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1. The Hirelings can be placed inside Houses and Guildhalls

Hirelings, Houses

2. When a Hireling skill is purchased, all Hirelings

Hireling, Hirelings

3. The Hirelings of Act I are available from Kashya in the Rogue Encampment


4. Skilled Hirelings include anyone hired to perform a service that involves a proficiency (including weapon, tool, or skill): a Mercenary, artisan, Scribe, and so on

Hirelings, Hired

5. The pay shown is a minimum; some Expert Hirelings require more pay.


6. Hirelings (2 Occurrences) Luke 15:17 And having come to himself, he said, How many Hirelingsof my father have a superabundance of bread, and I here with hunger am perishing!

Hirelings, Having, Himself, He, How, Hirelingsof, Have, Here, Hunger

7. Hirelings are a passive skill for the crafting professions in ESO


8. Crafting Hirelings will send you crafting materials for the relevant crafting profession on a …


9. Hirelings are mercenaries that can be hired to aid the player during the course of the game

Hirelings, Hired

10. Hirelings are mercenaries that you can pick up at various locations for a flat fee of gold


11. The three vendors (one each for melee, clerics and arcane Hirelings) are located together in the southwest of the Kundarak Enclave, near the mailbox, due south of the Stormreach Teleporter and due north of The Marketplace gate.


12. A New and Impartial History of England, from the Invasion of Julius Caesar to the Signing of the Preliminaries of Peace in the Year 1762, Volume 7 John II Barrow, refers to a debate in the time of William III over the merits of a standing army (termed mercenaries and Hirelings, as they serve for pay and a job and not for love of country) vs an all volunteer force.

History, Hirelings

13. Hirelings as they stand penalise those who have jobs or other real-life requirements and can't log in regularly twice a day, even sometimes at weekends: the unemployed and students clearly are the intended audience for this kind of content.

Hirelings, Have

14. Hirelings have a bad rap because they don’t do anything out of the goodness of their hearts; they work only for cold hard cash.

Hirelings, Have, Hearts, Hard

15. The more players are in the game, the more Hirelings will be used on their "demoted" side


16. They essentially mimic the feel of their corresponding factions in the game, but unlike the bots, Hirelings are fully controlled by players


17. Hirelings: Nonplayer characters to assist you or act on your behalf in a variety of circumstances


18. PLEASE READ BEFORE BUYING: This document expands on the brilliant Patreon En5ider article “Hired Hands: Expanded Rules for Hirelings” by David Gibson, which you can obtain on the Patreon website for as little as 1$.You don't need the article to use the Hirelings included here, but it is

Hired, Hands, Hirelings, Here

19. Hirelings venture along with the adventuring party into the gloom and danger for money, glory or to fufill even stranger needs


20. Actually there are 3 permanent Hirelings in the game already, (level 3 cleric, level 17 Owlbear, and level 20 panther)


21. You get all the Hirelings you want in single inventory slot (well 2 slots active one+folder)


22. You st fill it up with as many Hirelings your version allows, and go.


23. Unskilled Hirelings can perform simple manual labor and are untrained at most skills


24. Skilled Hirelings have expert proficiency in a particular skill

Hirelings, Have

25. Some Hirelings of varying classes are constantly available as a standard


26. Guest Hirelings are available as a result of special events and the player's faction reputations


27. Has Hirelings fight for him instead

Has, Hirelings, Him

28. Hirelings Hirelings are a new kind of ally we have recently added to the game

Hirelings, Have

29. Hirelings Hirelings are a new kind of ally we have recently added to the game

Hirelings, Have

30. Hirelings' combat skills complement those of your own companions, with most of the mercenaries adept at crowd control, tanking, or support Skills


31. Where to Get Them House Venari is the sole purveyor of Hirelings at the moment but you do not have to be on friendly terms with them, only neutral, to be able to make use of this service.

House, Hirelings, Have

32. Hirelings are, however, and such persons must be located and enlisted by the PC or his or her NPC henchmen

Hirelings, However, His, Her, Henchmen

33. Location of Expert Hirelings: Most expert Hirelings can be found only in towns or cities, although some might be located in smaller communities — providing they are willing to pick up and relocate, of course


34. In contrast, Hirelings with high Power can do more than 10,000 Blasting Damage, which no enemy can survive

Hirelings, High

35. I think you get about 100 mails from each and there are 3 different Hirelings per craft but after that 300 days (technically between 150-300 depending on if you get 1 or 2 a day, based on passive), no more new stories


36. Hirelings Hirelings are a new kind of ally we have recently added to the game

Hirelings, Have

37. The post delves into Hirelings, mercenary allies with which you can boost your companion roster.


38. The Hirelings are his servants, and there are good and bad Hirelings

Hirelings, His

39. Hirelings of Asura is a project to release a four 70mm miniature collection based on epic fantasy for painters, collectors even gamers


40. In Hirelings, Jennifer Dorsey recreates the social and economic milieu of Maryland’s Eastern Shore at a time when black slavery and black freedom existed side by side.She follows a generation of manumitted African Americans and their freeborn children and grandchildren through the process of inventing new identities, associations, and communities in the early nineteenth century.


41. Grenadier Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Box Sets Grenadier Hirelings (EX/Mint)


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HIRELINGS [ˈhī(ə)rliNG]


  • a person employed to undertake menial work.
  • a person who works purely for material reward.
Synonyms: attendant . retainer . domestic help . domestic worker . domestic . help . cleaner . helper . lackey . flunkey . minion . maid . housemaid . maidservant . lady's maid . handmaid . scullery maid . girl . footman . page . page boy . valet . butler . man . gentleman's gentleman . batman . manservant . houseman . houseboy . boy . housekeeper . steward . major domo . coachman . postilion . equerry . menial . drudge . slave . galley slave . mozo . bearer . amah . charwoman . charlady . char . boots . scout . bedder . gyp . seneschal . servitor . scullion . tweeny . serving man . serving woman . turnspit . varlet . vassal . serf . famulus . master . mistress .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does hireling mean?

Hireling definition is - a person who serves for hire especially for purely mercenary motives. How to use hireling in a sentence. ... She's one of the political hirelings who run the candidate's campaign. demanded to speak to the store's owner and not one of his hirelings.

What does the Bible say about hireling?

Dictionaries - Easton's Bible Dictionary - Hireling. Hireling [N] a labourer employed on hire for a limited time ( Job 7:1 ; 14:6 ; Mark 1:20 ). His wages were paid as soon as his work was over ( Leviticus 19:13 ). In the time of our Lord a day's wage was a "penny" (q.v.) i.e., a Roman denarius ( Matthew 20:1-14 ).

What is another word for hireling?

SEE SYNONYMS FOR hireling ON THESAURUS.COM. a person who works only for pay, especially in a menial or boring job, with little or no concern for the value of the work.

What does Hirling mean in the Bible?

hir'-ling (sakhir): Occurs only 6 times in the Old Testament, and uniformly means a laborer for a wage. In Job 7:1 f there is reference to the hireling's anxiety for the close of the day.

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