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1. One Hornwas digested using a mixture of collagenase, hyaluronidase, and DNase;the other was disaggregated mechanically using a 'Stomacher', a machine commonly used to obtain cells for primary cell culture

Hornwas, Hyaluronidase

2. Hornwas successfullydesignedand manufacturedtopromote maximumpunchforcereduction.Theresonancefrequencyof the system which …


3. Ken Hornwas sworn in for his second term as a state senator representing the 32nd District on Wednesday during a ceremony at the state Capitol

Hornwas, His

4. A stepped shape hot-work tool steel Hornwas successfullydesignedand manufacturedtopromote maximumpunchforcereduction.Theresonancefrequencyof the system which includes the horn with an initial length of 220 mm was obtained by simulated modal analysis.

Hot, Hornwas, Horn

5. Last six patients ofthe series, the temporal Hornwas outlined by air and the lesion madewith a Cooper cryoprobe at-700 Cfor three minutes in cases 13, 14, and 15 and at-1200 C for three minutes in cases 16, 17, and 18


6. In the aftermath of the scandal, Volkswagen’s CEO Michael Hornwas forced to resign and the corporation saw significantly reduced revenue and conceded its leading position in the world to Japanese car manufacturer Toyota


7. Processing method.The b ase station Hornwas located along the side of the project area east while SHIP was located on the west at the tertiary tide station (Figure 1)




9. Barbara Ann Van Hornwas a toddler when one day, while playing in the basement of her grandmother's Mayberry Avenue home in Hamilton, she got her left arm caught in the ringer of the washing machine.

Hornwas, Her, Home, Hamilton

10. New Hornwas $5,500 Would like quick SALE $3,750 First Come


11. Managementgroup.PrevioustoMid-AtlanticCompanies,Mr.Hornwas a Vice President for the real estate investment banking arm of American Express


12. After alcohol exposure through a standard Lieber andDeCarli diet for 28 days, a severe atrophy in the rat uteirne Hornwas observed, accompanied by significant alterations in its epithelial cells.Microsomal pathway of acetaldehyde productionwas slightly increased.


13. The first confirmed sighting of the Hornwas in 1963 by the patient’s daughter-in-law


14. Pair of horns, each over 1.5 meters long, stood above his eyes, and a shorter Hornwas in the middle, above the nostrils, in the front part of the skull

Horns, His, Hornwas

15. One Hornwas digested using a mixture of collagenase, hyaluronidase, and DNase;the other was disaggregated mechanically using a 'Stomacher', a machine commonly used to obtain cells for primary cell culture

Hornwas, Hyaluronidase

16. Van Hornwas elected Junior Warden; in 1823, Brother Thomas Corwin was elected Deputy Grand Master and in subsequent years to other offices, until in 1828 he was elected Grand Master

Hornwas, He

17. The Dorset Hornwas selected for its rapid growth rates and carcass attributes.The Breeding program resulted in the development of the blackheaded and white headed Dorper

Hornwas, Headed

18. Magneticfocusing Hornwas replaced earlier this year.Figure 2 is a histogram of

Hornwas, Histogram

19. Hornwas opened longitudinally,and four 5 5-mm full-thick-ness segments of the uterine wall were prepared


20. Hornwas fringedby thincuticular setules; insidethe fringe there was a large pore (Figure 5C)


21. Sonicator, a tip Hornwas used to produce the ultrasonic irradiation betweenthereactorandsol-gelmixture.Thehydrolysisoftitanium isopropoxide took place under ultrasonic irradiation at 1.5 h in a


22. John Hornwas the administrator of the estate of Robert B


23. Kimley-Hornwas tasked to prepare an additional analysis of the Atlee Station/Honey Meadows Road intersection that considered the construction of single and dual left turn lanes and the widening of 3

Hornwas, Honey

24. In Round 3, Hornwas cut over his right eye as it became a slugfest

Hornwas, His

25. The respondents contend thatwhen the bark's Hornwas nrstheard she was heading abOutN

Hornwas, Heading

26. By the Moslems and often called period in which he Hornwas asked why "Mohammedanism," a mistake, Sc- the 'slams have one'sfollowed Nasser, cording to Dr

He, Hornwas, Have

27. According to Oregon State Police, Hornwas northbound onU.S


28. William Franklin Hornwas born on Aug 20 1875


29. Ram's Hornwas sounded on loudspeakers throughout the country as the merrymaking got under way


30. Was seen, herfog Hornwas not heard upon the steamer

Herfog, Hornwas, Heard

31. A discerning Josh Radon (Sarah), Kate Radon inspection QC specialist, DeDe McCune (Jeremy), Melissa Hornwas notably employed by combeck, Alex, Spencer and Olivia panies such as …


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does horn stand for?

Horn : The word "horn" is often used metaphorically to signify strength and honor, because horns are the chief weapons and ornaments of the animals which possess them; hence they are also used as a type of victory.

What is the biblical meaning of horn?

In the Bible, the horn is a term for power as well as a symbol of it. This title only occurs in one Bible verse but a lot of meaning is attached to it. “Horn of David” is a name for the Messiah (Christ); it represents the strength of King David returning to Israel in the person of God’s Messiah.

What animal has horns?

Horns, on the other hand, are live extensions of the skull, and stay with the animal for life. Deer and relatives of the deer, like the moose, have antlers; goats and antelope and relatives of the cow have horns.

What does the Horn mean in Urban Dictionary?

Horn definition, one of the bony, permanent, hollow paired growths, often curved and pointed, that project from the upper part of the head of certain hooved mammals, as cattle, sheep, goats, or antelopes. See more.

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