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1. The noun Horoscopy for "casting of horoscopes" has been in use since the 17th century

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2. Definition of Horoscopy in the dictionary


3. What does Horoscopy mean? Information and translations of Horoscopy in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


4. Horoscopy definition, the casting or taking of horoscopes

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5. The ancient arts of astrology and Horoscopy, however, have their quarter column in most of our leading papers, while the modern diversions of pluviculture, chiropractics, and …

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6.Horoscopy, is an application that is updated daily with the help of international astrologers with a high level of experience to provide you with the best expectations هوروسكوبي هو تطبيق يتم تحديثه يومياً بمساعدة خبراء عالميين يتمتعون بمستوى عالٍ من الخبرة لتزويدكم بأفضل التوقعات Horoscopy, est

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7. Horoscopy is the practice or art of casting horoscopes or divinations based upon the relative positions of heavenly bodies in the sky

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8. ‘A study of the female Horoscopy will be of immense interest in view of the rapid advancement that women are making from all walks of life.’ ‘It perhaps started in the practice of Horoscopy, which is commonly utilised, but has developed into a complex science.’

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9. Find 197 ways to say Horoscopy, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


10. Horoscopy definition: the casting and interpretation of horoscopes Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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11. Most noticeable to modern readers, accustomed to personalised Horoscopy, is the near total absence of predictions about individuals – with the occasional exception of kings or their families, who seem to be considered ex officio


12. Its importance lies in its treatment of Babylonian celestial sciences as a whole (celestial divination, Horoscopy, and astronomy) as a su bject for the history of science and culture.

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13. The Heavenly Writing: Divination, Horoscopy, and Astronomy in Mesopotamian Culture - Kindle edition by Rochberg, Francesca

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14. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Heavenly Writing: Divination, Horoscopy, and Astronomy in Mesopotamian Culture.

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15. Synonyms for Horoscopy include astrology, astromancy, stargazing, astrometry, astrosophy, clairvoyance, forecasting, fortune-telling, horoscope and horoscopes

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16. Stri Jataka or Female Horoscopy - B Suryanarain Rao 1931 LR The Astrological Self Instructor - B Suryanarain Rao 1893 An Introduction to the Study of Astrology - B Suryanarayana Row 1900 Brihat Jataka English Translation- B Suryanarain Row 1919 LR Chappanna or Prasana Sastra - B Suryanarain Rao 1946 Jaimini Sutras - B Suryanarain Rao 1949


17. Continuous Horoscopy assumes that the basic natal reading is valid in general, but that


18. When the system of periods is combined with that of the Lord of the Year and that of continuous Horoscopy, the assessment of the relative weights of resulting predictions is a complex matter indeed.


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20. 2 words related to Horoscopy: astrology, star divination


21. What are synonyms for Horoscopy?


22. Horoscopy 星たちのおしゃべり


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25. The Heavenly Writing: Divination, Horoscopy, and Astronomy in Mesopotamian Culture available in Hardcover, Paperback

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26. Islamic Horoscopy and geomancy also took over many of the roles of traditional ancestral spirits (Hiskett 1976)

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27. State and Ethnicity in precolonial Northern Nigeria The essays, originally published in journals and festschrifts cover the development of astrology, divination, the Zodiac and Horoscopy .


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HOROSCOPY [həˈräskəpē]

  1. noun form of horoscope

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