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1. Description Hmmsearch reads an HMM from hmmfile and searches seqfile for significantly similar sequence matches

Hmmsearch, Hmm, Hmmfile

2. Hmmsearch is used to search one or more profiles against a sequence database


3. Hmmsearch is used to search one or more profiles against a sequence database


4. GitHub - Larofeticus/hpc_Hmmsearch: Top level driver addition to a HMMER3.1b2 installation which more efficiently runs many sequence to many model searches on …

5. 98 Hmmsearch - search profile(s) against a sequence


6. Hmmsearch's normal outputs per profile are stored in the temporary directory


7. Skip Hmmsearch and assume that Hmmsearch outputs are already in the temporary directory


8. 2.2 Hmmsearch搜索序列数据库


9. The files the program Hmmsearch tries to access are genuinely missing from the augustus output folder “extracted_proteins” in the BUSCO output directory, so this has …

Hmmsearch, Has

10. It is a naive translation, ignoring start and stop codons only in order to apply Hmmsearch and do not represent proteins # Genome mode: assessing a genome assembly


11. Hmmscan and Hmmsearch are doing exactly the same compute, at heart: comparing one profile to one sequence at a time

Hmmscan, Hmmsearch, Heart

12. You can save Hmmsearch tabular output files and use ’em just the same way you were going to use the hmmscan files.

Hmmsearch, Hmmscan

13. Four search types are supported: phmmer, Hmmsearch, hmmscan and jackhmmer.See HMMER algorithms for more information.

Hmmsearch, Hmmscan, Hmmer

14. 输出文件hmmfile_out一般命名为.hmm后缀,该结果HMM数据库,用户得不到太多可阅读信息。 Hmmsearch

Hmm, Hmmsearch

15. A Hmmsearch with PFAM HMM model PF01097 (Defensin_2) also matches only to evm.model.scaffold2042.7, whose predicted protein has significant blastp similarity to …

Hmmsearch, Hmm, Has

16. Also, if you are trying to search a protein sequence against Pfam, you generally want to be using hmmscan or Hmmsearch, not phmmer

Hmmscan, Hmmsearch

17. A parser for HMMER2 and HMMER3 output (hmmscan, Hmmsearch, hmmpfam)

Hmmscan, Hmmsearch, Hmmpfam

18. Hmmsearch [options] hmmfile seqfile outfile The outfile parameter is new to EMBASSY HMMER

Hmmsearch, Hmmfile, Hmmer

19. Hmmsearch reads an HMM from and searches for signifcantly similar sequence matches

Hmmsearch, Hmm

20. Wrapper for local execution of hmmalign, hmmbuild, hmmcalibrate, hmmemit, hmmpfam, Hmmsearch

Hmmalign, Hmmbuild, Hmmcalibrate, Hmmemit, Hmmpfam, Hmmsearch

21. Hmmsearch\hmm file[\sequence file[The same essential procedures were used for SAM and GGSEARCH

Hmmsearch, Hmm

22. Phmmer and Hmmsearch are both available


23. This App performs a Hidden Markov Model (HMM) search (Hmmsearch) on protein sequences using HMMER models build from an input Multiple Sequence Alignment (MSA)

Hidden, Hmm, Hmmsearch, Hmmer

24. An input workload (nph3.hmm) is used to find a ranked list of best sorting sequences from the sprot41.dat file using the Hmmsearch function

Hmm, Hmmsearch

25. Program phmmer Hmmsearch phmmer - Protein sequence vs


26. The Hmmsearch scoring threshold for each arsenate reductase (ArsC1 and ArsC2) was optimized to include sequences from the phylogenetic clade containing both reference proteins and homologs located within ars operon (SI Appendix, Figs

Hmmsearch, Homologs

27. Collapse Hmmsearch domtblout output into best hits - hmm_collapse

Hmmsearch, Hits

28. Using Hmmsearch at a bit score threshold of 25, precision mode retrieved ∼25,000 proteins (∼13,000 nonredundant sequences)


29. [email protected] Hmmsearch output example The [email protected] Hmmsearch output is divided into four parts


30. PART 1: First, you have a form to build an alignment from matches (domains) found by Hmmsearch

Have, Hmmsearch

31. These selected HMMs were subsequently scanned against the Genomic, Genomic Fragmented, and Metagenomic datasets (from now on, “omic” datasets, see subsequent stages) using HMMER 3.0, the Hmmsearch –cut_ga option

Hmms, Hmmer, Hmmsearch

32. In PGAP, predicted proteins are matched to HMMs using the Hmmsearch program in the HMMER software (V3.2.1)

Hmms, Hmmsearch, Hmmer

33. Predicted protein sequences were searched using Hmmsearch (v.3.1b2) against the eggNOG (v4.5) , Pfam (v32.0) , and Nucleo-Cytoplasmic Virus Orthologous Group (NCVOG) (release date, 9 June 2014) databases


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