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1. Homeothermal synonyms, Homeothermal pronunciation, Homeothermal translation, English dictionary definition of Homeothermal


2. Homeothermal definition, homoiothermal

Homeothermal, Homoiothermal

3. Synonym: homotherm See: ectotherm Homeothermalhomeothermic (-ther'mal) (-ther'mik), adjective.

Homotherm, Homeothermalhomeothermic

4. ‘Like all mammals, the cat is Homeothermal, able to maintain its internal organs at a constant temperature (between 38 and 38.5°C).’ ‘However, there is little evidence to show whether melanocytes in Homeothermal vertebrates respond to visible light or not.’

Homeothermal, However

5. What does Homeothermal mean? Homoiothermal

Homeothermal, Homoiothermal

6. (adjective) Words near Homeothermal in the Dictionary


7. Homeothermal definition: → homoiothermal Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Homeothermal, Homoiothermal

8. Both the column and detector cell should be isothermal and Homeothermal


9. Synonyms for Homeothermal include endothermic, endothermal, homeothermic, homoeothermal, homoeothermic, homoiothermal, warm-blooded and homothermic

Homeothermal, Homeothermic, Homoeothermal, Homoeothermic, Homoiothermal, Homothermic

10. Synonyms for Homeothermal in Free Thesaurus


11. What are synonyms for Homeothermal?


12. The adjuncts to the existing determinations of homeothermy are made on the basis of available and new data, the principles of temperature adaptation of humans and Homeothermal animals are given

Homeothermy, Humans, Homeothermal

13. The main purposes of the thermoregulation system of Homeothermal animals and humans during various temperature excesses are formulated.

Homeothermal, Humans

14. Homeothermal refers to organisms having a body temperature that is relatively constant and mostly independent of the temperature of the environment

Homeothermal, Having

15. Aves and mare Homeothermal vertebrates


16. So, the correct option is 'Homeothermal'.


17. The waters of Thermae of Cerchiara are classified as Homeothermal sulfur-carbon to combat skin diseases and rheumatism


18. We found two separate regression lines of heart index on genome size for two classes of Homeothermal vertebrates (mammals and birds; figure 1).The difference between regression lines is highly significant (p<10 −4).These separate regression lines of heart index on genome size correspond to the two separate regression lines of basal metabolic rate on genome size …

Heart, Homeothermal, Highly

19. Anatomy and physiology lab report example Sample Lab Report a comparison of Metabolic rates of Pokilothermic to large and small Homeothermal mammals Norman E


20. We show the negative link between genome size and metabolic intensity in tetrapods, using the heart index (relative heart mass) as a unified indicator of metabolic intensity in poikilothermal and Homeothermal animals

Heart, Homeothermal

21. The average abundance ratio for Homeothermal animals was 211.95%


22. Class Aves & Mammalia are Homeothermal (warm blooded)


23. Homeothermal animals, such as mammals, maintain their body temperature by heat generation and heat dissipation, while poikilothermal animals, such as insects, accomplish it by relocating to an environment of their favored temperature

Homeothermal, Heat

24. ‘Warm-blooded’ or Homeothermal are those animals and Aves which maintain an almost constant, relatively high- blood temperature irrespective of the temperature of the environment outside

Homeothermal, High

25. Homeothermal adjustment in the immediate postdelivered infant monitored by continuous and simultaneous measurement of core and peripheral body temperatures


26. Fat is the major energy source during both Homeothermal and heterothermal periods, the contribution from glucose being limited to glycolysis

Homeothermal, Heterothermal

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HOMEOTHERMAL [ˌhōmēəˈTHərməl]

  1. adjective form of homeotherm

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