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1. Homers synonyms, Homers pronunciation, Homers translation, English dictionary definition of Homers


2. In fact, Homers Wilmette Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor, located at 1237 Green Bay road in Wilmette, IL is the original location


3. Homers 3D Printers Technology Co., Ltd, former well-known 3D printer TEVO 3D Brand in China, has been Design and Develop 3D Printers to All Over The World many years

Homers, Has

4. View the online menu of Homers Drive Inn and other restaurants in Leavenworth, Kansas


5. Homers Drive Inn « Back To Leavenworth, KS


6. For more than 40 years, Homers has been crafting footwear that marries tradition and inventive design on the Spanish island of Menorca

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7. We opened Homers East Restaurant to offer scrumptious cuisine to our diners that can be enjoyed in our restaurant or in the comfort of your home

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8. Delivery & Pickup Options - 63 reviews of Homers Restaurant "This place serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and ice cream/dessert - but I wouldn't call it just any old diner


9. Homers is always reasonably priced


10. 19 hours ago · Mariners loft three Homers in 5th

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11. 2 days ago · In total the Irish hit six Homers over the two Saturday games, but Gaskins’ individual performance was the highlight of the day

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12. I visited Homers a month ago on the search for some good, used vinyl and I definitely wasn't disappointed


13. EIN # 84-4339913 ©2020 Homers for Heroes

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14. Royals hit three Homers in 6-6 tie with D-backs

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15. 1 day ago · McKenzie allowed three two-run Homers in 4 2/3 innings Monday as Milwaukee beat the Indians in a spring-training game, 6-3, at Goodyear Ballpark


16. Homers Realty LLC is a Nevada Domestic Limited-Liability Company filed on March 22, 2019


17. A 22-year-old Beltrán notched 22 Homers and 27 steals to take AL Rookie of the Year honors for the 1999 Royals, and with that ignited a run as one of baseball’s most dynamic all-around players for the next decade

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18. If we do a bit of math we see that 10 Homers is equal to about 220,000cm3, and at 0.98gm/cm3 that works out to about 1900 birds, weighing about 475 pounds


19. A Winnipeg Tradition for 40 years, Homers Greek Restaurant has been an iconic family operated staple in the community

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20. A licensed establishment, Homers offers Lunch, Dinner, Take-Out and Catering options for events and parties.


21. Chick finished the day 3-for-5 with a pair of Homers, a double, and six RBIs


22. Homers - Emerton Burgers Seafood 5.47 stars out of 6


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HOMERS [ˈhōmər]


  • a home run.
  • a homing pigeon.
  • a referee or official who is thought to favor the team playing at home.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does Homer mean in the Bible?

Homer (Biblical), unit of measure. Omer is an ancient unit of measure used in the era of the Temple in Jerusalem. It is used in the Bible as an ancient unit of volume for grains and dry commodities. (The omer was equal to 0.1 ephah; this is believed to equal approx. 43 oz. 4.032 liters, 246.05 cubic inches, 0.9154 U.S.dry gallon,...

What is the definition of Homer in ancient Greece?

The name Homer is of Greek origin. The meaning of Homer is "hostage". Homer is generally used as a boy's name. It consists of 5 letters and 2 syllables and is pronounced Ho-mer.

Was Homer a historian?

The ancient Greek poet Homer was not a single person but actually an entire culture of storytelling, a historian has claimed. Adam Nicolson, an author and historian who has studied Homer, believes the epic poems of The Iliad and The Odyssey have their origins around 2,000 BC - 1,000 years earlier than the man who wrote them is said to have lived.

What does pull a homer mean?

pull a Homer (Verb) To succeed despite idiocy. Etymology: Pull meaning "do or perform" in the pattern "pull a [Name]". Coined in the The Simpsons episode "Homer Defined", after the regular character Homer who stops a nuclear meltdown via eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

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