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HOWLN [houl]

howl (noun) · howls (plural noun)

  • a long, loud, doleful cry uttered by an animal such as a dog or wolf.
  • a loud cry of pain, fear, anger, amusement, or derision.
Synonyms: baying . bay . howling . crying . cry . yowl . yowling . bark . barking . yelp . yelping . wail . cry . yell . yelp . yowl . bawl . bellow . roar . shout . shriek . scream . screech . caterwaul . ululation .

howl (verb) · howls (third person present) · howled (past tense) · howled (past participle) · howling (present participle)

  • make a howling sound.
  • weep and cry out loudly.
Synonyms: bay . cry . yowl . bark . yelp . laugh . guffaw . roar . wail . cry . yell . yelp . yowl . bawl . bellow . roar . shout . shriek . scream . screech . caterwaul . ululate .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Howl?

Kids Definition of howl. (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : to make a loud long mournful cry or sound Wolves howled at the moon. Wind was howling through the trees. 2 : to cry out loudly (as with pain or amusement) The audience howled with laughter.

What is a sentence for Howl?

use howl in a sentence, make example sentences of the word was howling in the, The wind was howling in the treesOur neighbor's dog howls every time the train goes by. The wind was howling in the trees. Wolves howled in the distance as we walked through the forest at night.

What kind of poem is Howl?

Howl is a free verse poem, almost a prose-poem, a single long stanza of 78 dense lines, with no regular established meter (metre in British English) and no set rhyme scheme. The structure of the poem is unusual.

What does Howling mean?

Definition of howling. 1 : producing or marked by a sound resembling a howl a howling storm. 2 : desolate, wild a howling wilderness.

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