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1. Hydrateorigin, andvery poororcompletelylacking in proteins


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the word hydrate?

1. variable noun A hydrate is a chemical compound that contains water. If a substance hydrates your skin, it makes it softer and less dry. a chemical compound containing water that is chemically combined with a substance and can usually be expelled without changing the constitution of the substance

What does it mean to hydrate the skin?

A lotion can hydrate the skin. (slang) To drink water. To drink water or other liquid or administer a liquid to (a patient) in an effort to prevent or treat dehydration. A solid compound containing water molecules combined in a definite ratio as an integral part of the crystal.

How are hydrates formed in the manufacturing process?

Hydrate formation is common for active ingredient. Many manufacturing processes provide an opportunity for hydrates to form and the state of hydration can be changed with environmental humidity and time.

How many molecules are there in a hydrate?

a hydrate in which there are two molecules of the compound for each molecule of water.

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