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1. Hopeless definition is - having no expectation of good or success : despairing

Hopeless, Having

2. How to use Hopeless in a sentence

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3. Synonym Discussion of Hopeless.


4. Some common synonyms of Hopeless are despairing, desperate, and despondent


5. While all these words mean "having lost all or nearly all hope," Hopeless suggests despair and the cessation of effort or resistance and often implies acceptance or resignation

Having, Hope, Hopeless

6. The situation of the trapped miners is Hopeless


7. Hopeless is used of a feeling of futility and passive abandonment of oneself to fate: Hopeless and grim, he still clung to the cliff.

Hopeless, He

8. Helpless, Hopeless, despondent, all sorts of sad emotions in the English language that you can think of

Helpless, Hopeless

9. Colleen Hoover is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Slammed, Hopeless, Maybe Someday, Maybe Not, Ugly Love, Confess, November 9, It Ends with Us, Without Merit, and All Your Perfects.She has won the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Romance three years in a row—for Confess (2015), It Ends with Us (2016), and Without Merit (2017).Confess was adapted into a seven-episode online series.

Hoover, Hopeless, Has

10. Hopelessness can make life seem heavy, gray, and dull

Hopelessness, Heavy

11. Whenever you’re feeling Hopeless


12. It's Hopeless! Play the Game of the day


13. Having no hope; despairing: lost hikers who felt Hopeless

Having, Hope, Hikers, Hopeless

14. Characterized by despair: Hopeless resignation


15. Having no possibility of being solved or dealt with; impossible: a Hopeless problem; a Hopeless disease

Having, Hopeless

16. Having no hope or chance of changing or improving: a Hopeless romantic; a Hopeless

Having, Hope, Hopeless

17. Most people who feel Hopeless have depression, and untreated depression is the number one cause for suicide

Hopeless, Have

18. People often express Hopelessness in statements that they make, such as the following: Things will never get better


19. Sometimes discovering the truth can leave you more Hopeless than believing the lies… That’s what seventeen-year-old Sky realizes after she meets Dean Holder

Hopeless, Holder

20. Hopeless The situation could thus appear Hopeless; but, as we shall see below, this difficulty will be resolved once we introduce hyperbolicity

Hopeless, Hyperbolicity

21. Hopelessness is usually associated with periods of anxiety or depression


22. If you feel Hopeless, you are not alone


23. Whether you feel Hopeless about your ability to get out of debt or you feel Hopeless about almost everything in life, Hopelessness is an awful feeling

Hopeless, Hopelessness

24. Feeling stuck in a place of Hopelessness makes life really tough


25. Fortunately, there are some things you can do when you feel Hopeless to make life a bit better—no matter how bad things might

Hopeless, How

26. Hopeless Lyrics: Listen up I got some shit to say / Listen up I got some shit to say / If we choose our own paths we must've walked different ways / …


27. Hopeless Lyrics: Spend my time worrying of broken promises / Focused on the smell of all the burnt out cigarettes / My thoughts play on repeat …


28. Hello everyone, this is Hopeless Peaches! On this channel, I talk about topics in the art community, and make storytime speedpaints

Hello, Hopeless

29. Synonyms for Hopeless in Free Thesaurus


30. 48 synonyms for Hopeless: pessimistic, desperate, despairing, forlorn, in despair, abject, dejected


31. ‘I am Hopeless at these things, but hopefully it will tax someone else.’ ‘Donald was Hopeless at gags and not very good at remembering jokes.’ ‘Springfield is populated by solitary obsessives who are Hopeless at coexisting with fellow citizens.’ ‘I'm Hopeless at talking about money, I …

Hopeless, Hopefully

32. Hopeless Romantic: A College Roommate Romance (J.E.R.K Book 2) by Kait Rose Sep 3, 2020


33. Labyrinth to Destiny: Collections of a Hopeless Romantic


34. Hopeless - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums


35. The sailors realized that it was a Hopeless situation and decided to abandon ship.Los marineros se dieron cuenta de que era una situación desesperada y decidieron abandonar el barco


36. Hopeless - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions


37. Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: Hopeless adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." (person: incompetent) (persona) inútil adj mf adjetivo de una sola terminación: Adjetivos de una sola terminación en singular ("amable", "constante") pero que

Hopeless, House

38. Hopeless: 1 adj without hope because there seems to be no possibility of comfort or success “in an agony of Hopeless grief” “with a Hopeless sigh he sat down” Synonyms: discouraging depriving of confidence or hope or enthusiasm and hence often deterring action abject , unhopeful showing utter resignation or Hopelessness black , bleak , dim

Hopeless, Hope, He, Hence, Hopelessness

39. Hopeless is a game of sharp reflexes


40. Trust your instincts, shoot the monsters, but be careful - don’t shoot the other blobs! Guns, Lasers, Fairy Dust? Shoot everything in your arsenal to overcome the monsters’ attack, and rescue the Hopeless blobs from the dark cave! Get some guns and get your hopes up to the land from incoming enemies

Hopeless, Hopes

41. The public transport system was absolutely Hopeless


42. 4 HOPE feeling no hope I began to feel lonely and Hopeless

Hope, Hopeless

43. 5 used, often humorously, to say that someone’s bad behaviour cannot be changed Oh, James, you really are a Hopeless case (= it seems impossible to change your behaviour)! Hopeless romantic/materialist/drunk etc She was a Hopeless

Humorously, Hopeless

44. If something is Hopeless, there is no hope that it will get better or succeed

Hopeless, Hope

45. A Hopeless situation; It's Hopeless trying to convince her

Hopeless, Her

46. Most of the students are making good progress, but Michael is a Hopeless case


47. He felt that his life was a Hopeless mess.

He, His, Hopeless

48. What does Hopeless mean? The definition of Hopeless is a desperate or very sad person or thing, or something that is impossible to solve


49. The percentage of respondents earning less than $25,000 who reported feeling down, depressed, or Hopeless for at least several days dropped by 3 percentage points since May, while the percentage of respondents earning above $150,000 who reported such feelings decreased by 1 percentage point.


50. Sally is Hopeless at keeping her room clean, and it shows.

Hopeless, Her

51. Hopeless 2 : Mercenary Camp (multiplayer FPS by Necromanthus) Download the standalone EXE (all-in-one): Hopeless 2


52. “If someone feels Hopeless, they have been waiting for or attempting to make an important change that has yet to happen,” Danielle Friedman, LMHC, tells …

Hopeless, Have, Has, Happen

53. Hopeless (4 Occurrences) Romans 4:18 Under utterly Hopeless circumstances he hopefully believed, so that he might become the forefather of many nations, in agreement with the words "Equally numerous shall your posterity be." (WEY) Isaiah 57:10 Thou wast wearied with the length of thy way; yet saidst thou not: 'There is no hope'; thou didst find a renewal of thy strength, therefore thou wast

Hopeless, He, Hopefully, Hope

54. SYNONYMY NOTE: Hopeless means having no expectation of, or showing no sign of, a favorable outcome [a Hopeless situation]; despondent implies a being in very low spirits because of a loss of hope and a sense of futility about continuing one's efforts [her rejection of his suit left him despondent]; despairing implies utter loss of hope and may

Hopeless, Having, Hope, Her, His, Him

55. Atheism: Hopeless, Meaningless, Purposeless


56. I am so Hopeless in the kitchen.


57. I'd be Hopeless in an apocalypse.


58. I have got Hopeless in this situation.

Have, Hopeless

59. The rigid methods taught in most sales courses, he told me, are Hopeless in the field.

He, Hopeless

60. Nigeria's almost Hopeless in so many aspects, the economic sector is deteriorating daily.


61. Hope, after all, is what keeps us trying and if that goes you become Hopeless in your mind.

Hope, Hopeless

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HOPELESS [ˈhōpləs]

hopeless (adjective)

  • feeling or causing despair about something.
Synonyms: despairing . desperate . dejected . downhearted . despondent . demoralized . disconsolate . downcast . wretched . woebegone . forlorn . negative . pessimistic . defeatist . resigned . irremediable . lost . irreparable . irreversible . incorrigible . incurable . grave . fatal . deadly . impossible . useless . no-win . futile . unworkable . impracticable . pointless . vain . bootless . parlous . optimistic . remediable . curable . hopeful .
  • inadequate; incompetent.
Synonyms: awful . terrible . dreadful . appalling . frightful . atrocious . inferior . incompetent . inadequate . ineffective . accomplished .

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