Use Heartbroken in a sentence


HEARTBROKEN [ˈhärtˌbrōkən]

heartbroken (adjective) · heart-broken (adjective)

  • (of a person) suffering from overwhelming distress; very upset.
Synonyms: anguished . devastated . broken-hearted . heavy-hearted . suffering . grieving . grief-stricken . grieved . inconsolable . crushed . shattered . desolate . despairing . upset . distressed . miserable . sorrowful . sad . dejected . dispirited . disheartened . downcast . disconsolate . crestfallen . disappointed . despondent . choked . cut up . gutted . dolorous . heartsick . chapfallen . delighted .

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1. Heartbroken definition is - overcome by sorrow

2. How to use Heartbroken in a sentence.

3. 62 synonyms of Heartbroken from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 110 related words, definitions, and antonyms

4. Find another word for Heartbroken

5. Heartbroken: feeling unhappiness

6. Heartbroken synonyms, Heartbroken pronunciation, Heartbroken translation, English dictionary definition of Heartbroken

7. Am I still Heartbroken some days? Yes

8. Heartbroken was my survival kit." - Steve Whether sudden or anticipated, the death of a husband or wife is traumatic

9. Scroll up and grab your copy of Heartbroken today.

10. "When you're Heartbroken, you're grieving the loss of an important person in your life and the loss of your dreams for the future that included that person." But it can be really hard to tell if

11. Read This When You’re So Heartbroken You Feel Like You’ll Never Move On

12. What is Heartbroken? Heartbroken is a feeling of pain triggered by the lost of someone or something that was, or still is, very important to you.

13. Jodie - HeartbrokenTTTTTUUUUUNNNEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

14. See how Heartbroken you are about losing a crush or breaking up with your boyfriend

15. Heartbroken definition, crushed with sorrow or grief

16. Heartbroken is a tense, mesmerizing novel about the limits of dysfunctional families, of an island haunted by dark memories, and of the all-too-real demons we must battle

17. Heartbroken By Lisa Unger Emily is stuck in a dead end job with a fiancé who will do anything for a fix

18. Find 7 ways to say Heartbroken, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

19.Heartbroken” was written by Jodie Aysha and added to the T2 production to create this classic bassline record that peaked at number 2 on the UK top 40

20. Recently Heartbroken, how can i deal with it

21. I'm Heartbroken, but it doesn't affect my studies!! So move on you need to

22. Okay everyone, please I'm Heartbroken too but we all have to be positive

23. Being Heartbroken can make you feel worthless and hopeless - but that is because the frame you are using is too narrow

24. 2 days ago · Brad Pitt is Heartbroken over the leak from the Angelina Jolie camp that she is ready to testify about alleged spousal abuse in their trial over child custody, according to insiders

25. Heartbroken Lyrics: (Yo GG, turn it up!) / I remember vividly / Obituaries with lovin' memory / Realest nigga that's how I remember [?] try not to let it get to me / Me and this nicky got a lil

26. Heartbroken A Tampa Bay Times investigation Major developments Top management left the hospital

27. The Heartbroken Badass trope as used in popular culture

28. Heartbroken when it was canceled, but had it not been canceled, I never would have gotten 'Serenity'

29. 'Heartbroken' Family of beheaded pastor still in shock Thursday, March 11, 2021

30. Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and tags for HeartbrokenHeartbroken, 𝓗𝓮𝓪𝓻𝓽𝓫𝓻𝓸𝓴𝓮𝓷, ༄ᶦᶰᵈ᭄ ᴮᴬᴰʙᴏʏツ

31. 'I was Heartbroken, I was happy' Knoxville man shares experience fighting cancer during pandemic

32. 18 hours ago · Heartbroken Bronx mother cries out for an end to gun violence after daughter’s slaying

33. Heartbroken definition: Someone who is Heartbroken is very sad and emotionally upset

34. 2 days ago · Brad Pitt is reportedly ‘Heartbroken’ that Angelia Jolie is set to testify about alleged spousal abuse in their ongoing custody trial

35. Heartbroken translate: sconsolato, affranto, affranto

36. Heartbroken March 2 at 10:49 AM · "Cause I don't wanna lose you now ,am looking right at the other half of me 💓 the vacany that stand in my heart is a place that now you hold ️

37. 1 day ago · “‘Heartbroken’ is a stone-cold classic that transcends genre,” says Tom Lea, the Hackney-born founder of Local Action, a label that has released numerous bassline cuts since it launched a decade ago

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What does the name heartbroken mean?

heartbroken synonyms, heartbroken pronunciation, heartbroken translation, English dictionary definition of heartbroken. adj. Suffering from or exhibiting overwhelming sorrow, grief, or disappointment. heart'bro'ken·ly adv. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English...

How does it feel to be heartbroken?

11 Signs Your Heartbreak Is Becoming Something More Serious

  • It's normal to feel heartbreak in your body. ... But if the feelings in your body keep sticking around or getting...
  • It makes sense for your ex to be running through your thoughts. But when they're genuinely all you can think about,...
  • Maintaining and supporting friendships in the wake of a major...
  • More ...

    What does it feel like to be heartbroken?

    When your heart is broken, it can feel like the end of the world. No amount of pain has ever felt so agonizing or concentrated. It's like a giant hole was pummeled into your chest, with no hope of repair.

    What are the signs of a broken heart?

    Signs & Symptoms. As horrifying as it can be, broken heart syndrome can mimic numerous symptoms of a heart attack and cause a patient to believe they are experiencing cardiac arrest. Common symptoms of broken heart syndrome include intense chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness or fainting, low blood pressure, nausea, and an irregular heartbeat.

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