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1. 55 synonyms of Highballing from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 23 related words, definitions, and antonyms


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3. Highballing: to proceed or move quickly


4. Highballing is a personal endeavor that can be highly rewarding

Highballing, Highly

5. In Low- or Highballing, someone makes a ridiculously low or high offer.

Highballing, High

6. (verb) - Highballing: the act of setting high expectations or thinking beyond the bounds of a situation

Highballing, High

7. " Veronica is such a highballer so she really thought he should step up and do the right thing" "I was really Highballing

Highballer, He, Highballing

8. I haven't found a date on the railroad term "Highballing." Mr

Haven, Highballing

9. Flexner says "balling," mid-30s meaning to have a wild good time -- drinking, dancing and having sex -- was "influenced by the 1925 'balling the jack,' to move quickly,and the railroaders use of 'Highballing,' to go full speed." Page 455.

Have, Having, Highballing

10. Find 43 ways to say Highballing, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


11. Synonyms for Highballing include bolting, dashing, haring, hurtling, running, scurrying, scuttling, zipping, shooting and zooming

Highballing, Haring, Hurtling

12. Highballing classic cocktails How to make Recipes

Highballing, How

13. Story What is a highball Highballing classic cocktails How to make Recipes Glassware & bar equipment Books & publishing Back to top What is a highball? Highballs are a type of simple cocktail consisting of a spirit and a carbonate served in a low capacity, tall, ice-filled glass (often referred

Highball, Highballing, How, Highballs

14. Words by Simon Difford Two comments by Mr Highball himself, Jörg Meyer, "you can highball any cocktail", and "a highball is a short drink made long" left me wanting to try Highballing previously short classic cocktails

Highball, Himself, Highballing

15. Highballing is the most modern form of climbing


16. Highballing differs from free soloing in that the highballer is willing to fall and plans for such eventualities before leaving the ground, whereas the soloist would never entertain such notions

Highballing, Highballer

17. Lookup the definition of Highballing synomyns, antonyms, anagrams of the word


18. What does the word Highballing mean? What words can be made with Highballing


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20. At what point is it Highballing or just climbing something unbolted 😂 i think thats about this point


21. "Highballing" meant the engine had got up to speed

Highballing, Had

22. Re: A Highballing GP30 on the Santa Fe Author: Evan_Werkema I recall Mid America Car did contract repaints on a bunch of Santa Fe GP30's and GP35's right before the BNSF merger, and it looks like the first two units were beneficiaries.


23. Highballing has always been special for me, an intense confrontation with myself

Highballing, Has



25. An official film made by the War Department, Highballing to Victory is a short US propaganda movie made toward the end of World War II about the importance of material and transportation in the war effort


26. Since then iffy upscaling and some Highballing has been used to push characters to multi country level

Highballing, Has

27. 1 day ago · And even with your Highballing , Sephiroth >>> Zach Fair > Bahamut Fury and Bahamut Fury flew from Neptune to Earth in 11 seconds , that is still …


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does highballed mean?

1 : an iced drink containing liquor (such as whiskey) and water or a carbonated beverage (such as ginger ale) and served in a tall glass. 2 : a railroad signal for a train to proceed at full speed. highball. verb. highballed; highballing; highballs.

What are some examples of highballs?

Well-known examples of highballs include the Seven and Seven, Scotch and soda, rum and Coke, and Caipirinha. A highball is typically served over ice in a large straight-sided highball glass or Collins glass.

What does highball mean in railroading?

In Railroading, A 'Highball' Means You're Good To Go For our Trade Lingo series, Melissa Block talks to Jerry Murry about the railroad lingo, "highball.".

What is a highball served with?

A highball is typically served over ice in a large straight-sided highball glass or Collins glass .

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