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1. Heeling In English, many past and present participles of verbs can be used as adjectives


2. Evidence which comes to me makes me think that replacements, even the soleing and Heeling of shoes, is a cost very hard to meet out of a small income.

Heeling, Hard

3. Present participle of heel Synonyms & Antonyms of Heeling to set or cause to be at an angle the strong gust heeled the sailboat almost to the point of capsizing, but we managed to right it

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4. Definition of Heeling in the dictionary


5. Information and translations of Heeling in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


6. The first step to heel in a plant is to prepare your plant for Heeling in

Heel, Heeling

7. If you are Heeling in a bare root plant or tree, remove any of the packaging and soak the roots of the plant in water for four to seven hours

Heeling, Hours

8. If you are Heeling in plants in containers, you can either leave the plants in the container or take it out.


9. The Village of WHeeling, in association with a number of Illinois communities, now offers a two-prongedapproach to assist homebuyers: The Assist program provides families with funds to pay all or most of theirclosing costs and down paymentAdditional Info


10. Heeling is basically like skating but using Heelys shoes which are shoes with a wheel in the heel.

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11. Team Roping Heeling Tips X Factor Team RopingControl really comes down to consistency and teaching your horse exactly where you want it to be! Buddy Hawkin

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12. JoJo Lemond talks about where his Heeling timing comes from in this video from X Factor Team Roping

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13. Team Roping Heeling Swing and Timing I want to talk about my swing a little bit here, Heeling, where I…

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14. Heeling moments are caused by wind, by the centrifugal force developed in turning, by the crowding of passengers on one side of the ship, by towing, or by the tension in a cable that links two vessels during a replenishment-at-sea operation


15. Heeling, the business card of any dog trainer that wants to be noticed


16. Everyone has an opinion or system on how to heel properly, few actually accomplish a powerful and technically supreme style of Heeling.

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17. Synonyms for Heeling in Free Thesaurus


18. Modern designs typically sail better upright than Heeling


19. However, for a sailboat that will plane on her stern quarter, Heeling means getting wetted surface out of the water, so the hull actually performs better and it becomes a question of rig efficiency at the Heeling angle.

However, Her, Heeling, Hull

20. Purchase a Heeling dummy that the pros use to practice


21. Our realistic Heeling roping dummies are offered in many varieties such as a portable roping dummy , like our Smart Heeler or the Smart One

Heeling, Heeler

22. Heeling A form of compass Deviation


23. Heeling (countable and uncountable, plural Heelings) An inclination to one side; a tilt1871, The Nautical Magazine (volume 40, page 405) One reason why a ship will not sail close-hauled on even keel with helm amidships, is that the masts are too far aft, and this may

Heeling, Heelings, Hauled, Helm

24. Solution: Heeling requires a considerable amount of impulse control, especially when a dog is excited to be out on a walk


25. Learn Heeling from top obedience competitor, Janice Gunn


26. Heeling is when a dog walks in a controlled stride directly next to its handler without wandering away or pulling on its leash

Heeling, Handler

27. Traditionally, Heeling means a dog matches its handler's pace and movements exactly, but today the term “heel” is often used interchangeably with "loose leash walking"—a less strict skill where the dog is only required to neither be lag nor pull on its leash

Heeling, Handler, Heel

28. The foundation for the work Focused Heeling is covered in the 9 1/2 hours of instruction featured in our two earlier DVDs that were done with Michael, The Power of Training Dogs with Food and The Power of Playing Tug with Your Dog.

Heeling, Hours

29. Heeling is unsafe for ship, its machineries and people onboard


30. The main reasons of ship’s Heeling are strong winds, hard and speedy turns and uneven cargo loading

Heeling, Hard

31. K9 Heeling specializes in high quality dog training for companion animals and home pets

Heeling, High, Home

32. Heeling tank definition, either of two lateral ballast tanks permitting an icebreaker to heel and crush ice to either side

Heeling, Heel

33. Heeling a dog on-leash offers the most controlled manner of walking with a dog


34. Attention Heeling is for when you are walking in a crowded area, or need to walk by something very distracting & you want your dog to stay focused on you & not drag you over, or for competition obedience


35. Once trained, Heeling should be used in short bursts only


36. Katherine aka ‘Katie C’ is a pioneer of the genre Heels in Trinidad and Tobago and founded the school Heeling Queens in 2017, where the focus is to not only train dancers in the technique of heels but use this medium as a platform to challenge the many taboos and stigmas of women sensuality faced within a patriarchal society.

Heels, Heeling

37. Heeling when stable is not really all that hard to get used to

Heeling, Hard

38. Even my mom (73 years old) who is deathly afraid of the water in general and hates Heeling more than the admiral does can handle 15 degrees if it is a smooth ride in a calm sea

Hates, Heeling, Handle



40. I am not going to do competition Heeling but I have interest in it and would like to see what I can do with him training wise

Heeling, Have, Him

41. Heeling on her, she is very cowy, hunts the corner, and a bigger stopper

Heeling, Her, Hunts

42. SF Check Me Out and Butch Morgan get the gold in Select Heeling at the Adequan® Select World Championship Show


43. Heeling and Aaltje Hegen Heeling (Alice)

Heeling, Hegen

44. Summary: Johannes Heeling's birthday is 08/19/1957 and is 63 years old


45. Johannes also answers to Johannes J Heeling and Johannes John Heeling, and perhaps a couple of other names.


46. At Heeling Hands in Austin, TX, we are proud to be your local Massage & Bodywork experts! All of our sessions are personalized to meet your individual health and wellness goals

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47. Heeling away from a turn takes a bit more hip/knee action and a bit of awkward reaching over the high side

Heeling, Hip, High

48. In moving water, if the turn will involve crossing an eddy line, Heeling into the turn counters the forces of the opposing currents and reduces the likelihood of being flipped.


49. Haven is home to Heeling Massage - Providing the best modalities in Hot Stone, Deep Tissue, Ashiatsu, Swedish, Lomi Lomi, Cupping, Foot Detox, in Klamath Falls

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50. Heeling can be lots of fun for both you and your dog if you see and teach it as a trick


51. This video will lead you through the whole process, from an easy puppy trick to long and enthusiastic Heeling with great focus and perfect position


52. Trailer of a Tutorial Video to Perfect Heeling


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  • set a plant in the ground and cover its roots.

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