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"Hols" in Example Sentences

1. 1. How to use hols in a sentence. Example sentences with the word hols.hols example sentences. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. hols Sentence Examples. banish boredom this summer The summer hols are here and so is the problem of keeping the children amused. 0. 0. 2. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word hols: .
2. How to use hols in a sentence. Example sentences with the word hols. hols example sentences.
3. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word hols: . Help Advanced Feedback Android iPhone/iPad API Blog Privacy Copyright © 2020 Datamuse
4. Examples of 'sizzlingly' in a sentence This is the men's 100m race, the most sizzlingly hot ticket on the planet. Times, Sunday Times (2012) If you're wishing you were on your summer hols at the moment, then lose yourself in this sizzlingly good read. The Sun (2014) You may also like: 5. Use pension in a sentence pension sentence example .
5. Use ‘tiebacks’ in a sentence | ‘tiebacks’ example sentences . 1- The fur fringe also works well as curtain tiebacks.. 2- Dorma offers a range of ready-made curtains, valances and tiebacks.. 3- A hook on the side of the window hols the fur tiebacks in place.. 4- Get rings that lock in place and adjust the drapes from below with tiebacks.. 5- Make fabric tiebacks to match.
6. hols definition: hols is defined as British slang for the number of vacation days. (noun) Examples of hols are Christmas and Easter.
7. Translations of the word ERHOLSAMES from german to english and examples of the use of "ERHOLSAMES" in a sentence with their translations: Viens landhaus schwimmbad- erholsames verbleib auf dem land.
8. How to use That Out in a Sentence? 1. He would dig that out of the hotel manager. 🔊 2. The governor pointed that out last hols. 🔊 3. All the courts in the world could not draw that out of me. 🔊 4. You will find that out as you get along in life. 🔊 5.
9. Manchester in a sentence. Sentence with the word manchester. There is a chnace that the long summer hols will be a time of reflection for out Tony - would not be surprised if he decided to use the party conference in manchester to set the date. October 22, 2005 02: 15 kev:
10. Launching in a sentence up(0) down(0) 38. I decided to use the icon for launching 1-2-3 for Windows since 123 suggests counting. 39. However, Most of my driving is on tarmac with some beach work whilst on hols launching my boat. 59. On the final day of Obon,
11. How do you use lipids in a sentence? 1. Answer. Top Answer. Cells store the lipids to use later as energy. the way your body can hols lipids is youu
12. — People also search for: vacations, christmastime, christmas, valentine day, weekends, yuletide, hanukah, hols, more — Use holidays in a sentence Commonly used words are shown in bold .
13. Use the paper to make he body, propeler, and wheels. Use the paper clips for wheel axles. Use the straws to hols the axles and use the tape to tape the axles to the ody.
14. Use 2 b hols. Interest. Use 2 b da streets now its prison. Product/Service. Use 2 do it. Use Bakit In A Sentence. Just For Fun. Use Balada. Clothing (Brand) Use Baldáh. Clothing (Brand) Use Balla. Use Cars For Sale In UAE And Other Unwanted Accessories, All Posts Are Free. Cars. Use Cars MH. 12.
15. Pilots may use the phrase in a sentence to alert crew to begin the evacuation process Benidorm expat reveals how different hols are now - and why we should book asap please use the Site Map.
16. Use 2 b hols. Centre d’intérêt. Use 2 b da streets now its prison. Produit/service. Use 2 do it. Use Bakit In A Sentence. Juste pour le plaisir. Use Balada. Vêtements (marque) Use Balla. Vêtements (marque) Use Car Market รับซื้อ ฝาก-ขาย รถยนต์มือสองทุก

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