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1. So I’m a first-timer and I was sitting at my hotel and a gentleman walked out and asked him who he was with he told me Hooligans pub and then he gave me a brief description about the menu and referred me to the website so I gave them a call very nice on the phone btw 👍 usually when I’m a first-timer somewhere I order something simple this time I ordered their deluxe cheeseburger

Hotel, Him, He, Hooligans

2. Hooligans is open daily for Dine In, Take Out and Delivery


3. Welcome to Hooligans Restaurant in Tuscaloosa If you ever crave scrumptious and hearty dishes, visit Hooligan's American & Mediterranean Restaurant in Tuscaloosa, AL

Hooligans, Hearty, Hooligan

4. At Hooligans we have evolved into a new genre in the dining world, the “Sports Restaurant”

Hooligans, Have

5. Hooligans nachos A heaping portion of homemade tortilla chips, cheddar jack cheese, black olives, jalapeños, tomatoes, white onion, and lettuce

Hooligans, Heaping, Homemade

6. Welcome to TC Hooligans! Come see what’s new in our brand new and improved location, at 200 Center Place Drive, 14615! There’s lots to see in our over 8500 sqft space and an additional 3500 sqft on the patio! 60 tv’s, OTB, Lotto, and the gem of the space, Mini Hooligans!


7. Hooligans Pub & Eatery, Bar in Cincinnati, OH, , 5138419994


8. Hooligans, The most talked about restaurant and bar south of the river! We offer a family friendly environment for great food and entertainment and have been making our own recipes since 1984

Hooligans, Have

9. Now, Jamareo serves as a bass guitarist for The Hooligans and has been touring all around the globe with the showman himself since 2010

Hooligans, Has, Himself

10. Eric Hernandez is the only member of The Hooligans who is related to Bruno by blood

Hernandez, Hooligans

11. Here at Hooligans Sports Bar we offer an extensive selection of american food in Niagara Falls

Here, Hooligans

12. Restaurants near Hooligans Sports Bar in Niagara Falls.


13. Brian and Stephy Terrizzi, Founders of Broadside; Adam LaZarre, Founding Winemaker of Cycles Gladiator; Damian Davis, Founder of Portlandia; View from Sonoma County Vineyard, home of Stephen Vincent; Wine Hooligans.

Home, Hooligans

14. Hooligans Pub & Eatery has online ordering and delivery services, so you can enjoy your favorite meals without the wait

Hooligans, Has

15. Make your next meal even more memorable at Hooligans Pub & Eatery


16. Top Reviews of Hooligans 3.5 stars - Based on 4 reviews


17. I'll begin this review with a warning for anyone considering purchasing Hooligans online


18. Here's the problem; Hooligans was released in 1988 in …

Here, Hooligans

19. Hooligans_boise 🍺 Beer 🍸 Cocktails 🎱 Pool SW Boise’s oldest bar since 1983


20. Football Hooligans The Metropolitan Police are looking to find eight males after a pitch invasion and attacks on stewards and police after a goal was disallowed at …


21. Hooligans barber shop is located in Beautiful uptown Whittier, ask for Eric Ruiz, this young cat got skills


22. Millwall's Hooligans are regarded by their rivals as amongst the stiffest competition, with Manchester United hooligan Colin Blaney describing them as being within the 'top four' firms in his autobiography 'Undesirables' and West Ham hooligan Cass Pennant featuring them on his Top Boys TV YouTube channel, on which this fearsome reputation for

Hooligans, Hooligan, His, Ham

23. Those singles make Hooligans of interest to collectors, but the remainder of the record is utterly useless to them, since it simply repeats such familiar items as "Summertime Blues, " "Baba O'Riley, " "Behind Blue Eyes, " "The Bargain, " "Sister Disco, " "Squeeze Box, " "5:15" and "Who Are You." Some casual fans might want these all on one disc


24. The Hooligans fictionalizes the little-known but remarkable exploits of “The Hooligan Navy” that fought in the Pacific theatre of World War II

Hooligans, Hooligan

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HOOLIGANS [ˈho͞oləɡən]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of hooligans?

The definition of hooligan is slang for a young person who breaks the law. An example of a hooligan is a teenager who steals car stereos. YourDictionary definition and usage example. "hooligan.".

What is the definition of a hooligan?

A hooligan is a person who intentionally makes trouble or breaks the law with rowdy, unruly behavior, especially with other hooligans. Hooligan is synonymous with ruffian and hoodlum, but all three words can sound a little too outdated to capture the seriousness of the trouble that such people can cause.

What does the name Hooligan mean?

Hooligan definition is - a usually young man who engages in rowdy or violent behavior especially as part of a group or gang : ruffian, hoodlum. How to use hooligan in ...

What are other names for hooligans?

Other English-language terms commonly used in connection with hooligan firms include "army", "boys", "bods", " casuals ", and "crew". Certain clubs have long-standing rivalries with other clubs and hooliganism associated with matches between them (sometimes called local derbies) is likely to be more severe.

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