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1. Homeothermic definition is - having a relatively uniform body temperature maintained nearly independent of the environmental temperature : warm-blooded

Homeothermic, Having

2. If a living organism is Homeothermic, it is able to keep its body temperature at the same level…


3. Synonyms for Homeothermic include homothermic, warm-blooded, homeothermal, endothermic, endothermal, homoiothermal, homoeothermic and homoeothermal

Homeothermic, Homothermic, Homeothermal, Homoiothermal, Homoeothermic, Homoeothermal

4. Homeothermic animals elevate body temperature through metabolic heat production. Danielle L

Homeothermic, Heat

5. 12 rows · Price on Request The Harvard Apparatus Homeothermic Monitoring System is a closed

Harvard, Homeothermic

6. The Homeothermic Monitoring System is a closed loop temperature control system for small rodents The subject's core body temperature can by accurately controlled utilizing a small, flexible rectal probe to monitor the animal's core temperature and a heating pad to provide heat input, The system is provided complete and includes the control unit, flexible rectal probe, standard size heating pad

Homeothermic, Heating, Heat

7. ‘The Homeothermic capacity of chicks varied as a function of brood size, age, and air temperature.’ ‘Homeothermic mammals regulate their body temperatures, and hence their energy expenditure, to a relatively constant and fairly high rate.’

Homeothermic, Hence, High

8. This Homeothermic blanket system is a feedback loop warming system that enables the researcher to maintain an animal’s temperature within the preset range of 20° to 50°C (68° to 122°F)


9. Homeothermic endotherms defend a temperature "set point" (metabolic thermoregulation)


10. Because many Homeothermic animals use enzymes that are specialized for a narrow range of body temperatures, hypothermia rapidly leads to torpor and then death

Homeothermic, Hypothermia

11. Homeothermic Any warm-blooded animal (mammal or bird that can maintain its body temperature within a narrow range, usually above that of its surroundings despite large variation s in environment al temperature


12. This Homeothermic blanket system consists of three parts: a probe, a control unit, and a blanket


13. So, do Homeothermic and poikilothermic have the same meaning as endothermic and ectothermic, respectively? A user also suggested that the terms such as poikilothermic and Homeothermic have become obsolete

Homeothermic, Have

14. ‘The Homeothermic capacity of chicks varied as a function of brood size, age, and air temperature.’ ‘Homeothermic mammals regulate their body temperatures, and hence their energy expenditure, to a relatively constant and fairly high rate.’

Homeothermic, Hence, High

15. Humans are Homeothermic organisms, meaning that humans regulate their own warm-blooded body temperature

Humans, Homeothermic

16. The diagnosis and emergency care of heat related illness and sunburn in athletes: a retrospective case series As a result, McNab concludes that dinosaurs like sauropods were Homeothermic - had an intermediate body temperature.

Heat, Homeothermic, Had

17. Homeothermic animals are those that maintain a relatively constant body temperature, regardless of the ambient temperature


18. The majority of Homeothermic animals are birds and mammals.


19. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Homeothermic) Another advantage of a Homeothermic animal would be its ability to maintain its Full article >>> Definition of Homeothermic from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games


20. Synonyms: Homeothermic; homoiothermic; homothermic Similar: warm-blooded (having warm blood (in animals whose body temperature is internally regulated))

Homeothermic, Homoiothermic, Homothermic, Having

21. Homeothermic animal – Homeotherms are animals that have a constant body temperature

Homeothermic, Homeotherms, Have

22. Homeothermic Animals animals with a constant, persistent body temperature that is almost independent of the temperature of the environment


23. Birds and mammals are Homeothermic


24. Characteristic features of Homeothermic animals are mechanisms


25. Definition of Homeothermic in the dictionary


26. What does Homeothermic mean? Information and translations of Homeothermic in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


27. What does Homeothermic mean? (biology, of an animal) Capable of maintaining a relatively constant body temperature independent of the surrounding env


28. This unusual avian trait contrasts with the Homeothermic pattern exhibited by most birds, in which a set [T.sub.b] is maintained within narrowly defined limits, despite larger variations in [T.sub.a] (Bligh and Johnson 1973), but it has been reported in a few tropical species such as sunbirds (Nectariniidae, Passeriformes; Cheke 1971, Prinzinger et al.

Homeothermic, Has

29. Notably, 98 % of these sequences originate from Homeothermic animals, 99 % of which are associated with the gastrointestinal system (Fig


30. We therefore propose the name “Candidatus Homeothermaceae” in reference to the Homeothermic preference of the family.

Homeothermaceae, Homeothermic

31. Start studying Homeothermic vs. Poikilotherms


32. Moreover, they are truly Homeothermic, requiring maintenance of a constant internal body temperature that is considerably above environmental temperature.


33. While hibernation during the winter is found in a few arctic mammals such as the Arctic ground squirrel (Spermophilus parryii), most Homeothermic animals are active throughout the …

Hibernation, Homeothermic

34. Homeothermic (not comparable) Capable of maintaining a relatively constant body temperature independent of the surrounding environment


35. Poikilothermic is an antonym of Homeothermic


36. As adjectives the difference between poikilothermic and Homeothermic is that poikilothermic is (of an animal) having a body temperature that varies depending on the outside temperature while Homeothermic is (biologyof ananimal) capable of maintaining a relatively constant body temperature independent of the surrounding environment.

Homeothermic, Having

37. Homeothermic is the ability for an organism to maintain a constant body temperature (hence the term, warm-blooded)

Homeothermic, Hence

38. ThermoStar Homeothermic Monitoring System


39. Yet they are not Homeothermic, as their body temperature can still vary depending on the environment


40. Antonyms for Homeothermic include cold-blooded, ectothermic, poikilothermic and exothermic


41. Homeothermic: a manner of thermoregulation of organisms who maintain constant internal temperatures; thermal homeostasis 2) Poikilothermic organisms are ectothermic (obtain heat from their environments), while Homeothermic organisms are endothermic (regulate body temperature physiologically)

Homeothermic, Homeostasis, Heat

42. Birds are Homeothermic – they produce and dissipate heat to maintain a relatively constant body temperature.The internal body temperature of birds shows more variability than mammals, and therefore there is no absolute body temperature.In the adult chicken the variability is between 105°F and 107°F (40.6° and 41.7°C)

Homeothermic, Heat

43. We studied the pseudo-Homeothermic synaptic behaviors by integrating complimentary metal–oxide–semiconductor-compatible materials (hafnium oxide, aluminum oxide, and silicon substrate)

Homeothermic, Hafnium

44. A wide range of temperatures, from 25 °C up to 145 °C, in neuronal dynamics was achieved owing to the Homeothermic properti


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HOMEOTHERMIC [ˌhōmēəˈTHərmik]


Synonyms: homeotherm .


Frequently Asked Questions

What does homeothermic mean?

Meaning of homeothermic in English. homeothermic. › If a living organism is homeothermic, it is able to keep its body temperature at the same level despite any change in the temperature around it: Homeothermic animals are often described as warm-blooded.

What does homeotherm mean?

homeotherm - an animal that has a body temperature that is relatively constant and independent of the environmental temperature. homoiotherm, homotherm.

What does endothermic and homeothermic mean?

Homeotherm actually goes hand-in-hand with endotherms as homeothermy is the process of thermoregulation that is used to maintain a stable internal body temperature regardless of external influence. Endotherms actually use the process of homeothermy to keep their internal body temperatures under control.

What is the advantage of being homeothermic?

To be homeothermic means to maintain your normal internal body temperature regardless of the external temperature. One advantage of being homeothermic is that it enables you to exercise when it's cold outside because even as your body internally heats up, you sweat to release all that built-up heat and energy. Rate!

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