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Looking for sentences with "Homolog"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Counterpart 2. Analog 3. Equivalent 4. Likeness 5. Correspondent 6. Match 7. Twin 8. Duplicate 9. Equal 10. Coequal 11. Mirror
1. The low-molecular-weight homolog III shows no difference in catalytic activity toward the two cycloalkenes
2. When we blocked the function of the ABCC homolog in the fly nervous system the duration of nocturnal sleep was shortened
3. Trace benzene homolog in water was determined by GC with satisfactory result home resin GDX used as enriching adsorbent
4. Elevated levels of GLI glioma-associated oncogene homolog protein in human breast cancer are associated with unfavorable prognosis and progressive stages of disease
5. Its homolog gene DSCAM is an important nosogenic gene in Town's syndrome
6. Expression of the immunosuppressive protein B homolog B-H also known as programmed death ligand- PD-L is increased in many pathological conditions including cancer
7. In most cases people use mouse homolog to study its corresponding human gene function in the animal
8. Phosphatase and tensin homolog deleted on chromosome PTEN a tumor suppressor gene is frequently deleted mutated or lowly expressed in various skin tumors
9. The invertebrate chordate pharyngeal endostyle is the homolog of the vertebrate thyroid gland
10. The methods for identifacation of hydrophobic groups and determination of alkyl homolog distributions are presented
11. This study provides the first molecular biological evidence of the presence of an EDR homolog in common wheat
12. The numerical calculations show that the quasi-SU coherent state exhibits the sub-Poisson character this is a pure quantum effect[http://sentencedictcom/homologhtml] and is not classical homolog
13. Objective To explore the significance of PTEN phosphatase and tensin homolog deleted on chromosome in the development of human primary hepatocellular carcinoma HCC
14. Glioma cells with mutation in a specific gene called the phosphatase and tensin homolog gene or PTEN seemed more resistant to the immune system than glioma cells with normal PTEN function
15. The two factors make gene introgression relatively easier from wheatgrass than from other species with chromosomes not homolog
16. Definition of homologue : something (such as a chemical compound or a chromosome) homologous Examples of homologue in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web When there really isn't even the vaguest homologue at all, though, Murzin's technique loses its advantage.
17. In most cases people use mouse homolog to study its corresponding human gene function in the animal: 8. Phosphatase and tensin homolog deleted on chromosome PTEN a tumor suppressor gene is frequently deleted mutated or lowly expressed in various skin tumors: 9. The invertebrate chordate pharyngeal endostyle is the homolog of the vertebrate thyroid gland: 10.
18. A homolog is a special case of an analog. Examples are alkanes and compounds with alkyl side chains of different length (the repeating unit being a methylene group -CH 2-). Periodic table. On the periodic table, homologous elements share many electrochemical properties and appear in the same group (column) of the table.
19. Something homologous. Chemistry. any member of a homologous series of organic compounds: Ethane is a homologue of the alkane series.
20. Define homolog. homolog synonyms, homolog pronunciation, homolog translation, English dictionary definition of homolog. or hom·o·logue n. Something that is homologous, as an organ, body part, or gene.
21. If you know both the gene symbol and organism, use a query such as this: tpo[gene name] AND human[orgn]. If your search finds multiple records, click on the desired record. The homologous genes are listed in the top of the report. If your search in HomoloGene returns no records, search the Gene database with the gene name.
22. Not every protein must have a homolog in another species, especially a yeast to human. Use the tools/resources Alastair suggests. +1 ADD COMMENT • link written 8.7 years ago by Larry_Parnell ♦ 16k
23. HomoloGene, a tool of the United States National Center for Biotechnology Information, is a system for automated detection of homologs among the annotated genes of several completely sequenced eukaryotic genomes. The HomoloGene processing consists of the protein analysis from the input organisms. Sequences are compared using blastp, then matched up and put into groups, using a taxonomic tree built from sequence similarity, where closer related organisms are matched up first, and then further org
24. HomoloGene is an automated system for detecting homologs among eukaryotic gene sets.
25. There are 11 different di-chloro congeners in the 2-chlorine homolog group and there are 42 different tetra-chloro congeners in the 4-chlorine homolog group, as examples. Laboratory results for PCB homologs will list the the amount of PCB present in the sample by the number of chlorine atoms.
26. L'autre club arabe, Al Ahly d'Egypte (finaliste de l'edition ecoulee) se deplace en Afrique du Sud pour affronter son homologue de Mamelodi Sandows alors que le TP Mazembe de la RD Congo evolue dans le fief de Simba Sports Club de Tanzanie.
27. , homolog (hom′ŏ-log″) [Gr. homologos, agreeing, of one mind] 1. An organ or part common to several species. 2.
28. Something homologous; a homologous organ or part, chemical compound or chromosome. 2008, Chan-seok Jeong, Minho Lee, Dongsup Kim, Ratko Magjarevic, editor, World Congress of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering 2006, Volume 1‎[1] (Biomedical Engineering), →ISBN, page 171: Detecting remote homolog by protein similarity network.· (linguistics
29. Homologue is an alternative form of homolog. homolog is an alternative form of homologue. In context|linguistics|lang=en terms the difference between homolog and homologue is that homolog is (linguistics) a word shared by two languages or dialects while homologue is (linguistics) a word shared by two languages or dialects. In context|genetics|lang=en terms the difference between homolog and
30. AHP2 is a homolog of the homologous-pairing protein 2 (HOP2), which is conserved among yeast, animals and plants and has been shown, in several organisms, to be required for proper homolog partner choice. In Arabidopsis, the ahp2 mutation was found to severely disrupt meiotic pairing and synapsis at most genomic sites. However, the short arms
31. Db homologene database to use. Examples homologene(c(’Eno2’,’17441’), inTax = 10090, outTax = 9606) homologeneData homologeneData Description List of gene homologues used by homologene functions Usage homologeneData Format An object of class with 275237 rows and 4 columns.

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