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1. Examples of Hilarity in a Sentence My attempt to carve the turkey was a source of great Hilarity at the dinner table. Hilarity is the last thing you expect to find at a funeral, but we were there to celebrate his …

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2. Hilarity definition, cheerfulness; merriment; mirthfulness


3. Hilarity noun merriment, high spirits, mirth, gaiety, laughter, amusement, glee, exuberance, exhilaration, cheerfulness, jollity, levity, conviviality, joviality, boisterousness, joyousness, jollification The report in The Times caught the mood of Hilarity.

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4. A situation in which people laugh very loudly and think something is very funny: What was all the Hilarity about?


5. Synonyms & Antonyms of Hilarity a mood characterized by high spirits and amusement and often accompanied by laughter Hilarity is the last thing you expect to find at a funeral, but we were there to celebrate his life rather than to dwell on his death

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6. Hilarity Sentence Examples This is a dinner party style where honored guests give speeches or tell stories with great Hilarity, sarcasm and just a hint of "bite." Nevertheless, Bad Santa is pure Hilarity for those who like to season their holiday with a little spice.

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7. Hilarity™ Sapphire High Hardness Anti-Blue Progressive Far And Near Dual-Use Reading Glasses 【Intelligent zoom reading mirror】The progressive lens has no obvious dividing line between the focal points, smooth and no image jumping, no need to remove the glasses, moving the line of sight from top to bottom, you can see the far and near and

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8. The Crossword Solver found 28 answers to the Hilarity crossword clue


9. 'Hilarity' is a 8 letter word starting with H and ending with Y Crossword clues for 'Hilarity' Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Hilarity We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word Hilarity will help you to finish your crossword today.

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10. The latest tweets from @Hilarityjane


11. A sumptuous supper was served, and a large party having assembled, the night was spent in boisterous Hilarity. THE CHRONICLES OF CRIME OR THE NEW NEWGATE CALENDAR.

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12. Hilarity is that side-splitting, tear-inducing, laugh-until-you-can't-breathe happiness of a romping good time

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13. There's usually an atmosphere of Hilarity just after the ball drops on New Year's Eve


14. Uncountable noun Hilarity is great amusement and laughter


15. Synonyms: merriment, high spirits, mirth, gaiety [old-fashioned] More Synonyms of Hilarity COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.

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16. • The USS Hilarity was an American Admirable Class minesweeper of 625 tons displacement launched in 1944 Synonyms of “Hilarity” Using a synonym can be a good alternative for using “Hilarity”.


17. Hilarity for Charity® (HFC) is a movement led by Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller Rogen to inspire change and raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease among the millennial generation.

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18. Definition of Hilarity in the dictionary


19. What does Hilarity mean? Information and translations of Hilarity in the most comprehensive …


20. HFC® (formerly Hilarity for Charity) and the Home Instead® network are working together to award home care grants to those providing care to their loved ones living with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias

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21. Sometimes these summaries wouldn't sound comedic on the surface, so "Hilarity ensues" was used to ensure the audience understood it was a premise for a comedy.


22. ‘With much Hilarity and shouting, the sum was negotiated.’ ‘You guys come to his rescue and the drama and Hilarity ensues.’ ‘‘I take it that banks are excluded from that rule,’ said Tully amid great Hilarity.’ ‘After much slapping on the back and associated Hilarity I received a …

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23. It charted the bittersweetness of motherhood, the loneliness of being stuck in the countryside and the Hilarity of daily life


24. By cutting some of these characters, the movie would have lost a few moments of Hilarity, but gained a tighter, more streamlined feel.

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25. Synonyms for Hilarity in Free Thesaurus


26. 38 synonyms for Hilarity: merriment, high spirits, mirth, gaiety, laughter, amusement, glee

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27. Definition and synonyms of Hilarity from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.


28. This is the British English definition of Hilarity.View American English definition of Hilarity.


29. The Hilarity of the comedy show was interrupted by a brawl in the audience


30. Since the movie is supposed to be a really funny comedy, my friend and I are expecting a night of Hilarity


31. The comedian was pleased when the audience responded with Hilarity to his jokes.

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32. Definition of Hilarity noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


33. We've got 31 rhyming words for Hilarity » What rhymes with Hilarity? This page is about the various possible words that rhymes or sounds like Hilarity.Use it for writing poetry, composing lyrics for your song or coming up with rap verses.


34. Proper name, from Late Latin Hilarius, literally "cheerful," from Latin hilaris "cheerful" (see Hilarity).The name was more popular in France than in England

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35. Hilarity is in it—Hilarity at its best—as would be almost mandatory in any film with Miss Holliday

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36. Find 8 ways to say Hilarity, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


37. Synonyms for Hilarity include gaiety, glee, merriment, mirth, amusement, joviality, laughter, cheerfulness, exuberance and jollity


38. Hilarity ensues." Invoked in World of Warcraft where the final step of a quest is to "sit back and watch the Hilarity ensue"


39. Said "Hilarity" is the angry and armored dinosaur you just freed rampaging through a …


40. Read Hilarity and weep, and laugh


41. --Carol Muske-Dukes Patty Seyburn's Hilarity is a skeptic's playground, in which we learn that Dante layered Hell like a taco salad, that God created the ocean with waves in tiers instead of vertical, and an escaping butterfly triggers the rhyme of reason with treason.

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42. Seoul Man: A Memoir of Cars, Culture, Crisis, and Unexpected Hilarity Inside a Korean Corporate Titan [Ahrens, Frank] on


43. Seoul Man: A Memoir of Cars, Culture, Crisis, and Unexpected Hilarity Inside a Korean Corporate Titan


44. "Hilarity ensues" is a good way to describe what happens when Orks go to war in Warhammer 40000 because, to the Orks, it really is hilarious -- they're having a great time, and the bigger the stuff they blow up, the more fun it is

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45. Page 14 of 16 - Hilarity - posted in File topics: Fun spells but when i got the spells from edgar's shop i also got a misc item called The Broom of the Inconsiderate but i …


46. Hilarity Bites is a Darlington based comedy promotions company running comedy nights throughout the North-East, and the Darlington


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HILARITY [həˈlerədē]

hilarity (noun)

  • extreme amusement, especially when expressed by laughter.
  • boisterous merriment.
Synonyms: amusement . mirth . laughter . merriment . light-heartedness . levity . fun . humor . jocularity . jollity . joviality . gaiety . delight . glee . comedy . frivolity . exuberance . boisterousness . high spirits . sport . seriousness .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does hilarity mean?

Hilarity definition is - boisterous merriment or laughter. How to use hilarity in a sentence.

What is another word for hilarity?

Synonyms of hilarity. cheer, cheerfulness, cheeriness, festivity, gaiety (also gayety), gayness, glee, gleefulness, jocundity, joviality, merriment, merriness, mirth, mirthfulness.

Does hilarity have to do with unemployment?

But the hilarity, of course, has nothing to do with unemployment. Anyone who does not have to live with this problem can view it with a little hilarity. I did not expect that the truth, so tersely stated, would have evoked such hilarity. Debates on women's place in society are occasions of great hilarity.

Is there a desperate hilarity about him?

There is a desperate hilarity about him. There were moments of great hilarity, especially when the activities required social interaction in close physical space, and spontaneous, quick group improvisations using body and gesture. That caused tremendous hilarity on the benches opposite. Example from the Hansard archive.

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