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1. The use of Hyggelig as a greeting is synecdoche from its appearance in the Norwegian phrase Hyggelig å hilse på deg (“ nice to meet/see you ”)

Hyggelig, Hilse

2. As such, it most frequently appears following other words of greeting, as in Hei! Hyggelig! or Hallo, Hyggelig

Hei, Hyggelig, Hallo

3. Hyggelig Cozy, relaxing, and enjoyable


4. Definition of Hyggelig in the dictionary


5. What does Hyggelig mean? Information and translations of Hyggelig in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


6. English words for Hyggelig include nice, pleasant, enjoyable and pleasing


7. How to say Hyggelig in English? Pronunciation of Hyggelig with 1 audio pronunciation, 1 meaning, 4 translations and more for Hyggelig.

How, Hyggelig

8. The Danish concept of hygge, or Hyggelig (adj.), refers to finding comfort, pleasure, and warmth in simple, soothing things such as a cozy atmosphere or the feeling of friendship

Hygge, Hyggelig

9. Hyggelig means a lot more than just pleasant, though


10. Translation for 'Hyggelig' in the free Danish-English dictionary and many other English translations.


11. 11:22 Jeg vil avslutte med en Hyggelig liten historie

Hyggelig, Historie

12. Hyggelig on joulukuussa 2019 avattu tanskalaisiin huonekaluihin ja valaisimiin erikoistunut 2nd hand -verkkokauppa, jossa toteutat sisustusunelmasi hyvällä omallatunnolla

Hyggelig, Huonekaluihin, Hand, Hyv

13. Hyggelig is usually inadequately translated as “coziness.” This is too simplistic: coziness relates only to physical surroundings — a jersey or a warm bed — whereas Hyggelig has more to do with people’s behavior towards each other

Hyggelig, Has

14. - Hyggelig tastes are familiar and sweet


15. = Hyggelig sounds might be: the crackling of burning wood; the pitter patter of raindrops; and trees waving in the breeze


16. - Hyggelig smells could be aromas that trigger fond memories


17. Nb 6 Hva du kan si når du kommer tilbake: Det er forholdsvis lett å foreta gjenbesøk etter å ha levert Rikets budskap, og dette er også en Hyggelig side ved vår tjeneste

Hva, Ha, Hyggelig

18. What is Hyggelig? The word "Hyggelig" is the special Danish term to describe a mood of cosiness, safety and friendliness


19. Pronunciation Pronunciation by Deliciae (Female from Norway) Hyggelig å møte deg


20. In Live Hyggelig! · November 30, 2020


21. Hyggelig is an adjective, an example could be "A Hyggelig evening" The difference in Hyggelig and Hyggeligt is that an adjective can change its ending depending on the gender of the noun it relates to: En hygglig aften - A Hyggelig evening - is common gender Et Hyggeligt spil - A Hyggeligt game …

Hyggelig, Hyggeligt, Hygglig

22. Learn how to pronounce the Danish words Hygge and Hyggelig!Read more:

How, Hygge, Hyggelig, Https

23. Hyggelig, like the Dutch word 'Gezellig', cannot be translated into English, but it means something like 'cosy'


24. Hyggelig is a very cute, very threedee-ish typeface


25. Creating a Hyggelig work environment is completely ordinary in Denmark – when I visited the ambassador to Britain, Claus Grube, he lit candles, …

Hyggelig, He

26. Posted on July 20, 2018 July 21, 2018 Blog Hyggelig Leftover Perfection After jumping on the smushi bandwagon years ago, one of the aspects of smushi construction I found I enjoy the most is experimenting with flavor


27. The word is a noun: the adjectival form is ‘Hyggelig


28. When setting up a Hyggelig home, keep it simple by adding cozy rugs

Hyggelig, Home

29. Keep it simple, add cozy, and only showcase your favorite things! Favorite Items For A Hyggelig Home From Wayfair

Hyggelig, Home

30. Over a plate of sausages and local cheeses, Thierlein shared some Hyggeligt memories


31. Hyggelig, pronounced “hoo-ga-lee” (or just simply “hig-ga-lig” since we’re Australian), means “cosiness” in Danish.Think fireplaces, home, family, friends, laughter, warmth, health, chocolate, and great food … oh yes, hot chocolate – the things which makes us happy and fuzzy inside.

Hyggelig, Hoo, Hig, Home, Health, Hot, Happy

32. "Oh, Hyggelig, Hyggelig, Hyggelig—it’s Hyggelig this, Hyggelig that


33. Everything’s Hyggelig to us Danes." My Danish instructor said something similar


34. Hyggelig : nouvelle boutique de décoration et d’ameublement qui propose, en exclusivité à Lyon, une sélection d’éditeurs scandinaves,


35. Hyggelig is the special Danish term to descripe a mood of cozines, comfortability, safety and friendliness


36. Seit November 2015 gibt es in Ascheffel den kleinen Laden Hyggelig


37. As a native speaker I would use the appropriate form for the sentence: "It was a Hyggelig night." "It was Hyggeligt to see you again."

Hyggelig, Hyggeligt

38. However if you're going to pick just one of them, go with Hyggeligt since it's both an adjective and an adverb (Hyggelig can only be an adjective).

However, Hyggeligt, Hyggelig

39. The adjective of “hygge” is “Hyggelig.” Phonetically “Hyggelig” is spelled: /ˈhʏɡl̩ɪ/ When to use “Hyggelig” vs

Hygge, Hyggelig

40. “hygge”: You wouldn’t say “we had a hygge time at their house.” But rather “we had a Hyggelig time at their house” or “it was an evening filled with …

Hygge, Had, House, Hyggelig

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Hyggelig, Housewarming, Home, Having, Has

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Hyggelig, Home, Having, Has, Huge

43. High quality Hyggelig gifts and merchandise

High, Hyggelig

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does hyggelig mean?

The use of hyggelig as a greeting is synecdoche from its appearance in the Norwegian phrase hyggelig å hilse på deg (“nice to meet/see you”). As such, it most frequently appears following other words of greeting, as in Hei! Hyggelig! or Hallo, hyggelig.

What does hygge mean in English?

About mid-20th century, the Danish word hygge (pronounced something like HEW-guh) began appearing in English writing, as a noun and adjective, to refer to cozy and comfortable surroundings that invoke an inner sense of contentment or well-being.

Why is 'hygge' so important?

Hygge is such an important part of being Danish that it is considered "a defining feature of our cultural identity and an integral part of the national DNA," according to Meik Wiking, the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen.

What does Hegge mean?

Hygge is a way of living, and a way of being together and really connecting with people. It's not hygge if we're in the same room and you're doing something and I'm doing something else and we're not connected. Hygge is created when you do things together. — Malene Rydahlm, quoted in The Australian, 17 Aug. 2018.

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