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HERBICIDE [ˈ(h)ərbəˌsīd]

herbicide (noun) · herbicides (plural noun)

  • a substance that is toxic to plants, used to destroy unwanted vegetation.

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2. Herbicide, an agent, usually chemical, for killing or inhibiting the growth of unwanted plants, such as weeds, invasive species, or agricultural pests

3. A great advantage of chemical Herbicides over mechanical weed control is the ease of application, which often saves on the cost of labor.

4. Herbicide definition is - an agent used to destroy or inhibit plant growth.

5. GLYSTAR PLUS 41% GLYPHOSATE 1GAL 50281 Other Gly Star® Plus Glyphosate Herbicide, 1 Gallon #50281

6. This Herbicide provides broad-spectrum control of most annual grasses and broadleaves and some perennials

7. It is a contact Herbicide with slight translocation throughout the plant

8. The Herbicide label indicates the extent of toxicity by the signal word(s) it carries

9. For example, if a Herbicide has an

10. The two active ingredients in the Agent Orange Herbicide combination were equal amounts of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) and 2,4,5-trichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4,5-T), which contained traces of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD)

11. The dioxin TCDD was an unwanted byproduct of Herbicide production

12. 2,4-D is an Herbicide that kills plants by changing the way certain cells grow

13. Pendimethalin, a pre-emergent Herbicide, is widely used to control annual grasses and some broad-leaf weeds in a wide range of crops, including corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton, many tree and vine crops, and many turfgrass species

14. Picloram, a pyridine Herbicide, mainly is used to control unwanted trees in pastures and edges of fields

15. Herbicide Orange, Herbicide Blue, Herbicide White

16. Response of woody vegetation to mixtures of Herbicides and/or desiccants was evaluated by the Plant Physiology Division, Plant Science Laboratories of Fort Detrick

17. DuraCor is powered by Rinskor™ active, a reduced risk Herbicide that won the American Chemical Society’s Green Chemistry Challenge award

18. Our Herbicides are formulated to help you control the toughest, most resistant weeds in a wide variety of crops

19. The Herbicide label lists the target weeds as well as garden plants that are unaffected

20. Non-selective Herbicides , as the name implies, can kill almost any plant

21. Selective Herbicides are useful when treating weeds in lawns and gardens.

22. Herbicide metabolites can have toxicity similar to that of the parent Herbicide and are often found in higher concentrations (USGS 2010)

23. Tenacity Herbicide is a systemic pre-emergence and post-emergence Herbicide for the selective contact and residual control of weeds in turfgrasses

24. 1 qt/acre = .64 oz x # of gallons water = oz of Herbicide for mixture (Eg

25. For a 3 gallon backpack: .64 x 3 = 1.92 or 2 oz Herbicide) 1 pt/acre = .32 oz x # of gallons water = oz of Herbicide for mixture (Eg

26. For a 3 gallon backpack: .32 x 3 = 0.96 or 1 oz Herbicide) TELAR or ESCORT: 1 oz Herbicide/acre rate + SylTac (sticker): 1 pt/50 gal water

27. If you decide to use an Herbicide to control weeds, be sure to select the appropriate product for your situation

28. There are hundreds of different Herbicides on the market

29. Control tips: Be sure to read, understand and follow all of the label directions when mixing and applying Herbicides.

30. An Herbicide is a "substance that is toxic to plants," which means that your garden plants are just as susceptible to these treatments, they could have a negative effect in the soil if applied in

31. Invora Herbicide is a patent protected, combination of aminocyclopyrachlor and triclopyr in an easy-to-use amine liquid formulation This product is labeled for use in Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas (pending state registrations for Texas and New Mexico)

32. View Grainger's huge stock of Herbicides to help control weeds, noxious plants and invasive species

33. Use woody plant Herbicide containing triclopyr on industrial manufacturing and storage sites

34. Tenacity Herbicide can be used for pre- and post-emergence control of more than 46 broadleaf weed and grass species

35. Prowl H2O Herbicide is a water-based formulation, maximizing Herbicide availability for residual weed control

36. 4 2 9 5 14 Herbicide CLASSIFICATION byACTION MODE OF (effect on plant growth) This chart groups Herbicides by their modes of action to assist you by PREMIX in selecting Herbicides 1) to maintain greater diversity in Herbicide use and 2) to rotate among effective Herbicides with different sites of action to delay the development of Herbicide resistance.

37. Herbicide definition, a substance or preparation for killing plants, especially weeds

38. A Herbicide is a pesticide used to kill unwanted plants

39. Selective Herbicides kill certain targets while leaving the desired crop relatively unharmed

40. Regulated Herbicides are designated by the department

41. If used as directed or in accordance with widespread and commonly recognized practice, these Herbicides require additional restrictions to prevent a hazard to desirable vegetation caused by drift or an uncontrolled application.

42. Sherry Holetzky Date: January 27, 2021 Herbicides can be sprayed over farms and orchards by aircraft or other vehicles.

43. Just as pesticide is used to rid an area of unwanted pests, Herbicide is used to get rid of unwanted plant life, like weeds, brush, unproductive bushes or trees, and other growth that takes nutrients away from crops and other useful plants.

44. A flexible application window enables Prefix to be applied as a preemergence Herbicide or, if overlapping your residuals as part of a two-pass program, an early post-emergence Herbicide with residual control of up to five weeks.

45. Before any foliar-applied Herbicide can perform the desired biological function, it must be transferred from the leaf surface into the plant tissue

46. Cuticle is the first barrier that any Herbicide must overcome to be effective.

47. Warrant Herbicide is an acetochlor-based pre-emergence and postemergence residual Herbicide

48. Warrant ® Ultra Warrant Ultra Herbicide is powered by two active ingredients – acetochlor and fomesafen – to protect against a broad range of tough-to-control weeds in soybeans and cotton, including pigweed species, ragweeds, foxtail species

49. Herbicide is a Dungeoneering reward purchased from the Rewards trader for 34,000 Dungeoneering tokens or from the Farmers' Market of the player-owned farm for 10,000 beans.It requires level 21 Herblore and level 21 Dungeoneering to use

50. Herbicide automatically destroys grimy herbs from monster drops and rewards the player double the experience that would have been received from cleaning the …

51. Herbicide can be accidentally tracked into homes by people and pets

52. Outdoors, synthetic Herbicides are broken down by sun, moisture, high temperature, and soil microorganisms

53. Herbicide MANUAL growth-regulator type of translocated Herbicide IS a synthetic compound that behaves like a plant hormone

54. The Herbicide must be incorporated into the soil via rainfall or irrigation, and be present when the weed seeds are germinating to be effective

55. Preemergence Herbicides have NO EFFECT on weed seeds

56. Preemergence Herbicides say in the soil for a while, preventing weed growth

57. Herbicide fate in the environment is an issue of public concern and an important consideration when Herbicides are registered for legal use

58. For Herbicides to be effective, they must persist long enough to kill the weeds for which they were intended

59. GLYSTAR PLUS 41% GLYPHOSATE 1GAL 50281 Other Gly Star® Plus Glyphosate Herbicide, 1 Gallon #50281

60. It is a systemic Herbicide which selectively kills most broadleaf weeds by causing uncontrolled growth in them but most grasses such as cereals, lawn turf, and grassland are relatively unaffected.

61. Preemergent Herbicide for soybeans, sunflowers, cabbage, tobacco, peanuts and more

62. A Herbicide is something you put on weeds to kill them

63. Rotating Herbicide modes of action, along with other weed control methods, is necessary to prevent or delay Herbicide-resistant weeds

64. Always read each product’s label to determine the mode of action and best management practices for Herbicide-resistant weeds

65. XtendiMax® Herbicide with VaporGrip® Technology is a restricted use pesticide

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What does herbicide stand for?

What does herbicide stand for? herbicide stands for "(DOD) A chemical compound that will kill or damage plants.".

Why to use a herbicide?

Herbicide Pros:

  • Quick andeffective. One of the main reasons why people turn to herbicides is because they provide a fast solution. Some...
  • Increases harvest. By removing weeds that compete for water, sunlight and nutrients, herbicides enable greater crop...
  • Beautiful lawns and landscaping. In order to keep the weeds away and maintain a perfectly manicured lawn,...
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    How to use "herbicide" in a sentence?

    Herbicide in a sentence

  • Spot spraying with a herbicide may work.
  • Hares are killed when licking fur with the herbicide.
  • Another herbicide, Isoproturon, is in much wider use as a means of controlling the blackgrass weed which affects...
  • The ground used was where herbicide in the previous winter wheat had failed to provide any real control of blackgrass.
  • More ...

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