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1. Honing synonyms, Honing pronunciation, Honing translation, English dictionary definition of Honing


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3. Honing is just maintaining an edge that is already sharp


4. A Honing steel pushes the edge of the blade back into alignment


5. Honing In English, many past and present participles of verbs can be used as adjectives


6. Rather than Honing and polishing a good musical idea, he …

Honing, He

7. Honing is the ultra-precise machining process trusted by job shops and high-production manufacturers to create parts that perform at the highest levels of speed and efficiency

Honing, High, Highest

8. Honing or “to hone in” is a literal phase meaning to sharpen or make more precise

Honing, Hone

9. Synonyms for Honing in Free Thesaurus


10. Precision Honing. Our name says it all


11. For over 30 years Imperial Honing has been delivering quality Honing services to all major industries

Honing, Has

12. Including Honing of aerospace pieces, automotive Honing and all other major manufacturing that work within precise tolerances and require quality accurate Honing. Our focus is high quality precision Honing

Honing, High

13. Honing Tools + Mandrels Mandrels are tools used to keep abrasive stones in place during the Honing process


14. Sunnen offers a broad range of Honing tools and mandrels for almost every application and …


15. Using a Honing rod can realign that toothy edge, says test kitchen director Chris Morocco, which helps keep your knife feeling sharp, even …

Honing, Helps

16. The abrasive won’t clog, especially when used with Honing oil


17. ABN Brake Cylinder Hone – 2in 3 Stone Piston Honing Tool Cylinder Bore Hone with 1-1/4in to 3-1/2in Honing Range

Hone, Honing

18. Honing is a process used to produce final sizing and desired surface finish of cylindrical bores


19. We Offer Professional ID Honing


20. At 3D Honing we understand the importance of getting things right the first time


21. Boring or Honing too heavily can prove problematic and result in cylinder walls becoming too thin.

Honing, Heavily

22. A Honing machine is composed of fine grain abrasive stones which are attached to an expandable mandrel


23. Honing is typically an operation …


24. Kenji Lopez-Alt] Many people confuse Honing with sharpening, but there is a distinct difference


25. Smith's HON1-4oz Honing Solution, White


26. More Buying Choices$2.60(32 used & new offers) Lansky Nathan's Natural Honing Oil


27. The aluminum oxide abrasive, which has blunt edges, won't clog the hone, especially when used with Honing oil

Has, Hone, Honing

28. Honing is a village and a civil parish in the English county of Norfolk


29. Honing is one of these processes which is used for provide better surface finish and highly accurate work piece

Honing, Highly

30. Ceramic Honing steel: It is the most suitable for smaller knives since they are always the shortest



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 · has a variety of Honing compounds & products for your grinder, buffer, & sharpening systems

Has, Honing

32. Honing is a machining process that produces a precision surface on a metal workpiece (cylinder, barrels, tubing, etc.) by scrubbing a Honing stone against it along a controlled path


33. Honing is used to improve the geometric form of a surface and can also improve the surface texture.


34. High volume Honing machine , sn 28-8533, bore size 10 to 120 mm, spindle rpm 250 to 1000, spindle stroke 500 mm, speed 30 m/min, 60 psi air pressure, coolant …

High, Honing

35. In addition to eliminating burrs and imperfections leftover from the machining process, the eventual goal of the Honing process is to develop a fine cross-hatching pattern on the wall of the cylinder that will help retain oil

Honing, Hatching, Help

36. Cylinder Honing tools can be used to finish engine …


37. Honing: To sharpen a blade with a series of whetstones or similar abrasives removing mental and polishing until the blade is “shave ready”


38. Honing a straight razor is a tad personal in the sense of identification.


39. Honing, because it uses rectangular grinding stones instead of circular grinding wheels, can correct these irregularities


40. Honing can consistently produce finishes as fine as 4μ in., and even finer finishes are possible


41. As the Honing stone rubs against the workpiece’s surface, it will remove micro-sized particles of material, resulting in a finished texture


42. Also known simply as a hone, a Honing stone is a tool used in Honing operations that consists of abrasive grains bound together with glue or epoxy.

Hone, Honing

43. The basics of Honing cylinder blocks hasn’t changed much in recent years, but what has changed are the type of abrasives being used by many engine builders

Honing, Hasn, Has

44. Silicon carbide and aluminum oxide Honing stones of various grits have long been used in power Honing machines and portable hones to finish cylinder bores.

Honing, Have, Hones

45. Honing the block in this condition will result in better bore geometry when the engine is assembled and run


46. Some performance engine builders even circulate hot coolant through the block (a process called “hot Honing”) while the block is being honed to simulate actual operating conditions

Hot, Honing, Honed

47. The newly developed multiple-stone PT tooling system is designed for Honing bores with a diameter range of 68-110 mm.


48. All are nearly impossible to hold in most other Honing guides

Hold, Honing

49. The Honing process is used to produce smooth surface finishes inside bores, or to hold precise tolerances on bore diameters

Honing, Hold

50. Honing produces the required surface finish or finished diameter by utilizing an abrasive stone, which turns while being moved in and out of the workpiece.


51. This Honing tool is a manually operated tool that consists of the Honing head, stone holder, extension bar and adapter

Honing, Head, Holder

52. With 5 different models, this manual Honing tool has a wide processing range

Honing, Has

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HONING [hōn]


  • sharpen (a blade).
Synonyms: sharpen . whet . strop . grind . file . edge . acuminate . blunt .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Honing mean?

honing synonyms, honing pronunciation, honing translation, English dictionary definition of honing. a whetstone for sharpening cutting tools; to make more acute or effective; perfect: He honed his skills at his father's side.

What does honing in mean?

honed in; honing in; hones in. intransitive verb. : to move toward or focus attention on an objective looking back for the ball honing in— George Plimpton a missile honing in on its target— Bob Greene hones in on the plights and victories of the common man— Lisa Russell.

What do you mean by honing the skills meaning?

Honing one's skills simply means developing one's abilites and skills. For eg, if a person has potential to become a good singer, him honing his skills would mean taking lessons to improve his singing skills. Originally Answered: What do people mean when they say improve your skills?

What is another word for honing in on?

Synonyms for honing in include fixing, focusing, focussing, aiming, centring, centreing, centering, directing, focalising and focalizing. Find more similar words at ...

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