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1. The Hobbyhorse is a toy of yesteryear, dating back to a homespun era predating automobiles

Hobbyhorse, Homespun

2. 4 synonyms of Hobbyhorse from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 7 related words, definitions, and antonyms


3. Find another word for Hobbyhorse


4. Hobbyhorse: an activity outside of one's regular occupation that is engaged in primarily for pleasure


5. Let me present to you the biggest Hobbyhorse competition in the world!It is held every year by in Finland

Hobbyhorse, Held

6. She is a rising talent in a new sport with more than 10,000 athletes and followers in Finland: equestrian jumping and dressage on Hobbyhorse-back


7. Judges! Jumps! Rein tension! Collection! Strides! There’s even a surprisingly serious documentary detailing the so-called “Hobbyhorse revolution”:


8. At Hobbyhorse, we’re not just going to say our coffee is local


9. We’re going to show you it’s local; you’ll know from farm to cup — where you coffee is coming from, how long it was there, and what happens along the way to make Hobbyhorse Coffee so delicious

How, Happens, Hobbyhorse

10. Hobbyhorse Designed to mimic a real horse, the Hobbyhorse was used for religious activities and civic occasions.

Hobbyhorse, Horse

11. Hobbyhorse Art features artists who work with a variety of mediums, some of whom are established and some of whom are relative newcomers


12. Find 3 ways to say Hobbyhorse, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


13. Explore releases from Hobbyhorse at Discogs


14. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Hobbyhorse at the Discogs Marketplace.


15. 4,324 Followers, 624 Following, 99 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ~ NKA official page~ (@Hobbyhorse_maker)

16. The Hobbyhorse originally was a "Tourney Horse," a wooden or basketwork frame worn around the waist and held on with shoulder straps, with a fake tail and horse head attached, so the wearer appears to be riding a horse

Hobbyhorse, Horse, Held, Head

17. Hot Acoustic Guitar Solos- Magical Mandolin - Enchanting Female Lead Vocals! Hobbyhorse, a San Francisco bay area duo, plays an acoustic mix of original and Celtic folk with a psychedelic vibe, adventurous arrangements and inspired creativity

Hot, Hobbyhorse

18. ~ Hobbyhorse is Annie Aronson & Phil Campbell


19. Hobbyhorse - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums


20. Hobbyhorse definition: a toy consisting of a stick with a figure of a horse's head at one end Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Hobbyhorse, Horse, Head

21. Only a couple of new Hobbyhorses come for sale each week, so availability is extremely limited


22. See "How To Buy" on the Info page on how you can own an Eponi Hobbyhorse!

How, Hobbyhorse

23. What does Hobbyhorse mean? A child's riding toy that consists of a long stick with an imitation horse's head on one e

Hobbyhorse, Horse, Head

24. Hop on your Hobbyhorse and join us for a dressage lesson at a real riding arena! Jaa sosiaalisessa mediassa Facebook Twitter

Hop, Hobbyhorse

25. Ride with us: Dressage lesson with Hobbyhorses


26. Ride with us: Hobbyhorse stables.


27. [email protected]

28. Some of the most experienced Hobbyhorse enthusiasts team up with ThisisFINLAND, Finland’s official country website, to create the Hobbyhorse Toolbox – it’s easy to get into this hobby, no matter where you live.If you’ve got a bit of against-the-odds mentality, you can quicklycatch on to the courageous Hobbyhorse attitude.

Hobbyhorse, Hobby

29. Hobbyhorse n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc


30. Hobbyhorse Folk / Celtic / Acoustic Guitar Palo Alto, CA more


31. Hobbyhorse Become a Fan Remove Fan


32. Folk / Celtic / Acoustic Guitar Palo Alto, CA Hobbyhorse Folk / Celtic / Acoustic Guitar Palo Alto


33. Synonyms for Hobbyhorse in Free Thesaurus


34. 2 synonyms for Hobbyhorse: rocking horse, hobby

Hobbyhorse, Horse, Hobby

35. What are synonyms for Hobbyhorse?


36. 152.2k Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ‘Hobbyhorse’ hashtag

Hobbyhorse, Hashtag

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HOBBYHORSE [ˈhäbēˌhôrs]

hobby horse (noun) · hobby horses (plural noun) · hobbyhorse (noun) · hobbyhorses (plural noun)

  • a child's toy consisting of a stick with a model of a horse's head at one end.
  • a rocking horse.
  • a preoccupation or favorite topic.
Synonyms: obsession . fixation . ruling passion . mania . compulsion . fetish . preoccupation . hobby horse .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does hobbyhorse mean?

Definition of hobbyhorse. 1a : a figure of a horse fastened about the waist in the morris dance. b : a dancer wearing this figure. 2 obsolete : buffoon. 3a : a stick having an imitation horse's head at one end that a child pretends to ride. b : rocking horse.

How to use hobbyhorse in a sentence?

Example Sentences Learn More about hobbyhorse Did You Know? The hobbyhorse is a toy of yesteryear, dating back to a homespun era predating automobiles. In the 1400s, the word hobby could refer to a real-life horse of small or average size.

What does 'get on one's hobbyhorse' mean?

From "pastime," the meaning of hobbyhorse was extended to "a subject to which one repeatedly returns." The sense is typically encountered as part of such metaphorical phrases as "get on one's hobbyhorse" or "ride one's hobbyhorse." Once he gets on his hobbyhorse and starts talking about taxes, you can't get him to discuss anything else.

Who discovered the word hobbyhorse?

If Britons somehow survived the hobbyhorse, the pub, and the dinner dumplings, their doctors could still do them in. Hulsenbeck claimed that he discovered the word by opening the Petit Larousse and finding the word dada, a French word for a children's hobbyhorse.

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