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1. H1 Unlimited Hydroplanes are the fastest racing boats in the world and their races are sanctioned by the American Power Boat Association, doing business as H1 Unlimited.


2. Although the collection includes Hacker, Gar Wood, Century, and Chris-Craft runabouts, most are racing Hydroplanes dating from 1937 to the 1970s

Hacker, Hydroplanes

3. The Vintage Hydroplanes Our website is devoted to the limited class, antique, vintage & historic Hydroplanes & raceboats

Hydroplanes, Historic

4. Although the majority of this website is geared toward's the past racing days of limited-class, vintage inboard Hydroplanes, all inboard vintage raceboat owners & fans will enjoy visiting this website & our sport.


5. Grand Prix America Hydroplanes November 12, 2020 · Grand Prix America is very excited for the upcoming 2021 racing season


6. Rattlesnake RC Hydroplanes, Specialty Products for RC Marine Enthusiasts Nitro RC FE BOAT 1/8 Scale Hydroplanes RC Boat Specialty RC Items


7. The Vintage Hydroplanes & Phil Kunz Photography


8. Kits for 1/8 Scale Unlimited Hydroplanes Classic Thunderboats and Gas Scale


9. These guys are the best of the best when it comes to racing Unlimited Hydroplanes


10. Hydroplanes are motorboats built to skim over the surface with only a minimum of the hull in contact with the water at high speeds

Hydroplanes, Hull, High

11. Oct 27, 2019 - Explore Randy Hagood's board "Hydroplanes" on Pinterest

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12. Plus 10 more unique Hydroplanes: Hornet, Jet Joe, Mini Max, Rocket, Scat Cat, Skeeter, Spit Fire, Sports Hydro

Hydroplanes, Hornet, Hydro

13. Great deals on RC Boat & Watercraft Hydroplanes


14. Hydroplanes are control surfaces that are used to control the vertical motion of underwater vehicles, as discussed in Section 8.18, and behave in the manner of a horizontal rudder, Figure 8.25

Hydroplanes, Horizontal

15. This weekend festival in the Tri-Cities (Kennewick, Pasco and Richland), Washington features vintage Hydroplanes that dominated the …


16. Only five Hydroplanes were repeats: Miss Seattle, Miss Thriftway, Thriftway Too, Maverick, and Miss Bardahl (who took first place)


17. 12 Hydroplanes competed at the third Apple Cup Race on May 10, 1959, many of them the same hydros that raced the previous year.

Hydroplanes, Hydros

18. Unlimited Hydroplanes are capable of speeds of 200+ mph on the straightaways and qualifying average lap speeds range from 130–165 mph


19. The Hydroplanes are powered by turbine engines and have a history that spans 100 years

Hydroplanes, Have, History

20. 1930 Biplanes Airplanes Hydroplanes Antique illustration, original Larousse print, french antique sofrenchvintage


21. Hydroplanes synonyms, Hydroplanes pronunciation, Hydroplanes translation, English dictionary definition of Hydroplanes


22. If a motor vehicle Hydroplanes, it slides out of control on a wet road


23. Grand Prix Hydroplanes Hulls must be a min

Hydroplanes, Hulls

24. The Tri-City Water Follies is delighted to announce that the HAPO Columbia Cup/Over the River Air Show will welcome back the 5-liter class Hydroplanes to its lineup of exciting boat racing on the Columbia River July

Hapo, Hydroplanes

25. These incredibly fast 5-liter Hydroplanes replaced the small 1-liters that have run here in years past.

Hydroplanes, Have, Here

26. This examination of sleek, brightly painted Hydroplanes appeals to the casual and dedicated enthusiast, boat racing fans, hot-rodders, and vintage boat hobbyists."

Hydroplanes, Hot, Hobbyists

27. News about the sport of unlimited Hydroplanes and racing, race reports, hydros, photos, statistics, Gold Cup, Seattle, Detroit, Tri-Cities, Madison, hydroplane racing

Hydroplanes, Hydros, Hydroplane

28. Hydroplanes use aerodynamics to force a cushion of air beneath the boat and at full speed only the front sponsons and the propeller at the rear of the boat should be touching the water


29. View Hydroplanes on a dock, 1927 black-and -white negative Rosenfeld and Sons 1927 1984.187.25182F View silver gelatin print RD.1984.187.97307 View Outboard Hydroplanes at a dock, 1940 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 nitrate Rosenfeld and Sons August 1940 ANN.1984.187.226 View ALAGI at Detroit Gold Cup race, Sept


30. Hydroplanes Inc 4105 Maine Ave Lakeland FL 33801


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HYDROPLANES [ˈhīdrəˌplān]


  • a light, fast motorboat designed to skim over the surface of water.
  • a movable horizontal attachment that enables a moving submarine to rise or fall in the water.
  • a seaplane.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does hydroplaning happen?

Hydroplaning occurs when pressure from water in front of your tires pushes water under the tires, causing your tires to “float” on the water between your tires and the pavement. This means that your car temporarily loses traction with the road—and that’s what makes hydroplaning so nerve-wracking.

What is an antonym for hydroplane?

There are no categorical antonyms for hydroplane. The verb hydroplane is defined as: To skim the surface of a body of water while moving at high speed.

What is the plural of hydroplane?

hydroplane (plural hydroplanes) : A specific type of motorboat used exclusively for racing; A hydrofoil; A seaplane; The wing of a submarine, used to help control depth; Translations . Italian: idroaliante

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