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1. Hexagonal definition is - having six angles and six sides.

Hexagonal, Having

2. Having a hexagon as a base or cross section: a Hexagonal prism

Having, Hexagon, Hexagonal

3. Adjective of, relating to, or having the form of a hexagon. having a hexagon as a base or cross section: a Hexagonal prism

Having, Hexagon, Hexagonal

4. Having a shape with six straight sides: a Hexagonal building / object The panels consist of 55 small Hexagonal tiles.

Having, Hexagonal

5. The Hexagonal architecture, or ports and adapters architecture, is an architectural pattern used in software design. It aims at creating loosely coupled application components that can be easily connected to their software environment by means of ports and adapters


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8. Sponsored by Teaching Channel and UL Xplorlabs While Hexagonal thinking is not new in the world of business and innovation, it’s just making its way into the classroom


9. Hexagonal system, one of the principal categories of structures to which a given crystalline solid can be assigned


10. Hexagonal definition: A Hexagonal object or shape has six straight sides

Hexagonal, Has

11. FLORAL FRAME in SVG, Floral wreath, Monogram frame, Hexagonal frame, Frame clipart, Paper cut template, Svg files for cricut and silhouette FollowingDaisies


12. Patients with a prolonged aPTT or lupus sensitive aPTT screening test: • Reduction of the aPTT result by more than a laboratory-determined cutoff (test result that is elevated) as the result of adding Hexagonal phase phospholipid (HPP) is consistent with the presence of a phospholipid-dependent inhibitor (lupus anticoagulant).

Hexagonal, Hpp

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14. What does Hexagonal mean? Having six sides

Hexagonal, Having

15. Leala Modern Contemporary Style Table Lamps Set of 2 Hexagonal Faux Marble and Gold White Drum Shade Decor for Living Room Bedroom House Bedside Nightstand Home Office Family - Possini Euro Design

Hexagonal, House, Home

16. In geometry, the Hexagonal tiling or Hexagonal tessellation is a regular tiling of the Euclidean plane, in which three hexagons meet at each vertex

Hexagonal, Hexagons


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18. Hexagonal Bars are usually easy to drill and form, making them common in braces, ornamental and interior works


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21. The first Hexagonal round was played in 1997, between 2 March and 16 November


22. It was Canada's only participation in the Hexagonal round, and their last appearance at the final stage of a FIFA World Cup qualification.


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24. Hexagonal Image Processing [56] (DOI [57]) is an entire book that uses a hierarchical Hexagonal coordinate system

Hexagonal, Hierarchical

25. HCP STRUCTURE •ideal ratio c/a of 8/3 1.633 •unit cell is a simple Hexagonal lattice with a two-point basis (0,0,0) (2/3,1/3,1/2) a a Plan view •{0002} planes are close packed •ranks in importance with FCC and BCC Bravais lattices 72

Hcp, Hexagonal

26. Hexagonal and polygonal rifling seals in the gasses slightly better, as there's no 90degree crevice for gas to escape through ahead of the bullet


27. Hexagonal asphalt shingle offered on the site are made of the finest quality materials such as synthetic resin PVC or ceramic for optimal durability and protection


28. Hexagonal asphalt shingle protect you from harsh weather conditions, UV rays, hailstorms, rain, and other external factors with efficacy

Hexagonal, Harsh, Hailstorms

29. The Hexagonal cells serve as storage vessels for honey, as well as homes to raise young bees

Hexagonal, Honey, Homes

30. The Hexagonal phase of (isotropic) PEs is usually observed at elevated pressure and temperature


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32. The Hexagonal prism is a prism with a Hexagonal base


33. Online Volume Of a Hexagonal Prism calculator helps you to calculate the volume of a Hexagonal prism based on side and height

Hexagonal, Helps, Height

34. They are of two types namely, Regular and Irregular Hexagonal prism


35. This Hexagonal aluminum peel-n-stick tile brings a clean, modern look


36. The Hexagonal shape allows these pieces to be inlaid together and provides an opportunity for a variety of different structures


37. A Hexagonal pyramid is a geometric figure that consists of a six sided (Hexagonal) base and six triangular faces


38. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one! Hexagonal 2048 add by Baiqiang.


39. What is Hexagonal Prism? A Hexagonal prism is a prism with Hexagonal base and top


40. This polyhedron has 8 faces, 18 edges, and 12 vertices.Out of the 8 faces, 6 are rectangles, and 2 are hexagons, and that’s why the name Hexagonal prism.These hexagons are at the base and the top

Has, Hexagons, Hexagonal

41. Therefore, the opposite faces of a Hexagonal prism are the same.


42. Related to Hexagonal: Hexagonal lattice Hexagonal Refers to a plane geometric figure containing six equal sides and six equal angles; occurring in nature as minerals, snow crystals, and honeycombs.

Hexagonal, Honeycombs

43. Now, for Hexagonal close-packed crystal structure, we do not construct a third layer


44. Hexagonal close-packed structure.


45. Hexagonal PHASE CONFIRMATION - Hemolyzed specimens are not acceptable

Hexagonal, Hemolyzed

46.Hexagonal Boron Nitride Market” research report is analysed on the basis of business segments, organizational developments, geographical focus, segment focus, key offerings and key customers.


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HEXAGONAL [hekˈsaɡənəl]

hexagonal (adjective)

Frequently Asked Questions

What does hexagonal mean?

Definition of hexagonal 1 : having six angles and six sides 2 : having a hexagon as section or base 3 : relating to or being a crystal system characterized by three equal lateral axes intersecting at angles of 60 degrees and a vertical axis of variable length at right angles

What is an example of a hexagon?

The definition of a hexagon is a figure with six sides. A stop sign with six sides is an example of a hexagon. YourDictionary definition and usage example. "Hexagon.".

What does a hexagon equal?

A regular hexagon is a polygon with six equal sides and angles. The triangles formed by joining the center with all the vertices, are equal in size and are equilateral. The sum of interior angles of a hexagon = (6 − 2) · 180° = 720°. The value of an interior angle of the regular hexagon is 720º/6 = 120º.

What does the "hexagonal" in hexagonal architecture mean?

1 : having six angles and six sides. 2 : having a hexagon as section or base. 3 : relating to or being a crystal system characterized by three equal lateral axes intersecting at angles of 60 degrees and a vertical axis of variable length at right angles.

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