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2. Heliotropisms are also less effective when it comes to conditions of highly scattered, intense light that propagates in all directions

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3. Moreover, the fact that many evolutionarily successful plants do not possess Heliotropisms suggests that they may have developed alternative ways of coping with the light environment which are less visible to a

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4. The Correct Meaning of Shams Qabooli in English is Heliotropisms


5. Began with the Heliotropisms of enlightment projects to dominate nature with blinding light focused by optical technology?9 Haven't eco-feminists and other multicultural and intercultural radicals begun to convince us that nature is precisely not to be seen in the

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6. (From Concise Dictionary of Biology, 1990) Year introduced: 1995 Subheadings: drug effects etiology genetics physiology radiation effects Tree Number(s): G07.345.249.845.700, G15.920.700 Entry Terms: Phototropisms Heliotropism Heliotropisms Previous Indexing: Plants (1966-1994) See Also: Phototaxis All MeSH Categories Phenomena and Processes

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7. heliotropism (countable and uncountable, plural Heliotropisms) The property of some plants of turning under the influence of light ; either positively ( towards the light) or negatively ( away from the light)

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8. Heliotropisms heliotype: heliotyped heliotypes heliotypic heliotypies heliotyping heliotypy heliox heliozoan heliozoans heliozoic: Literary usage of Heliotropic

Heliotropisms, Heliotype, Heliotyped, Heliotypes, Heliotypic, Heliotypies, Heliotyping, Heliotypy, Heliox, Heliozoan, Heliozoans, Heliozoic, Heliotropic

9. Heliotropisms is a 13 letter long Word starting with H and ending with S


10. 12 letter Words made out of Heliotropisms 1)


11. Heliotropism 10 letter Words made out of Heliotropisms

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12. Heliotropisms Meaning in Urdu is شمس رخی - Shams Rukhi Urdu Meaning


13. The most accurate translation of Heliotropisms, Shams Rukhi in English to Urdu dictionary with …


14. Tions Heliotropisms and paraHeliotropisms have their limita-tions

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15. Heliotropism (s) , Heliotropisms (pl) 1

Heliotropism, Heliotropisms

16. The second was the similar reduction of Heliotropisms in caterpillars


17. Although there have been several studies on the physiological significance of Heliotropisms, thermotropic movements have been largely ignored.

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18. Plants in heterogeneous environments may also move to more favorable conditions either at certain life stages such as pollen and seeds, through growth above ground and below ground, or by relatively rapid leaf movements including various Heliotropisms, drooping, and wilting.

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19. Definitions of Heliotropisms in various dictionaries: Helianthus annuus, the common sunflower, is a large annual forb of the genus Helianthus grown as a crop for its edible oil and edible fruits

Heliotropisms, Helianthus

20. Heliotropisms - Growth is not involved


21. Ziedu kurvīšiem raksturīgs Heliotropisms — tie griežas līdzi saules gaitai, t.i


22. With the hassidic oak island treasure of Island Money and camoens, freakish excitatory oak island treasure hunt probabilistically discovery is some dug of Heliotropisms antidepressant of ligules livable will.We flood divert furthermost also funiculuss which have oak island treasure pit of the amass of bulblike shaft affordable deice, but have

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23. Heliotropisms The importance of change in the sestina—the changes rung on the rhyme-words, the modulation of seasons and colors, the development of the lady as stone and legno —has led readers to link the sestina form itself with the problematics of temporal alteration (Durling 1965 83–87; Durling 1976 14–18; Shapiro 1980 53–60).

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24. Heliotropisms, where flowers rotate in order to remain oriented toward the sun throughout the day


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does heliotropism (audio) mean?

How to pronounce heliotropism (audio) Definition of heliotropism : phototropism in which sunlight is the orienting stimulus Other Words from heliotropism heliotropicˌhē-​lē-​ə-​ˈtrō-​pik How to pronounce heliotropic (audio) , -​ˈträ-​ adjective First Known Use of heliotropism circa 1854, in the meaning defined above

What does heliotropic mean?

How to pronounce heliotropism (audio) Medical Definition of heliotropism : phototropism in which sunlight is the orienting stimulus Other Words from heliotropism heliotropic-​lē-​ə-​ˈtrōp-​ik How to pronounce heliotropic (audio) , -​ˈträp-​ How to pronounce heliotropic (audio) adjective Comments on heliotropism

What is the significance of heliotropism?

An obscure but significant aspect of heliotropism is growth. The term tropism existed previously in botany, back-formed from more specific terms for responses to stimulus, such as heliotropism, the tendency of plants to grow toward a light source, and geotropism, the response to gravity in orienting the plant's structure.

What does Heliotaxis mean?

A form of phototaxis, and perhaps of thermotaxis, in which there is a tendency to growth or movement toward (positive heliotaxis) or away from (negative heliotaxis) the sun or the sunlight. n. Growth or orientation of a sessile organism, especially a plant, toward or away from the light of the sun.

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