperspaced you control a simplistic spaceship which turn around and thrust forward, while trying to shoot down and outsmart an ever-growing amount of aliens


4. Hyperspaced Sci-Fried Rock · 2017 Preview SONG TIME One with the Force


5. Listen to Space Talk - Hyperspaced on Spotify


6. Sends shivers down my spine everytime I listen to it! I'm pretty sure I'll never get tired of this - When I'll scare the shit out of my grandchildren, I'll just put on Hyperspaced and turn the volume to max! That's teach 'em a lesson! I've been totally in love with this album for years, but the absolute best track on here is Hyperspaced

Hyperspaced, Here

7. Hyperspaced (2017) by Sci-Fried, released 01 November 2017 1


8. Winter Has Come Hyperspaced is Sci-Fried's 6th Studio album.

Has, Hyperspaced

9. Hyperspaced_mav.xm is a XM format module


10. Jack is Hyperspaced by his wife

Hyperspaced, His

11. As verbs the difference between hyperspace and Hyperspaced is that hyperspace is to travel or transport into hyperspace while Hyperspaced is (hyperspace)

Hyperspace, Hyperspaced

12. They Hilariated When I Hyperspaced for Earth by Richard Wilson; Novella: Our Man in Peking by Hayden Howard; Serial: The Palace of Love (Part 3 of 3) by Jack Vance; Short Stories: Return Match by Philip K

Hilariated, Hyperspaced, Hayden, Howard

13. Listen to Hyperspaced on Spotify


14. Credit for Nick Barber and his alias Doof are not explicitly mentioned for Hyperspaced but liner notes state that track is sourced from the Alien Airport single

His, Hyperspaced

15. This trend Hyperspaced southeast to Beverly Hills, north of Sunset Boulevard where a contemporary estate languished on the market for more than a year

Hyperspaced, Hills

16. This Extraterrestrial Eclair Just Hyperspaced Its Way Into Disney World! By Janelle Sheetz Leave a Comment


17. In the early-morning hours of November 12, seven days later, the dazed, Hyperspaced hitchhiker staggered out of the woods near Heber and straight into UFO immortality with a …

Hours, Hyperspaced, Hitchhiker, Heber

18. Or Hyperspaced?! The adrenaline-pumping, midichlorian-vibrating video was recently posted to YouTube by Jackson McKay


19. These craft cannot be constructed by the Mothership, so they are built in huge orbital facilities and Hyperspaced into battle

Huge, Hyperspaced

20. Hyperspaced is worth the purchase alone


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HYPERSPACED [ˈhīpərˌspās]

hyperspace (noun) · hyper-space (noun)

  • space of more than three dimensions.
  • (in science fiction) a notional space-time continuum in which it is possible to travel faster than light.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name hyperspace mean?

hyperspace (Noun) An n-dimensional Euclidian space with n > 3. hyperspace (Noun) A Euclidian space of unspecified dimension. hyperspace (Noun) A notional space orthogonal to the usual dimensions of space-time often used for faster-than-light travel. We can only get to the Nimrodian Galaxy if we go through hyperspace.

What is another word for hyperspace?

other words for hyperspace. WWW. cyberspace. ARPANET. National Information Infrastructure. W3. World Wide Web. infobahn. information highway.

Is hyperspace pure science fiction?

Hyperspace is a fictional plot device sometimes used in science fiction. It is typically described as an alternate region of space co-existing with our own universe which may be entered using an energy field or other device. Travel in hyperspace is frequently depicted as faster-than-light travel in normal space.

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