Use Heed in a sentence


HEED [hēd]

heed (verb) · heeds (third person present) · heeded (past tense) · heeded (past participle) · heeding (present participle)

heed (noun)

  • careful attention.
Synonyms: attention . notice . note . regard . heedfulness . attentiveness . consideration . thought . care .

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1. Examples of Heed in a Sentence Verb It may be possible to desensitize a cat to being petted for extended periods

2. … A safer solution is to consistently limit petting time, and to Heed the cat's cues …

3. Heed University was established in 1970

4. Heed University positioned itself as a school that emphasized student centered learning and maximizing student potential.

5. See also synonyms for: Heeded / Heeding

6. Heed Health’s daily symptom monitoring solution utilizes text-message based symptom & exposure tracking to ensure individuals are symptom free BEFORE they interact with others.

7. Heed is your healthy, subtle-flavored alternative—complex carbohydrates, a balanced electrolyte profile, and essential nutrients balance blood sugar, buffer lactic acid, and ensure long-lasting energy

8. Heed: Home Energy Efficient Design

9. If you already have Heed running, you can install this new version in the same folder, and all your data will be preserved

10. Just hit Recalculate Old Projects to update each scheme. Heed is free.

11. Heed offers one day a week instruction, support and accountability

12. One of our best magic potions, brewed from the greatest Heed values

13. Heed is a smorgasbord of delicious nutrients - and nothing but

14. To Heed something is to listen to it, pay careful attention to it, or otherwise observe or acknowledge it in some way—and often to take action on it

15. To Heed a warning is to listen to it and do what it says to do (or not do what it says not to do)

16. Synonyms & Antonyms of Heed. (Entry 1 of 2) 1 a state of being aware

17. Took Heed of the students' learning styles so as to prepare appropriate lessons

18. Close and careful attention; notice (often in the phrases give, pay, or take Heed)

19. The Heed Award and the Health Professions Heed Award are the only national awards that honor individual institutions for being outstanding examples of colleges, universities, or health profession schools that are committed to making diversity and inclusion a top priority across their campuses.

20. The Heed Ophthalmic Foundation is a private foundation which provides awards to individuals pursuing postgraduate fellowship studies and research in the field of …

21. Heed works with leading companies across the globe to revolutionise the way that users interact with their digital world

22. Through Heed’s cutting-edge platform, a complex jumble of emails and enterprise systems becomes a single, easy-to-use interface.

23. To pay attention to something, especially advice or a warning: The airline has been criticized for failing to Heed advice / warnings about lack of safety routines.

24. Heed contains no artificial ingredients, only healthy sweeteners - stevia and xylitol - and natural flavors

25. Heed is an old word, meaning "to listen to and follow." It can also be used as a noun: "Take Heed of my instructions," said the wizard, "for the magic potion will work only by the light of the full moon." The most common use of Heed is with warnings, as in "You'd better Heed my advice, or you'll be in serious trouble!"

26. What does Heed mean? Close attention; notice

27. See 6 authoritative translations of Heed in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations.

28. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Heed1 /hiːd/ verb [ transitive] formal to pay attention to someone’s advice or warning If she had only Heeded my warnings, none of this would have happened

29. → See Verb table Examples from the Corpus Heed • The advice of Bishop Michael Murphy to his flock to stay away was Heeded.

30. Heed (uncountable) Careful attention

31. Meade Falkner, Moonfleet Chapter 4 Then for a few minutes I did not pay much Heed to what was said, being terribly straitened for room, and cramped with pain from lying so long in one place

32. Heed definition, to give careful attention to: He did not Heed the warning

33. Amasa took no Heed to the sword that was in Joab's hand

34. Therefore we ought to give the more earnest Heed

35. Pam Heeded the storm warning and went into the shelter

36. Synonyms for Heed in Free Thesaurus

37. 53 synonyms for Heed: pay attention to, listen to, take notice of, follow, mark, mind, consider, note, regard

38. Heed, LLC 5,633 followers on LinkedIn

39. Heed – a new generation of event experiences – transforms the sights, sounds, and emotions of live events to immerse fans in the action

40. My sister is always in need of cash because she is unwilling to Heed my financial advice

41. 🔊 Since James is a swimming champion, it would do you well to Heed his advice on refining your stroke

42. 🔊 John lost his entire life savings because he was too arrogant to Heed

43. To install Heed 5 on macOS (10.11 and newer) or Heed 4 on older versions of macOS, drag the Heed icon from the installation folder to your Applications folder.

44. Bags for Heed crash bars for BMW F 800 GS (2008-2018) / F 700 GS (2013-2018) / F 650 GS (2008-2012) Set of 2 bags for Heed bunker crash bars for BMW F 800 GS, F 700 GS and F 650 GS

45. Heed - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

46. Alas, they failed to Heed me, and as a result the traditional New Year predictions column is a mite trickier than it used to be.: In his early 60s, Luke was his own man and paid scant attention or Heed to the conventions of modern day life.: Alas, Corbie neglected to Heed his own warning and ventured onto the Queensway whilst vastly over refreshed.: Take Heed you purveyors of performance, you

47. T he thesis ω (omega) monobloc power amplifier is an RC-coupled device in true Heed fashion that drives loudspeakers in a similar way to valve power amplifiers, but without their inherent problems related to the vacuum tube

48. Heed definition: If you Heed someone's advice or warning , you pay attention to it and do what they Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

49. Word forms: Heeds, Heeding, Heeded 1

50. Transitive verb If you Heed someone's advice or warning, you pay attention to it and do what they suggest.

51. To retain the status quo is to hang on to an old structure that was shaped by the world of 1945, does not Heed the changing times and is oblivious to calls for reform and change

52. ‘we must take Heed of the suggestions’ ‘He urged the vicar to reconsider the plans and take Heed of what protesters were saying.’ ‘Drivers are being urged to take Heed of the winter weather after a spate of road accidents in the West Mainland on Tuesday morning.’

53. The Helicopter Emergency Egress Device 3 (Heed 3) manufactured by Submersible Systems, LLC

54. The Heed 3 is designed to increase the survivability of military and commercial personnel in short-term out-of-air emergencies

55. Give Heed to (something) To listen carefully or pay close attention; to give ample or due consideration

56. You'd best give Heed to his advice, or you might end up suffering the mistakes he made in the past

57. Give Heed to your mother, she knows what she's talking about

58. See also: give, Heed, to pay Heed to (something) To listen carefully or pay close

59. Take Heed to thee lest there be a word in thy heart -- worthless, saying, Near is the seventh year, the year of release; and thine eye is evil against thy needy brother, and thou dost not give to him, and he hath called concerning thee unto Jehovah, and it hath been in thee sin;

60. Definition of Heed in the dictionary

61. What does Heed mean? Information and translations of Heed in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

62. ‘we must take Heed of the suggestions’ ‘He urged the vicar to reconsider the plans and take Heed of what protesters were saying.’ ‘Drivers are being urged to take Heed of the winter weather after a spate of road accidents in the West Mainland on Tuesday morning.’

63. Antonyms for Heed include carelessness, disregard, inattention, laxity, laxness, neglect, thoughtlessness, disdain, disinterest and disrespect

64. Heed the Thunder takes place in rural Nebraska over a period of several years starting somewhere around 1910

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What does taking heed mean?

The expression “take heed” means to observe, to attend to, or pay attention to.” Various English translations render this “Watch your life.” “Pay close attention to yourself.” “Keep a close watch on yourself.” “Be conscientious about how you live.” “And be careful about the way you live.”.

What does pay heed mean?

pay heed to (something) To listen carefully or pay close attention; to give (something) ample or due consideration. You'd best pay heed to his advice, or you might end up suffering the mistakes he made in the past. Pay heed to your mother, she knows what she's talking about.

What is the noun for heed?

Heed can also be used as a noun meaning careful attention or observation. It's most often used in the phrases take heed, give heed, and pay heed, which all mean to listen or pay attention, as in Take heed to what he says, for he is very wise. To pay no heed to someone is to disregard or ignore them.

What is the definition of take heed?

take heed (of someone or something ) To pay close attention to and consider carefully (what someone or something indicates, advises, or instructs ). Take heed-you're getting involved with very dangerous people. We should have taken heed of the warning signs.

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