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HELPMEET [ˈhelpˌmāt]


  • a helpful companion or partner, especially one's husband or wife:
Synonyms: companion . partner . associate . assistant . helper . helpmeet . attendant . escort . supporter . friend . spouse . consort . mate . husband . wife .

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1. Examples of Helpmeet in a Sentence exasperated, the army surgeon requested a Helpmeet who wouldn't faint at the sight of blood chose for his Helpmeet a woman who could share his passion for rock climbing Recent Examples on the Web Their connection is instant; Klara vows her companionship, to be a tireless Helpmeet and a barrier against loneliness.

2. In today’s vernacular, Helpmeet would seem to indicate a person of lesser stature, a subject, a subordinate

3. Through the years the phrase help meet morphed into a single word, Helpmeet, which is sometimes used as a synonym for helpmate, meaning “spouse” or “companion.”

4. The Helpmeet Club uses The Law of Attraction Philosophy to develop a personalized coaching plan to help you find the life and relationship you want and deserve

5. In Genesis 2:18, the word "Helpmeet" does not occur

6. Helpmeet a helpmate; spouse [Helpmeet was derived from a misreading in the King James Bible where God promises Adam “to make a help meet for him,” meaning a help suitable for him

7. The concept of a Helpmeet gives the picture of parallel lines: the husband and wife are not the same, but they follow the same path

8. A wife being a Helpmeet is an honorable and valued position, not one of inferiority.

9. Helpmeet is not found in the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary as a noun and you won’t find it in academic dictionaries online

10. Origin of Helpmeet From the phrase an help meet for him i.e., a help suitable for him, in the Authorized Version of the Bible (1611)

11. The Hebrew word translated “Helpmeet” or “helper comparable”, depending on your Bible version, is the word “ezer”, which literally means “to help”, “one who helps”, or “to aid”

12. How to Be Your Husband’s Helpmeet

13. The young master of Kirkleatham ruled well and wisely, and Ethel proved a noble Helpmeet

14. HERIOT'S CHOICE ROSA NOUCHETTE CAREY He took a street-car back to the station and found his nominal Helpmeet sitting just where he had left her

15. She is the Helpmeet for him (ezer keneghdo, "a help answering to him")

16. Polygamy We have now no longer the "Helpmeet" originally destined for man-"bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh"-for whom he would "leave his father and his mother /p/polygamy.htm - …

17. Bible verses related to Helpmeet from the King James Version (KJV) by Relevance - Sort By Book Order

18. Helpmeet (n.) a ghost word from the 1611 translation of the Bible, where it originally was a two-word noun-adjective phrase translating Latin adjutorium simile sibi [Genesis ii.18] as "an help meet for him," and meaning literally "a helper like himself." See help (n.) + meet (adj.)

19. Helpmeet – a helpmate; spouse [Helpmeet was derived from a misreading in the King James Bible where God promises Adam “to make a help meet for him,” meaning a help suitable for him

20. What is a Helpmeet? Or, for that matter, what is a helpmate? According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, “helpmate” is “altered from Helpmeet.” It is called a “ghost word, from the Biblical translation of Latin

21. What does Helpmeet mean? A helpmate

22. (noun) Thus at one step Pasteur gained a place of honour among the chemists of the day, and was immediately appointed professor of chemistry at the Faculte of Science at Strasburg, where he soon afterwards married Mlle Laurent, who proved herself to be a true and noble Helpmeet.

23. Helpmeet definition: → helpmate Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

24. The translation changes most commonly between, helper, helpmate, and Helpmeet in the King James Bible.All three words mean the same thing, it is a person who provides needed help and

25. About ““A Helpmeet For Him”” This is a complex poem that, to be fully understood, needs explanation of Rossetti’s contradictory views on gender and womanhood

26. Synonyms for Helpmeet in Free Thesaurus

27. 1 synonym for Helpmeet: helpmate

28. What are synonyms for Helpmeet?

29. Saying “I do” to a man makes a woman a wife but saying “I do” to God makes her a Helpmeet

30. The word of God says in Genesis 2:18 that it was not good for man to be alone, so God created a Helpmeet that was suitable for him

31. Helpmeet Speed Dating offer and coordinates events for Christian singles seeking Godly relationships.

32. Fall (522 Occurrences) For according to Genesis, man was created full-grown, received a wife immediately as Helpmeet, and at the same time saw himself allotted the task of /f/fall.htm - 62k

33. If you want your husband to understand how God designed marriage: wife role as Helpmeet and husband's role as head, then this is a book you will want your husband to read while you/wife reads: Debi Pearl's book: Created to be his Helpmeet

34. Created to be his Helpmeet? Our daughter, Maddi, just got a new puppy

35. Context examples "Jane, come with me to India: come as my Helpmeet and fellow-labourer." (Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Brontë) I want a wife: the sole Helpmeet I can influence efficiently in life, and retain absolutely till death

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What is the definition of help meet?

The common way in which the term "help meet" is interpreted is to mean that Eve, unlike the other beasts of the earth, was "appropriate for" or "worthy" of Adam and was to be his helper or companion on the earth. While there are some really good things about this interpretation it doesn't do full justice...

What does it really mean to be a helpmate?

The Oxford definition of Helpmate is a "A helpful companion or partner." This bible study will evaluate the meaning of helpmate and how women can practically "help". The Bible confirms the role that women should take as a helpmate. The Book of Genesis explains that Eve was created by God to be Adam's helpmate.

What is the Hebrew word for help meet?

In Hebrew the two words that "help meet" are derived from are the words "ezer" and the word 'k’enegdo". Ezer which is commonly translated as "help" is really a rich word with a much deeper meaning.

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