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1. Herbalists are people who dedicate their lives to working with medicinal plants. They include native healers, scientists, naturopaths, holistic medical doctors, researchers, writers, herbal pharmacists, medicine makers, wild crafters, harvesters and herbal farmers to name a few.

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2. The American Herbalists Guild was founded in 1989 as a non-profit, educational organization to represent the goals and voices of Herbalists specializing in the medicinal use of plants. Our primary goal is to promote a high level of professionalism and education in the study and practice of therapeutic herbalism.

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3. Herbalists evaluate quality & validate species


4. Herbalists Without Borders (HWB) is an all volunteer membership based 501c3 nonprofit local to global network devoted to providing compassionate holistic care to communities and countries in need impacted by natural disasters, violent conflicts, poverty, trauma and other access barriers to health and wellness.

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5. Clinical herbalist: A clinical herbalist advises clients on the use of herbs in a more complex way that is specifically chosen for that individual’s needs. Clinical Herbalists tend to focus on a scientific approach to herbs and the body, and they may also work with other health-care practitioners, like doctors or nurses.

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6. Simply put, Herbalists use plants for healing. Unlike medical professionals, they aren't licensed, but there are schools and certification programs for training

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7. As with many Herbalists, I started studying independently, begging my local bookstore owner to order in herbals for me

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8. You’re likely to find some amount of cheesecloth in most seasoned Herbalists' homes

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9. The National Institute of Medical Herbalists is the UK’s leading professional body of herbal practitioners.

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10. This service learning program is a unique training opportunity for emerging Herbalists looking to expand their skills ….


11. Herbalism Beyond Certification Because herbalism is unregulated, Herbalists must adhere to a simple code of conduct: they cannot diagnose, prescribe, or treat patients (unless they have a medical license in another field that confers those rights)

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12. Online courses for homestead Herbalists

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13. Similarly important for Herbalists and botanists of later centuries was Theophrastus' Historia Plantarum, written in the 4th century BC, which was the first systematization of the botanical world

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14. Our classes are taught by highly qualified Herbalists who bring layers of professional experience to their instruction.

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15. Herbalists use plants and natural products to create medicinal remedies


16. Jun 27, 2012 - Explore Naturally Abundant's board "Famous Herbalists" on Pinterest


17. Definition of Herbalists in the dictionary


18. What does Herbalists mean? Information and translations of Herbalists in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


19. The author and the Herbalists profiled within this book embrace herbalism as a health giving way of life rather than simply using herbs instead of allopathic medicines to treat symptoms of dis-ease

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20. Herbalists synonyms, Herbalists pronunciation, Herbalists translation, English dictionary definition of Herbalists


21. Created by Herbalists to be the perfect bedtime tea


22. All of our Herbalists and health practitioners are qualified to assist you with your health and wellness needs

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25. What are synonyms for Herbalists?


26. The Dragon Herbs staff of Herbalists is composed of superb tonic Herbalists and dedicated support personnel

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27. Every employee goes through deep herbal training with Ron Teeguarden and his senior Herbalists

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28. Dragon Herbs maintains a crew of over a dozen senior Herbalists,

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29. Herbalists, who said they had been making and selling variations on fire cider for years, started a petition and a boycott to keep the name “fire cider” in the herbal commons.

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30. Trudy Norris, medical herbalist and spokesperson for the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, adds that product labelling will be clearer and more accurate, as "it will be written by independent experts rather than the manufacturers".

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31. Stream Tracks and Playlists from The Herbalists on your desktop or mobile device.


32. Our all volunteer nonprofit is a group of Herbalists, medicinal plant growers, herbal educators, alternative holistic modality practitioners and others dedicated to herbal health access for all, medicinal plant conservation, health justice and more

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HERBALISTS [ˈ(h)ərbələst]


  • a practitioner of herbalism.
  • a dealer in medicinal herbs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be an herbalist?

An herbalist is someone who specializes in handling herbs for medicinal purposes. In some cases, an herbalist focuses on growing herbs, while others may harvest or collect herbs in the wild, and some offer herbal prescriptions and advice. In many cases, an herbalist performs all three tasks,...

What does the name herbalist mean?

What does herbalist mean? One who grows, collects, or specializes in the use of herbs, especially medicinal herbs. (n...

How you can be an herbalist?

How to Become an Herbalist

  • Read a lot of books. This option can be a great way to learn herbalism for those who love self-study. ...
  • Learn one on one from an experienced herbalist. A hundred years ago this is how everyone learned herbalism. ...
  • Take an Online Course. This is the option I chose because it fit best with my lifestyle and was affordable. ...
  • Why to see an herbalist?

    An herbalist takes a natural approach to the treatment of various medical conditions. They work with clients and patients on an individual basis, listening to their health care concerns and illnesses. They then may design a treatment plan based on herbal supplements and medicines to treat the conditions.

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