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1. The danger of high doses of radiation is Horrifyingly clear

High, Horrifyingly

2. The child suffers from the Horrifyingly cruel affliction of cerebral palsy


3. The film is a Horrifyingly intense study of suburbia


4. The Silence is a Horrifyingly resonant book, and not only because the reader is bound to see herself in its pages, pathetically trying and failing to read her emails

Horrifyingly, Herself, Her

5. The Guardian Oct 17, 2020 Not, however, as Horrifyingly

However, Horrifyingly

6. Definition of Horrifyingly in the dictionary


7. What does Horrifyingly mean? Information and translations of Horrifyingly in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


8. Synonyms for Horrifyingly include abominably, dreadfully, awfully, badly, horribly, terribly, vilely, foully, shockingly and abysmally

Horrifyingly, Horribly

9. A Black Pastor Received a Horrifyingly Racist Letter When He Announced He Was Leaving the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention

Horrifyingly, He

10. Horrifyingly, in the brutal onslaught of Aleppo, some women have been driven to suicide and infanticide - they believe they are better off dead than alive

Horrifyingly, Have

11. My pain for a mum stuck in a nightmare If it wasn't Horrifyingly real, it would almost be laughable


12. French Translation of Horrifyingly” The official Collins English-French Dictionary online


13. What is the definition of Horrifyingly? What is the meaning of Horrifyingly? How do you use Horrifyingly in a sentence? What are synonyms for Horrifyingly?

Horrifyingly, How

14. Zombies always want "more brains!" but you don't need any brains to enjoy Horrifyingly MAD, a collection of classic material from MAD Magazine spoofing all things horrifying

Horrifyingly, Horrifying

15. The Horrifyingly Haunted Hack-A-Ween (The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants TV: Young Graphic Novel) Paperback – Illustrated, July 7, 2020 by Meredith Rusu (Author) › Visit Amazon's Meredith Rusu Page

Horrifyingly, Haunted, Hack

16. Horrifyingly Mad: More than 50 Years of Classic Strips to Scare you Silly! by Mad Staff (2011-05-04) [joe raiola] on


17. Horrifyingly Mad: More than 50 Years of Classic Strips to Scare you Silly! by Mad Staff (2011-05-04)


18. Myth Brewing specializes in creating Horrifyingly delicious beer


19. 'Horrifyingly absurd': how did millennial comedy get so surreal? From Adult Swim to ‘dank memes’, modern comedy is confronting the illogicality of life in 2019.

Horrifyingly, How

20. Dictionary entry overview: What does Horrifyingly mean? • Horrifyingly (adverb) The adverb Horrifyingly has 1 sense:

Horrifyingly, Has

21. In a horrifying manner Familiarity information: Horrifyingly used as an adverb is very rare.

Horrifying, Horrifyingly

22. It's shockingly, Horrifyingly unpleasant — so gruesome and grisly that it makes you want to puke


23. 21 Horrifyingly Creepy Exes You're Lucky You Never Dated "I watched my ex sleep for two hours through his window once." All terrifying ex confessions courtesy of Whisper.

Horrifyingly, Hours, His

24. Definition of Horrifyingly adverb in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


25. AI Made a Movie—and the Results Are Horrifyingly Encouraging Benjamin, as the AI is known, assembled Zone Out from thousands of hours of old films and …

Horrifyingly, Hours

26. Special effects artist creates Horrifyingly awesome teeth for movie monsters In The Know Creative


27. Horrifyingly - find the meaning and all words formed with Horrifyingly, anagrams with Horrifyingly and much more.


28. What is the definition of Horrifyingly? What is the meaning of Horrifyingly? How do you use Horrifyingly in a sentence? What are synonyms for Horrifyingly?

Horrifyingly, How

29. BTS Thanks Horrifyingly Exploitative System That Got Them Where They Are Today 3/14/21 7:00PM LOS ANGELES—In an emotional speech touching on all the factors behind their meteoric rise, global pop superstars BTS expressed their heartfelt thanks at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards for the deeply exploitative system that got them where they are today.

Horrifyingly, Heartfelt

30. Horrifyingly - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions


31. Item 7 Horrifyingly Mad: More than 50 Years of Classic Strips to Scare you Silly - GOOD 7 - Horrifyingly Mad: More than 50 Years of Classic Strips to Scare you Silly - GOOD


32. “I actually think there’s something Horrifyingly beautiful about the wall as it exist now.” A conceptual sketch for "Teeter-Totter Wall." Courtesy Ronald Rael


33. Horrifyingly: In a <xref>horrifying</xref> manner

Horrifyingly, Horrifying

34. I say "Horrifyingly" because the poem steadily devolves into lines stretching twenty-one, then twenty two syllables, climaxing with what might be the longest line in the history of English poetry, a twenty-three syllable behemoth that reads like a line from the Fox News pledge of allegiance (and you know they have one).

Horrifyingly, History, Have

35. But these problems don’t even come close to justifying the wretchedness of this episode, which embraces Horrifyingly overt sexism.


36. Aya Cash wants a Horrifyingly good time in trailer for Scare Me Clark Collis 8/14/2020


37. Horrifyingly MAD: MORE THAN 50 YEARS OF CLASSIC STRIPS TO SCARE YOU SILLY! BY MAD STAFF (2011-05-04) - Hardcover *Excellent Condition*.

Horrifyingly, Hardcover

38. The Horrifyingly Haunted Hack-A-Ween

Horrifyingly, Haunted, Hack

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HORRIFYINGLY [ˈhôrəˌfīiNGlē]


horrifying (adjective)

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name horrifying mean?

Horrifying definition, to cause to feel horror; strike with horror: The accident horrified us all. See more.

What is the antonym of horrifying?

Synonyms and Antonyms of horrifying. 1. causing fear. couldn't sleep after reading a horrifying tale of evil. a horrifying scream brought people running from all directions to see what was wrong.

What does horrify mean?

English Language Learners Definition of horrify. : to cause (someone) to feel horror or shock : to greatly upset and shock (someone) See the full definition for horrify in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

What does horrifyingly mean?

Define horrifyingly. horrifyingly synonyms, horrifyingly pronunciation, horrifyingly translation, English dictionary definition of horrifyingly. tr.v. hor·ri·fied , hor·ri·fy·ing , hor·ri·fies 1. To cause to feel horror: The citizens were horrified by the bombings. The guest was horrified at the...

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