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1. is a curated directory of hearth rugs

Hearthrugs, Hearth

2. is your one stop shop to view all the popular hearth rugs from around the internet

Hearthrugs, Hearth

3. Hearthrugs synonyms, Hearthrugs pronunciation, Hearthrugs translation, English dictionary definition of Hearthrugs


4. Nylon Hearthrugs won't burn, but the fibers will melt when struck by a hot ember

Hearthrugs, Hot

5. Hearthrugs made from olefin, another synthetic fiber, will char if a burning log rolls onto them, but they won't burn.


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  • a rug laid in front of a fireplace to protect the carpet or floor.
Synonyms: rug . runner . carpet . drugget . doormat . bath mat . rag rug . scatter rug . bearskin . sheepskin . dhurrie . numdah . kilim . flokati . floorcloth . kaross .

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