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1. Heterocercally synonyms, Heterocercally pronunciation, Heterocercally translation, English dictionary definition of Heterocercally


2. Looking for Heterocercally? Find out information about Heterocercally. Pertaining to the caudal fin of certain fishes and indicating that the upper lobe is larger, with the vertebral column terminating in this lobe


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5. Heterocercally; Heterocercally; Heterocercally; Heterocercy; Heteroceridae; Heterocheilidae; heterocheiral; heterochiral; heterochlamydeous; heterochlamydeous; heterochlamydeous; Heterochlorida; heterochromatic; heterochromatic; heterochromatic; heterochromatic iridocyclitis; Heterochromatic iris; Heterochromatic iris; heterochromatic photometry; heterochromatic stimuli; heterochromatin

Heterocercally, Heterocercy, Heteroceridae, Heterocheilidae, Heterocheiral, Heterochiral, Heterochlamydeous, Heterochlorida, Heterochromatic, Heterochromatin

6. This connects Heterocercally to the dorsal fin which goes down to the pelvis. In addition to their primary wingspan smaller secondary and tertiary pelvic fins aid in maneuvering


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does heterocercal mean?

Definition of heterocercal 1 of a fish tail fin : having the upper lobe larger than the lower with the vertebral column extending into the upper lobe 2 : having or relating to a heterocercal tail fin

What is a heterocercal tail?

The tail may be heterocercal, as in Acipenser, or diphycercal as in Polypterus. In Dipterus there are no marginal teeth, and the tail is heterocercal, not diphycercal, as in the other Dipnoans generally. The tail is slender and heterocercal, the caudal fin deeply forked. The heterocercal tail is one in which the hindmost vertebræ are bent upwards.

What is the function of the heterocercal tail?

Function of the heterocercal tail in sharks: quantitative wake dynamics during steady horizontal swimming and vertical maneuvering. Its external morphology, heterocercal fins, type of scale and its highly vascularized swim bladder, place it as a primitive fish (Paramo, 1982).

What does diphycercal mean?

an example of writing or speech consisting of or containing meaningless words. a petty gangster or ruffian. Compare diphycercal, homocercal. The tail is diphycercal, heterocercal, or else it degenerates into a whip-like organ, a form which has been called leptocercal. The tail may be heterocercal, as in Acipenser, or diphycercal as in Polypterus.

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