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What is the medical definition of the word homologous?

Medical Definition of homologous. 1a : having the same relative position, value, or structure: as. (1) : exhibiting biological homology. (2) : having the same or allelic genes with genetic loci usually arranged in the same order homologous chromosomes.

Which is the best example of a homologous organ?

1 Homologous Definition. “Homologous,” in biology, means a similarity in internal or chromosomal structures. With internal structures, homology indicates organs that have similar positions, structures, or evolutionary origins. 2 Examples of Homologous. What do squirrels, birds, and whales have in common? ... 3 Quiz. B is correct. ...

How can you tell if a muscle is homologous?

But, in addition to similar bone structure as we saw earlier, we also have similar upper limb muscles, such as the deltoid, biceps, triceps and extensor muscles. We determine whether a muscle is homologous by looking at which bones it attaches to and what function it performs.

Which is a homologous relation between a bird and a horse?

having the same or a similar relation; corresponding, as in relative position or structure. corresponding in structure and in origin, but not necessarily in function: The wing of a bird and the foreleg of a horse are homologous.

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