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1. Hubristic synonyms, Hubristic pronunciation, Hubristic translation, English dictionary definition of Hubristic


2. Hubristic meaning The definition of Hubristic is extremely arrogant behavior resulting from pride or passion


3. Someone who worked very hard to achieve a skill and thinks he is better than everyone else is an example of a person who is Hubristic.

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4. Hubristic pride, which is viewed as negative and undesirable, and which is characterized by low implicit self-esteem, together with arrogance, egotism, aggression, shame, and disagreeableness


5. The Greeks described a Hubristic person as excessively prideful and someone who treated others with insolence and contempt.


6. Definition of Hubristic in the dictionary


7. What does Hubristic mean? Information and translations of Hubristic in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


8. ‘In its war on the press, this Hubristic administration may finally have crossed a bridge too far.’ ‘Turning the world upside down is a dangerous, Hubristic aim.’ ‘I thought this celebration might be a tad hasty and Hubristic as there were still two cards to come.’

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9. Hubristic (adj.) also hybristic, 1831, from Greek hybristikos "given to wantonness, insolent," from hybrizein "to wax wanton, run riot," related to hybris (see hubris).

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10. Bush's dual philosophies of down-home family values and war without end than did Hubristic Systems Management.

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11. Because Hubristic pride is directly related to an individual's self-identity and their perceived notion of social status (McFerran et al., 2014; Williams et al., 2018), we argue that it has the potential to influence consumers' willingness to share knowledge or information with others.

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12. Hubris is arrogance or excessive pride, often leading to a person’s downfall.Hubris is a noun, the adjective form is Hubristic and the adverb form is Hubristically

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13. Jessica Tracy, a co-author of the study, who has previously shown that pride falls into two categories: "authentic pride," which arises from hard work and achievement, and the more arrogant " Hubristic pride," which results through status attained by less authentic …

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14. Hubristic (comparative more Hubristic, superlative most Hubristic) Of, or relating to hubris; overly arrogant

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15. It would be Hubristic for any critic to think he is absolutely right and the mainstream record-buying public are absolutely wrong.: In its war on the press, this Hubristic administration may finally have crossed a bridge too far.: They are missing the fact that his dream was so Hubristic as to be delusional.: This offers a window into the corporate record industry's Hubristic faith in endless

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16. Synonyms for Hubristic include cocky, arrogant, bold, presumptuous, insolent, cheeky, impudent, conceited, audacious and impertinent


17. Hubristic Syndrome is an acquired disorder, which can develop in a person in a significant position of power for one to nine years on average, and has following 14 symptoms (Owen & Davidson, 2009): A narcissistic propensity to see their world primarily as an arena in which to exercise power and seek glory;

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18. Hubristic Pride ratings; in Study 2, Hubristic Pride scores correlated with sensitivity to social evaluations of oneself, and in Study 3, Hubristic Pride scores correlated with perceptions of oneself as undeserving of true credit for success


19. Across studies, Hubristic Pride scores were …


20. Hubristic pride, on the other hand, is described as being more broadly “grandiose” and “self-aggrandizing.” It’s related to hostility, withdrawal, nervousness, and feeling low.

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21. The authors examined age differences in shame, guilt, and 2 forms of pride (authentic and Hubristic) from age 13 years to age 89 years, using cross-sectional data from 2,611 individuals


22. That Times tweet embodies that Hubristic attitude and is indicative of the ideological conformity developing in some newsrooms where highly educated elites dominate and fail to read the tea leaves

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23. Research demonstrates that there are 2 distinct facets of pride: the prosocial, achievement-oriented form of pride known as authentic pride, and the self-aggrandizing, egotistical form of pride known as Hubristic pride


24. This research examined whether authentic pride and Hubristic pride have divergen …

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25. The first gigantic step in doing something about Hubristic pride is to acknowledge that it is a problem


26. Among Hubristic and larger-than-life personalities, Fellows questions his values as the machinations of the power players become bloody

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27. The Last Centurion Word has it that the bubbly, daring and Hubristic official is bargaining for a top North Coast hotel estimated to cost Sh2.8 billion.

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28. Translation for 'Hubristic' in the free English-Polish dictionary and many other Polish translations.


29. Given the economic, social, and geopolitical damage that can ensue, we should learn to recognize the signs of how Hubristic leaders talk and act, and how to mitigate the consequences.; Alexander the Great and Napoleon Bonaparte—while peerless as leaders in their time—both fell prey to hubris.; The myth recounts how, in order to escape

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30. Yet, even if narcissists identify as special, entitled, and unique, it again seems reasonable to conceptualize "Hubristic pride" as a means for suppressing strong shame (Tracy, Cheng, and Robins


31. Robert is a Hubristic scientist, a man questioning the nature of what we have traditionally been taught to regard as natural

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32. Hubristic Urdu Meaning - Find the correct meaning of Hubristic in Urdu, it is important to understand the word properly when we translate it from English to Urdu


33. There are always several meanings of each word in Urdu, the correct meaning of Hubristic in Urdu is گستاخ, and in roman we write it Gustaakh.


34. Translation for 'Hubristic' in the free English-Swedish dictionary and many other Swedish translations.


35. As research into Hubristic leadership becomes increasingly popular following recent political developments, the book adopts an inter-disciplinary approach to investigating this form of leadership


36. Outlining what causes Hubristic leadership in the first place, the author looks at how it’s potentially destructive consequences can be anticipated

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37. The present research addresses the apparently two-sided nature of self-esteem and narcissism by distinguishing between two distinct self-regulatory processes (narcissistic self-aggrandizement and genuine self-esteem), and proposing that two distinct facets of pride-authentic and Hubristic-form the affective core of each.


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HUBRISTIC [(h)yo͞oˈbristik]

hubristic (adjective)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for hubristic?

other words for hubristic. brash. careless. cocky. presumptuous. pushy. reckless. cocksure. foolhardy.

What is the opposite of hubristic?

Top antonyms for hubristic (opposite of hubristic) are nice, humble and arse kissing.

Is hubrisness a word?

Alternative Title: hybris. Hubris, Greek hybris, in ancient Athens, the intentional use of violence to humiliate or degrade. The word’s connotation changed over time, and hubris came to be defined as overweening presumption that leads a person to disregard the divinely fixed limits on human action in an ordered cosmos.

What does hubris mean?

DEFINITION of Hubris. Hubris is the characteristic of excessive confidence or arrogance, which leads a person to believe that he or she may do no wrong.

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