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1. Definition of Huzzah : an expression or shout of acclaim —often used interjectionally to express joy or approbation Examples of Huzzah in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web However, this was a case where audience Huzzahs

Huzzah, However, Huzzahs

2. Huzzah is a word to shout when you want to celebrate something. Huzzah is an interjection, meaning it’s a term used to express emotion, often outside of a sentence. Huzzah is sometimes spelled huzza. Similar and related words are hurrah, hoorah, hooray, and hurray (all of which probably derive from or were influenced by Huzzah).

Huzzah, Huzza, Hurrah, Hoorah, Hooray, Hurray

3. Huzzah! A general expression of surprise and delight, agreement, or enthusiasm, much used by awesome people in an either retro (as it is an old-fashioned phrase from the days of Merrie Englande) or sarcastic way


4. There’s no better place to keep up to date on the latest happening at Huzzah Valley

Happening, Huzzah

5. Find out about our current events, specials, holidays, and everything else that makes Huzzah

Holidays, Huzzah


Home, Huzzah, Healthy

7. Went to Huzzah Valley Resort for the first time


8. Kayaked from Huzzah Valley to Scotia on Tuesday and did Harper's Slab to Scotia on Wednesday

Huzzah, Harper

9. * Huzzah Valley reserves the right to move or change any campsites without notice! Management reserves the right to evict persons for non-compliance to any Huzzah Valley rules! Cancellations must be made 10 Full days in advance in order to receive a refund minus a $20.00 service charge.


10. Huzzah Toys is the most vibrant, friendly, contemporary, well stocked, affordable toy store in Los Angeles


11. Huzzah (sometimes written hazzah; originally huzza, and in most modern varieties of English hurrah or hooray) is, according to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), "apparently a mere exclamation"

Huzzah, Hazzah, Huzza, Hurrah, Hooray

12. Huzzah! is a comedy about the tavern where one finds adventurers, scoundrels, and heroes.

Huzzah, Heroes

13. Huzzah Theater Production Company is a project of the Independent School of Winchester, and it is run by a student board of directors composed of high school students drawn from schools throughout the Northern Shenandoah Valley

Huzzah, High

14. Huzzah’s Artistic Director is Dr


15. Huzzah Sentence Examples No sooner were the words spoken, which spread instantly, than there rose from the whole crowd one universal Huzzah of joy.


16. Huzzah! " is a song from the episode, " The Flying Crown " from the Disney Junior series Sofia the First.


17. In the English speaking world from the late sixteenth century to the mid nineteenth century, the dominant cheer was Huzza! (spelled Huzza, not Huzzah or Huzzay)

Huzza, Huzzah, Huzzay

18. Huzzah! " is a song from the episode " The Flying Crown " from the Disney Junior series Sofia the First.


19. The yell of the Highlanders was in their ears, and the Huzzah of the English soldiers, as they dashed upon the retreating foe

Highlanders, Huzzah

20. FRENCH AND ENGLISH EVELYN EVERETT-GREEN Emptying the last stone from his knapsack, Bertrand imagines the Huzzah of battle to have cleared this forest glade

His, Huzzah, Have

21. The Huzzah family name was found in the USA in 1880


22. In 1880 there were 2 Huzzah families living in Georgia


23. This was 100% of all the recorded Huzzah's in the USA


24. Georgia had the highest population of Huzzah families in 1880

Had, Highest, Huzzah

25. Use census records and voter lists to see where families with the Huzzah surname lived


26. 11 synonyms of Huzzah from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 6 related words, definitions, and antonyms


27. Huzzah Unisex T-Shirt - Medieval Armor, renaissance faire, gift for him, gift for her, gift for papa, ren faire, ren fair Pepperjaw

Huzzah, Him, Her

28. We believe this calls for a "Huzzah!" or two


29. Huzzah! is a comedy about the tavern where one finds adventurers, scoundrels, and heroes

Huzzah, Heroes

30. Huzzah! We're Russian To Finish 'The Great' : Pop Culture Happy Hour Hulu's new series The Great bills itself as "An Occasionally True Story." And it's a …

Huzzah, Happy, Hour, Hulu

31. Huzzah - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums


32. Huzzah definition: → hurrah Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Huzzah, Hurrah

33. We stayed 3 nights at the Huzzah Hilton

Huzzah, Hilton

34. Huzzah! [Verse 1] Straight shots of vodka, straight shots of vodka Slamdance with white hens from Czechoslovakia Bank like a mobster, cutlass impostor Shoot a batty boy in 'im head like a rasta

Huzzah, Hens, Head

35. Huzzah is a relatively quick moving game that contains all of the stress and problem-solving contained in the original


36. In Huzzah you must exhaust and depress your opponent.


37. Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits Adafruit Feather Huzzah with ESP8266 - Loose Headers : ID 2821 - Feather is the new development board from Adafruit, and like its namesake it is thin, light, and lets you fly! We designed Feather to be a new standard for portable microcontroller cores.This is the Adafruit Feather Huzzah ESP8266 - our take on an 'all-in-one&#39

Huzzah, Headers

38. Huzzah! is a modern brand for your vintage game.


39. Huzzah: Used to express joy, encouragement, or triumph.


40. Huzza (interj.) also Huzzah, 1570s, originally a sailor's shout of exaltation, encouragement, or applause.Perhaps originally a hoisting cry

Huzza, Huzzah, Hoisting

41. Huzzah Valley Resort, Steelville, MO


42. The Huzzah/Shoal Creeks region, with its rolling hills, crystal-clear spring-fed streams, and rugged forested terrain, is one of the most biologically intact and functioning landscapes within the Meramec Basin

Huzzah, Hills

43. A shout of "Huzzah." 2


44. Synonyms for Huzzah in Free Thesaurus


45. High quality Huzzah gifts and merchandise

High, Huzzah

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HUZZAH [həˈzä]


  • used to express approval or delight; hurrah.
Synonyms: hurrah . hurray . whoop . bravo . hoot . shout . shriek . hosanna . alleluia . acclaim . acclamation . shouting . clamor . applause . clapping . ovation . laudation . boo .

huzza (verb) · huzzas (third person present) · huzzaed (past tense) · huzzaed (past participle) · huzzaing (present participle) · huzzah (verb) · huzzahs (third person present) · huzzahed (past tense) · huzzahed (past participle) · huzzahing (present participle)

  • cry “huzzah.”.
Synonyms: shout . cry . call . yell . roar . scream . shriek . screech . hoot . hoop . cheer . hurrah .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Huzzah mean?

Definition of huzzah. : an expression or shout of acclaim -often used interjectionally to express joy or approbation.

What does Huzzah mean?

Definition of huzzah. : an expression or shout of acclaim —often used interjectionally to express joy or approbation.

What does huzzie mean in Urban Dictionary?

noun, plural hus·sies. a brazen or immoral woman. a mischievous, impudent, or ill-behaved girl.

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