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1.Hoovervilles” were hundreds of makeshift homeless encampments built near large cities across the United States during the Great Depression (1929-1933)

Hoovervilles, Hundreds, Homeless

2. Dwellings in the Hoovervilles were little more than shacks built of discarded bricks, wood, tin, and cardboard


3. Hoovervilles of the Great Depression Squatter’s shacks in “Hooverville,” Portland, Oregon, Arthur Rothstein, 1936. Hooverville: A crudely built camp put up usually on the edge of a town to house the many poverty-stricken people who had lost their homes during the Depression of the 1930s.

Hoovervilles, Hooverville, House, Had, Homes

4. Hoovervilles were shacktowns spread throughout America which testified to the housing crisis that accompanied the employment crisis during the Great Depression

Hoovervilles, Housing

5. The shanty towns were named "Hoovervilles" after President Herbert Hoover because many people blamed him for the Great Depression

Hoovervilles, Herbert, Hoover, Him

6. Hoovervilles in Seattle: Map and Photos Here are the locations of eight shack towns that housed homeless people in the Seattle area in the 1930s

Hoovervilles, Here, Housed, Homeless

7. During the Clutch Plague small shanty towns, later named Hoovervilles began to spring up


8. Hoovervilles were made up of scraps, including old tires, cardboard boxes, newspapers, and flattened metal


9. The New Deal, The New Deal, Causes and characteristics of GD, Hoovervilles, The Great Depression, Roaring 20, WW1, migriant farm workers 81 Terms


10. After 1940 the economy recovered, unemployment fell, and shanty eradication programs destroyed all the Hoovervilles


11. Hoovervilles have often features in the popular culture, and still appear in editorial cartoons.Movies like My Man Godfrey (1936) and Sullivan’s Travels (1941) sometimes sentimentalized Hooverville life

Hoovervilles, Have, Hooverville

12. To begin, Hoovervilles were a nationwide occurrence


13. The Hoovervilles was an attempt at a society by the people who were rejected by society


14. Whenever possible, Hoovervilles were built near creeks, streams, and rivers to provide a source of water


15. These communities of shacks or shanties were called Hoovervilles, after President Hoover, who refused to help the growing number of homeless

Hoovervilles, Hoover, Help, Homeless

16. Thousands of Hoovervilles began to appear all over the country


17. Groups of these dwellings for the homeless were called Hoovervilles

Homeless, Hoovervilles

18. Hoovervilles are grungy towns built by the homeless people during the great depression

Hoovervilles, Homeless

19. Its claimed that a hooverville is "a place for anyone that has no where else to go." Why are they called "Hoovervilles"? They are called "Hoovervilles" because they are named …

Hooverville, Has, Hoovervilles

20. Hoovervilles appeared all over the US in the 1930s, some with as many as 15,000 residents.


21. Hoovervilles definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation


22. The rise of Hoovervilles As the Depression got worse, many Americans lost their homes

Hoovervilles, Homes

23. These camps came to be called Hoovervilles, after the president


24. Hoovervilles, or shantytowns, became a common sight


25. The term was coined by Charles Michelson, publicity chief of the Democratic National Committee.There were hundreds of Hoovervilles across the country

Hundreds, Hoovervilles

26. Sprawling Homeless Camps Modern 'Hoovervilles' — Vex California The wrangling over what to do about a sprawling homeless camp in Santa …

Homeless, Hoovervilles

27. In 1936, the FDR-created Works Progress Administration sent photographer Arthur Rothstein to document Portland's Hoovervilles


28. In the 1930’s Hoovervilles appeared all over the country


29. Throughout the country, Hoovervilles, or makeshift shanties, would spring up …


30. The conditions in Hoovervilles were not to the best they should have been

Hoovervilles, Have

31. Hoovervilles synonyms, Hoovervilles pronunciation, Hoovervilles translation, English dictionary definition of Hoovervilles


32. Photograph of a "Hooverville," 1936 "Hoovervilles" were temporary communities that America’s homeless created to provide shelter for themselves and their families during the Great Depression

Hooverville, Hoovervilles, Homeless

33. It isn’t too early to think about what we should call the 21 st century Hoovervilles, the places where the millions of us made homeless by Mr Trump’s inept response to …

Hoovervilles, Homeless

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37.Hoovervilles were raided by order of parks departments or other authorities, [but] the men who carried out the raids often expressed regret and guilt for their actions” ( 3)

Hoovervilles, History

38. While some Hoovervilles were shut down, most people sympathized with those who lived in Hoovervilles


39. Use Hoovervilles in a sentence Hoovervilles definition 11


40. The city’s Hoovervilles were embarrassing to the city on many levels


41. Seattle’s long struggle with homelessness was brought to the forefront in the 1930s, when eight settlements called “Hoovervilles” sprang up as far north as Interbay and as far south as

Homelessness, Hoovervilles

42. Most Hoovervilles operated in an informal, unorganized way, but the bigger ones would sometimes put forward spokespersons to serve as a liaison between the camp and the larger community


43. Most Hoovervilles were made out of any materials people could find, including crates, cardboard, and scraps of metal.


44. Hoovervilles: A Hooverville was the popular name for a shanty town built by homeless men during the Great Depression

Hoovervilles, Hooverville, Homeless

45. A brief history of the burgeoning communities known as "Hoovervilles" during the Great Depression.

History, Hoovervilles

46. In addition, the conditions of the Hoovervilles varied from city to city


47. Most of the Hoovervilles were small towns; however, there were many large Hoovervilles, like the St

Hoovervilles, However

48. Louis Hooverville, which lasted until 1936: “No two Hoovervilles were quite alike, and the camps varied in population and size.

Hooverville, Hoovervilles

49. Some Hoovervilles were dotted with vegetable gardens, and some individual shacks contained furniture a family had managed to carry away upon eviction from their former home"

Hoovervilles, Had, Home

50. From the causes of the crisis to its effects in the Hoovervilles and Dust Bowl, a PowerPoint presentation takes viewers through the story of the


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HOOVERVILLES [ˈho͞ovərˌvil, ˈho͞ovərvəl]


  • a shantytown built by unemployed and destitute people during the Depression of the early 1930s.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Hoovervilles mean?

Definition of Hooverville. : a shantytown of temporary dwellings during the depression years in the U.S. broadly : any similar area of temporary dwellings.

What type of people lived in Hoovervilles?

The people who lived in a Hooverville or Shanty Town were men, women and children, black and white, from all walks of life, who had been evicted from their homes and made homeless due to unemployment in the Great Depression.

What are Hoovervilles made of?

Most Hoovervilles were made out of any materials people could find, including crates, cardboard, and scraps of metal. They usually had a small stove, a bed, and some cooking instruments.

How many Hoovervilles were there?

No two Hoovervilles were quite alike, and the camps varied in population and size. Some were as small as a few hundred people while others, in bigger metropolitan areas such as Washington, D.C., and New York City, boasted thousands of inhabitants.

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