Use Holler in a sentence


HOLLER [ˈhälər]

holler (verb) · hollers (third person present) · hollered (past tense) · hollered (past participle) · hollering (present participle)

  • (of a person) give a loud shout or cry:
  • contact (someone):
Synonyms: shout . yell . cry . cry out . call . call out . roar . howl . bellow . bawl . bark . shriek . scream . screech . bay . wail . whoop . boom . thunder . vociferate . whisper .

holler (noun) · hollers (plural noun) · field holler (noun) · field hollers (plural noun)

  • a loud cry or shout:
  • a type of work song originally sung by black slaves in the US that later contributed to the development of the blues.
Synonyms: shout . cry . yell . roar . howl . bellow . bawl . shriek . scream . screech . bay . wail . whoop . vociferation . whisper .


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1. Holler definition is - to cry out (as to attract attention or in pain) : shout

2. How to use Holler in a sentence.

3. Holler, winder, and tater are merely variant pronunciations reflected in spelling

4. As a noun, Holler has the specific meaning in the Appalachians of "a small valley between mountains": They live up in the Holler underneath Big Bald Mountain

5. Hollers A word used by Rodney Atkinsin the song "In The Middle" referring to the hillsand hollowsfound in the state of Tennessee.

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13. To Holler is “to shout,” extended to “say hello” or “hit on” in Black English

14. In Appalachian English, a Holler refers to a “hollow,” or mountain valley

15. Where does Holler come from? How is Holler used in …

16. Holler HH Burger + Ranier/tecate $ 7 $ 5 all small salads $ 5 *consuming raw or undercooked meat, eggs, poultry, or seafood increases the risk of foodborne illness especially if you have certain medical conditions

17. Holler is integrated into top messaging apps and keyboards, helping millions of people have more meaningful conversations every day, everywhere.

18. hollar (also spelled Holler in some areas, especially Kentucky) A very old Southern USA term meaning "down the road a spell" or, more accurately, " down in the valley a ways." Used a couple of hundred …

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23. A loud shout: Their performance was met with whoops and Hollers. He let out a Holler as he fell.

24. Holler Hyundai in Winter Park, FL

25. Founded in 1938, Holler Hyundai offers prospective car buyers several new and pre-owned vehicle options

26. What does Holler mean? (Southern US, Appalachia) Alternative form of hollow (small valley between mountains)

27. 79 synonyms of Holler from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 60 related words, definitions, and antonyms

28. Holler: a loud vocal expression of strong emotion.

29. The Crossword Solver found 43 answers to the Holler crossword clue

30. A Holler is a place where the kids can build a dam in the creek and have a good place to cool off and play

31. A Holler is a good place to live, raise your young’uns, and have fun

32. Holler (surname) Arts, entertainment, and media

33. Holler, a 2014 EP by Girls' Generation-TTS, or its title track "Holler" (Ginuwine song), 1997 "Holler" (Spice Girls song), 2000; Field Holler, a song form; Goofy Holler, a stock sound effect that is used frequently in Disney cartoons and films

34. Find 22 ways to say Holler, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

35. Holler is an informal verb, useful for those times you call out or shout

36. Your teacher might Holler at the class if she gets angry enough, and you might Holler at your sister to get out of your room at least once a day

37. A Holler can also be a dip or depression in the land, a hollow.

38. Apple Holler , while I would call it a tucked away hidden gem, it is anything but

39. Apple picking , pumpkin patch, cherry pies there’s a reason for Apple Holler in every season

40. " Holler " is a song by English girl group the Spice Girls, released as one of the two songs picked as the lead single from their third studio album, Forever (2000)

41. From the Holler Radio is an independent station out of Central Appalachia focusing on Indie Music, Writing and life.

42. The entire bar burst out in a whoop and a Holler when their team won the Super Bowl

43. The kids ran off with a whoop and a Holler

44. The bar isn't the prettiest place in town, but it's always good for a whoop and a Holler

45. Evan "Holler" Howard is a Call of Duty esports player, previously a player for Oceanus Gaming.

46. The Holler’s partnership with the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative has allowed the site to develop within the Appalachian educational community, helping make it the tool teachers and students need, and that same platform is available deployment across the United States

47. Holler Meaning: "to shout," especially "to call to the hounds in hunting," which is related to hello

48. Compare colloquial… See definitions of Holler.

49. Holler n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc

50. There was a Holler in the tree trunk.

51. Holler definition: If you Holler , you shout loudly

52.Holler” is a single written and recorded by Granger Smith that features Smith’s alter ego Earl Dibbles Jr

53. I heard a Holler from over the fence.· By extension, any communication to get somebody's attention

54. If you need anything, just give me a Holler.··(intransitive) To yell or shout

55. You can Holler at your computer as much as you want, but it won't help anything

56. Holler graduated from the University of North Florida in 1992 as a ROTC Distinguished Military Graduate and commissioned into the Air Defense Artillery Corps.

57. 1 Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard 1.1 9 from the Nine Worlds 1.1.1 I Play with Fire 2 Abilities 3 Trivia Holler is one of many minor deities being recruited by Surt for post-Ragnarok reconstruction

58. A Holler, is a space of low land in a rural area, usually located between two tree and/or brush laden hills and blocked off at the back end by some other natural obstruction, or another hill.

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61. (nee Dickinson) Holler; father of Daniel (Nicole) Holler, Diane (Hank) Kamens, Douglas (Suzanne) Holler, Doreen (James) La

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63. The Ole Smoky Moonshine Distillery, "Ole Smoky SM Moonshine Holler SM" also known as "Ole Smoky Holler SM " or simply "The Holler SM " is America’s most visited distillery and produces all of our signature flavors.

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